The Bully's Obsession
The Bully's Obsession
Author: Angela Shyna

Chapter one


Graciela's POV

I walked into school with the chilly wind blowing against my cheeks, you know the feeling when you feel that something big is going to happen but you don't know what?

Yep that's exactly how I'm feeling right now

"Gracie Gracie!" I heard a voice that could only belong to one person call, it was Marilyn , my best friend in Water Bridge High, she rushed towards me in a flurry, I wonder what is up in that  head of hers now

"Hey what's up" I greeted with a smile

which she returned sticking out her tongue

"Have you heard the latest?"she hushed glancing around

I smiled , this was so much like Marilyn, if there was anything happening, she was surely among the first persons in school to know about it

I wonder how she does it

"What now?" I asked rolling my eyes at the way she leaned towards me

"You won't believe it!"

Okay now I was getting impatient, what could it possibly be?

"Come on Lyn just spit it out"

"I heard he's transferring  back today" she replied

"Who ?"I asked furrowing my brows in confusion

She looked at me and mentioned the one name that was able to insert fear deep inside me


what did you say?" I asked feeling the blood rushing away from my face and my heart sped up furiously

"Yeah I heard he's back" she replied giving me a sympathetic gaze

"Didn't he transfer to another town? Why is he back now?" I asked totally fricking out


If he was back, that means that he might be in school today 

Oh no!

Ever since I could remember, Hayden has made my life a living hell, worse was that I couldn't remember how I've ever offended him

He became more harsh that it even got a little physical

He isn't like that to anybody else

I think its just me

When he'd transferred to another town two years ago due to his family's business, I had been so relieved and happy, I had even begun to enjoy my simple life

Now he's back! 

This was my final year of high school,why did he return now ?

Relax , I told myself taking in

a deep breath

Its been two years, and times has changed, he might not even remember me

"It will be fine" Marilyn said placing a reassuring hand on my shoulders to which I just nodded

As we got inside, we separated to our various classes


I walked inside the class slowly, the sound of chartering was the first thing I noticed a certain area of the class was filled with students laughing and discussing, I proceeded to sit down when I saw him 

He sat down like a king and the rest of the students were his subject

My heart gave a loud thud and I suckled in a breath sharply

He suddenly looked up from the crowd of students surrounding him, his eyes widened a fraction in surprise, then it was gone 

It was replaced with a smirk that I knew all too well

He always had that trademark smirk on his face before he does something bad

"Are you gonna sit down or what" a voice said , it was Clarissa another friend of mine who was in front of me who spoke giving me a curious stare

When did she even arrive?

I broke the contact I had with 

Hayden and sat down like I was in a chair of nails

"Are you alright?"Clarissa asked looking concerned

No! I could never be alright with Hayden just a few meters away from me!

I nodded anyway giving her a reassuring smile


All through out class I could feel a stare burning right into the back of my head, I didn't need to look to know who it was, I just wanted the teacher to get out of the class so I can leave,goodness knows that I'm not even understanding a thing she was talking about

Immediately the bell rung signifying the end of class, I packed my stuff and rushed out ignoring Clarissa who was calling out to me

But wait?

Why was I even scared?

What did I do wrong?

But its not the first time I was asking myself something like this, I didn't need to do anything wrong before Hayden hurts me, finally I escaped the class and him.

As I rested my head against my locker taking in deep breath, a hand suddenly slammed loudly just above my head causing me to jerk back with a yelp

It was the one person I had been trying to avoid

It was Hayden Mcandrews 

"Hello bunny did you miss me?" He said with his signature smirk

Oh god!


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Esti Wiryawati
love from the begining
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Oladimeji Abidemi
Nice write up
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It’s like there’s another author that it’s writing a story that sounds like three little guardian angels and that story is so good but the author house and finish and I’m almost done I’m at chapter 600 and I have to wait until I get funds to read it and the story three little guardian angels but it’

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