Conflicted Hearts

Conflicted Hearts

By:  I_am_ifeee  Ongoing
Language: English
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Audrey Gibson finds herself torn between Tripp Baxter, her fiancee, and her hot new boss, Scarlett Bell. ~~~~ After running away from their home town, Audrey and Tripp discovers that happily ever after involves financial instability, failed dreams, hot bosses that make you question your sexuality and constant tests on their love. Will they survive or will she pursue this new exciting feeling with her boss?

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Looking forward for more
2023-03-05 23:17:49
8 Chapters
Audrey "Are we doing this?" I ask, shaking my head in disbelief. The question should be, "Am I actually doing this?" My eyes move to the driver's seat and the smile-that cheeky dimpled smile- I see on his face calms me down a little."We are!" He laughs, pressing the car horn in excitement. Calmer, he repeats to himself. "We are." His face falls a little, with a blank expression on his face. But I know what he is thinking. I am not the only one in disbelief. He glances at me, perhaps to check if I am freaking out. If there's a time to freak out, this is the moment."Whop!" I yell in excitement, allaying any doubt on his side. "We are doing this!" I turn to put my head out the window, yelling at the empty road. The chilly night breeze blows my curly hair into my mouth and covers my vision. I put my head back in the car, laughing, pushing my hair off my face. I tuck my hair behind my ears and breathe out forcefully, hoping it will release the tight hold I feel in my chest, the knot in
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AudreyI push my chair back and stand on my feet as I set my eyes on the woman from this morning. I feel my heart skip a beat as our eyes meet. Our eyes' movement synchronizes, slowly moving down and taking in each other's appearance.She's wearing a green body-con gown that wraps around her tiny waist like a glove as she stands–I think- 5'8 tall-. She's holding a small red bag with her coat hanging on her arm. She oozes this kind of confidence that one can only imagine. And she has barely said a word.I can't help but wonder how I look in her eyes. I mean, I am nothing special. I stand 5'3 wearing the ugliest pantsuit–thank God the desk covers most of it-, and a white silk shirt tucked in. My curly hair is a mixture of brown and gold and I bet I look like I just got out of a jungle and the freckles scattered on my face sure don't help. In a seesaw movement, our eyes lock again.She must be a model for one of our brands' campaigns. She must have lost her way."Uh, hey-" I manage to s
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Scarlett"Hey sis," I hear my brother's voice.My eyes move from the swimming pool that I have been staring at for a while to the entrance where my twin brother, Ryan, is walking in with two blonde girls in his arms."Why don't you darlings take a sit over there?" He gestures to the sun loungers near the pool. "And I'll join you in a minute." He says with a quick wink.The girls nod and give me an acknowledging smile as they leave us.Ryan walks up to me. "How hot are they?" He asks with a lopsided grin on his face.Barf!I lift my shoulder in a half shrug. "They are all right. Clearly your type," I mock.Not sensing the mockery, he leans in, covering the side of his mouth, "They are not related," He whispers then looks over his shoulders at them. "I swear girls around here have the same face." "Or the same doctor?" I add. "Want one?"I pretend to give it a thought as I look over his shoulders at the Kardashian lookalikes. "I'll pass."Ryan clears his throat as he adjusts the lapels
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TrippI watch Big Jeff, our bar manager, walk into his office and close the door behind him. I am contemplating walking into the office and asking for my paycheck or waiting till Big Jeff calls me in.My eyes focused, observing Big Jeff's every move through the window blind as I clean the counter with a cloth, pretending to be working."Creepy much," Jean, my co-worker, and best friend says, blocking my view with her petite frame.I push her aside with my hand as I stretch my neck to see before I bring my eyes back to her.Jean rolls her eyes. She puts all her weight on her hand and then pushes herself up to sit on the counter. She puts her two legs on the other side of the counter, jumps down, and then joins me in spying on our boss."I feel like he will not give me my paycheck until I ask." I voice out my frustration."Then ask.""I can't," I say, dropping the cloth on the counter. "I am on thin ice with him. You know with the-"Jean interrupts me. "The coming late, your inefficienc
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Audrey "Hey," I mutter, adjusting my phone closer to my ear. I look at the door of the office awaiting-anticipating- Scarlett's arrival. "Hey," a tiny voice reverberates through the line. It's Daisy, my younger sister.I feel my pulse skip, a smile spread on my lips. Usually, I find it hard to reach my sister. Her calls go straight to voicemail and Daisy hardly returns her call. "How are you?" I ask cheerfully as I draw invisible circles on my table with my finger. "Good, I am kind of busy right now," Daisy says quickly. My heart drops and my smile slowly turn into a frown. I was kind of hoping our conversation will last a little longer this time. "I just wanted to confirm that you are still driving down here for the weekend."I haven't seen Daisy in two years. The only time I saw my sister after running away from home, was when I got a call from Daisy. Daisy was having a mental breakdown due to the stress of college. At that time, she was a freshman at Rutgers University Law
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Audrey"No way," she laughs, covering her mouth with her hand. I want to tell her to remove her hand. I want to see her laughing. If it's half as beautiful as it sounds then it's worth the view. I have been talking for half an hour now and I don't remember when last I listened to the sound of my voice for this long. It's refreshing. And she's actually listening. I didn't think I had the words to get someone like her to listen, to be invested, and even laugh. It's already the best day I have had in a while and it's barely midday. I am talking about everything and nothing at the same time."No seriously, I literarily just walked in, my first day on the job and the only thing he could ask on meeting me was what I was mixed with," I continue as she cracks up.I am narrating my first meeting with Mr. Briggs and now that I'm saying it, I realize I haven't told anyone. "That's so inappropriate," she shakes her head. "After I replied, he told me I could be passing and no one would know."
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TrippI walk into the toilet sluggishly. "Good morning," I say to Audrey, who's sitting on the toilet seat. She clenches her legs together the second she sees me walk in, and she stops peeing. She awkwardly rests her arms on her thighs. She always does this. After five years, she still can't get used to this, to us. She can't get used to us. I don't mind if she walks in when I am using the toilet or having my bathing. She says she feels unsexy in situations like this, which is crazy. She is the most beautiful woman ever. I think she feels the mystery in their relationship is slipping away. She is still the most interesting woman I met, if only I can get into her mind and understand her. "Good morning." She mutters. I turn on the tap and splash water on my face. The cold water on my face brings me out of my sleepy state. I look at my image in the mirror for a second then I quickly look away. These past few years, I can't seem to look at myself. This is not where I expected to b
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“What fuck Scar, what are you trying to pull?!” I pull the phone away from my ear, caught unawares by Ryan’s loud voice. My eyes go to my driver in front, looking at him through the rare view mirror before putting the phone on loudspeaker. “Don’t call me up cussing,” I warn in a low tone. “Having meetings with Jeremy, what’s that?!” He still maintains his tone. This is because he knows only he can do this and I will still be on call, answering him. “Exactly what you think it is,” I say, not trying to explain myself. He should know when he comes with that tone that he’s not getting anything from me. “Poaching our clients for your company, that’s really low.” “I am not pouching any clients that I didn’t initially bring into that company, accounts that I didn’t oversee. I’m just taking what’s mine.” “What’s yours is our family’s company, which will die if you keep doing what you are doing.” “That company isn’t ours. It. It's mum's company. She made it abundantly clear when she
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