Finding You

Finding You

By:  Black_Rose33  Ongoing
Language: English
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Separated by death, bound to be met by fate. A pure love story of two special souls that even the Almighty couldn't defy. Yoon died in his mid-twenties as a result of a debilitating illness, leaving his husband (Peach) in severe grief. While in the current time, many years later, two boys were having the same dream every night after meeting each other at the university. They fell in love with each other, and soon they became a couple, and they stopped dreaming of those bizarre and ambiguous dreams. Everything seemed to be going so well until fate intervened. Jimmy's parents were opposed to their relationship and forcibly separated them (Jimmy and Jaehyun)  After learning about Jimmy's affair with a lady, his parents' prospective daughter-in-law, Jaehyun, left and disappeared without a trace. However, everything Jaehyun knew was all lies. Jimmy fell into despair. He was so heartbroken. Assuming Jaehyun truly hates him and that Jaehyun will never come back made him suffer horribly. Jimmy lost the will to live. Holding the last thread of his life. Jimmy fell asleep for a very, very long time. He went into a coma and showed no indications of waking up. Jaehyun, on the other hand, severed his connection to everyone. Those bizarre and ambiguous dreams—which were already forgotten when they were together—began haunting him every night. Jaehyun felt increasingly depressed as the days passed. He was later diagnosed with leukemia at an early stage. Will Jimmy be able to awaken and climb out of the dark abyss to which he has been confined? Will Jaehyun be able to deal with the terrible disease that has befallen him? Will history be repeated? Will they be able to reconcile and fulfill their past promises?

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14 Chapters
Chapter One
The birds were chirping in rhythm with the pleasant breeze. The sun had hardly risen an hour before, and the weather was ideal for a pleasant picnic day.early 1970's"1 2 3, smile, babe," click! a ticking sound of an old instant photograph Polaroid camera."Wow!" "You look so pretty handsome in this picture, babe," Peach commented as he examined the photograph. Yoon has a pretty face for a man. His almond eyes, pointed nose, and bow-shaped lips complemented flawlessly his slim yet meaty and porcelain-like cheeks. Though he is now thin and pale, glimmers of his former ethereal beauty remain. He has lengthy raven lashes and captivating hazel orbs. Peach can't stop falling in love with him over and over again. That's a certainty that will never change."I know, right? That's why you love me, right? Because of my pretty, handsome face." Peach's brows furrowed from Yoon's teasing."Ahh, here we are again," Peach said, then put down the camera. He gently pulled Yoon and made him sit on his
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Chapter Two
After breakfast, Yoon and Peach went to the lakeside for a picnic. "Babe, how long do I need to sit here?" Peach asked. He was sitting on the bench under the big oak tree with the rays of the sun shining on him while Yoon stroked his paintbrush onto the canvas."A little more, babe, it's almost done," replied Yoon."Forgive me, my love. I know my time here is nearly over. I hope one day you will be able to forget me and move on from the pain caused by me. If ever your heart beats for someone else again, I'm more than happy. I promise I won't be mad. Babe, I'm sorry for being so weak, and I thank you for staying by my side. I know it's going to be very, very hard for you once I'm gone. It's okay to cry, babe, but don't cry too long. I won't go anywhere; even if you can't see me or touch me, just close your eyes and feel me in your heart." Yoon thought while completing the portrait. "It's done, babe; come here and take a look." Peach walked over to him under the parasol."Woahh! Am I
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Chapter Three
One year later,"It's been a year now, babe. How are you up there? I miss you so much, my love." I wanted to tell you how I survive this year without you. I wanted to tell you that I am happy, that I am fine without you here by my side. but I can't. I am not; I couldn't. You knew you're everything I have. You knew you were my life. Not a single second I didn't think about you, my heart always longed for you. Babe... can you hear me? I... miss you so much."Peach was standing beneath the big oak tree, facing the beautiful lake, while reminiscing about the memories with his beloved late husband. He wanted to talk to Yoon, he badly wanted Yoon's warmth. However, there was no way and he could only reminisce about those past happy days with his love."I went to every place we went before. Remember when we first met? I was bullied by a group of thugs in the park. Nobody wants to help me, as I am only a mere member of the restaurant crew at the small restaurant in front of the park. But li
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Chapter Four
The year 2015 "Hyun, honey! come out now; this is your first day at the new university. "Don't be late!" The melodious voice of a woman after knocking on the door of her son's room"Coming mom!" An 18-year-old boy grabbed his backpack and took a quick glance at himself in the mirror before storming out of his room. "Good luck, Jaehyun Cha!" Jaehyun cheers himself on."Mom, I'm going now; see you later, muwah." Hyun kissed his mother on the cheeks before he hurriedly stormed out of the house and drove his Tesla car to the university.Hyun arrived at the university ten minutes early, so he first went to the dean's office."Knock knock!" Jaehyun knocked on the door twice."Come in!""Good morning, Mr. Dean." Jaehyun smiled widely while greeting the Dean."Geez, you little brat, no one is here now, so you can call me Uncle. And why are you here?" The dean, Mr. Danny Cha, looks up to see his favorite nephew."It's still early, so I decided to visit you first before going to my class," rep
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Chapter Five
"Catch me if you can, babe." "Ahaha...Peach…Peach, I love you. My Peach, stop tickling me, babe, haha, stop it!""Are you alright? I told you not to move too much… Yoon! Yoon! Babe?! Yoon…""Kring…!!! kring…!!!" The sound of the alarm clock reverberates throughout Jimmy's room, pulling him out of his bizarre dream."Ugh! My head!" Jimmy massages his throbbing temples. "Is that a dream again?" Who are these Yoon and Peach? Why do they keep coming out in my dreams? It has been a month now. Who are they? Why can't I remember their faces the moment I wake up?" Jimmy is still massaging his pulsing temples.On the other hand,"Are you alright? My name is Yoon. Let me clean your wounds and bruises before they get infected." "What is your name?""Peach, Peach Ren.""Nice meeting you, Peach. Why do those thugs beat you?""They were asking for money, but I don't have any money. I am only a mere member of the restaurant crew at the small restaurant near this park.""I see, does your employer tr
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Chapter Six
"What did you just say?" Jaehyun asked. Flabbergasted Coming back to his senses, Jimmy's eyelids fluttered. "Huh? "Did I say something?""Alas!" Jaehyun sighed. "Forget it, give me your hand." Jaehyun took Jimmy's hand and wiped the dirt from his bruises. He thought maybe he just imagined it because of that dream."You're so clumsy, Jimmy; next time, pay attention to the road and not to your phone." What if you accidentally hit someone? or worse, you hurt yourself badly? Have you thought about that? "Do you get what I am saying?" Jaehyun berated him nonchalantly."Yes, granny," Jimmy teases him instead of getting irritated. He finds it funny how Jaehyun overreacts to such trivial matters while scolding him."Who is granny here?" Jaehyun pinches and tickles Jimmy's belly.Hahaha…stop it, granny!" Jimmy laughed while shielding himself from Jaehyun's tickling."You're so naughty, Jimmy," Jaehyun said, stopping to tickle him and leading him to get up. "Come with me; let's apply medicine
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Chapter Seven
"What did you say?" Jaehyun tilted his head, staring into Jimmy's dark chocolate orbs, baffled and with anticipation written all over his face. "H-Huh?" Jimmy stammered; he was also baffled, as was Jaehyun."You mumbled “Yoonie,” say it again!" Jaehyun heard it loud and clear, but he has to hear it again and confirm it. making sure he wasn't just imagining things."Oh, yeah, let's sit down first. "I have something to say to you." Jimmy guided Hyun to the nearest bench to sit down, thinking Jaehyun might help him understand his weird dreams. They sit down facing each other, and Jimmy holds Jaehyun's hands, locking them together."So the thing is," Jimmy breathes in and out before he begins. "It's been a month now since I've been having these weird dreams." Jimmy took a deep breath before continuing. He wasn't sure if Jaehyun would believe him or think of him as crazy."Remember your first day at the university?" Jimmy asked, and Jaehyun nodded."It all started on that day that we both
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Chapter eight
"Babe, are you okay?" Jaehyun asked as he noticed Jimmy staring blankly instead of touching his food. Jaehyun's voice snapped Jimmy out of his trance and stopped him from zoning out and picking up the cutlery, stabbing the food on his plate."Ah, yeah... I'm fine, just thinking about something." Jimmy replied, avoiding Jaehyun's gaze. Jaehyun frowned; something was not right with his boyfriend acting weird."Babe, is there something that is bothering you? I noticed you haven't been into yourself these past few days. Can you share it with me?""Babe, please. Could you…" Jimmy sighed. "Can you stop nagging for a while? I have already told you I'm fine, right? Is it too hard to understand?" Jimmy got up and left the cafeteria, leaving Jaehyun frozen on the seat.Jaehyun was both dumbfounded and baffled. This was the very first time Jimmy raised his voice to him. Although they fought sometimes, it never came to the point where Jimmy raised his voice and completely snapped at him in a p
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Chapter Nine
JIMMY'S POVJaehyun's touch is like a drug, healing and soothing away all my worries. I couldn't imagine a life without Jaehyun by my side. I'd rather die than live without him in my life. "I will confess my sin after the graduation ceremony," I thought as I was kissing and hugging him at the top of the Ferris Wheel. As my tears gushed down, my thoughts meandered from a few days ago."Shit!" I ran to the back of the university and kicked the tree until my foot hurt and my shoes almost tore. I cursed myself after raising my voice to Jaehyun. I feel like an asshole for treating him like that. I didn't mean to yell at him; it's just that my head is so messed up from Dad and mum's constant nagging. But I regretted it so much. How I wish I could turn back the time.Why did I even pour out my frustration on him? I didn't mean to hurt my one and only love. My phone rang, and I tightened my grip on the phone when I saw the caller ID. It was Dad."What is it?" That's how I answer my phone.
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Chapter Ten
The days went on and on, and Jaehyun completely forgot about the lady who answered Jimmy's phone. Jimmy often brings Jaehyun out for a date almost every other day when they don't have much to do regarding college. Sometimes they went to KTV Bar with Matthew and Tommy for hangouts. Everything seems so normal, though Jimmy sometimes feels bothered by the thought of Stacy."Congratulations boys," Margaret and Arthur greeted Matthew, Tommy, Jimmy, and Jaehyun after climbing down the podium as they received their certificates. "Thanks, Auntie," the boys said in unison. The Cha family, including Matthew, went to a restaurant to celebrate, while Jimmy went home for the family dinner as well. However, Jimmy seems to hate it as Stacy's family is there. Jimmy hated his parents for inviting them. He went to his room, making sure it was triple locked, and called Jaehyun, whom he already missed.****The next morning, Jaehyun and Jimmy met up at the park for a walk.They were leisurely walking,
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