The CEO'S Wildflower Bride

The CEO'S Wildflower Bride

By:  Rida  Ongoing
Language: English
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Abandoned as a child, Andrea’s life was a script of hardship. Her mother, once an aspiring actress, left her poor father for a wealthy man, erasing them from her glamorous new life. Raised by a loving stepmother, Andrea harbors a burning desire to conquer the acting world and surpass her mother’s success. Now her world is shattered: her stepmother's cancer is in its third stage, her acting career crumbles due to a false accusation, and her boyfriend's betrayal leaves her heartbroken. A drunken night leads to an unexpected encounter with Niklas, a wealthy but arrogant heir. Desperate to save her family from financial ruin, Andrea reluctantly agrees to a marriage of convenience. However, this marriage intended as a lifeline, becomes a battlefield as Niklas's lover returns, threatening to destroy Andrea's already fragile existence. When a heartbreaking miscarriage leaves her reeling, she must confront a crucial decision: will she remain in the shadow of others, or break free from her gilded cage to reclaim her dreams and identity?

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59 Chapters
Andrea's eyes darted across the walls of her sterile room, the stark white of the walls a harsh contrast to the chaos she felt within her. Dante had gone, while she was still asleep, she remembered hearing her aunt's sharp voice in the afternoon , insisting he left as a man was not permitted to be the best friend of a married woman. She had scoffed at her archaic notion but had been too weak to open her eyes nor argue. As her eyes continued to wander helplessly across the room, Andrea couldn’t help but ponder how she might have wronged the universe to be born into such a cruel fate. Lost in her thoughts, she was startled by the sound of the door opening. A young woman walked in, almost Andrea's age, if not older, but with a smaller frame. "The doctor said that you lost your baby" the girl said to her. Her voice bearing no emotions or pity for what she might be feeling.They had achieved their aims afterall." If I'm to give you an advice, I'll say you divorce Niklas" she continued
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Was there anything less dignifying than searching for your own underwear? For Andrea, this morning seemed to be the most embarrassing of her life. She had woken up with a splitting headache which she felt from the events of the other day. It had to be her worst day because that was what it was.In the morning of it, she had witnessed her step mother vomiting blood. No one had wanted to tell her what was wrong, not even her father but after she had promised her step brother a treat, the chatterbox had gone on to tell her that she was in the third stage of Cervical Cancer. It had advanced to the third stage and she couldn't get treatment, well it was obvious why. They were stark poor and lacked the necessary funding required for treatment, so they had been keeping it from her to make her not worry or take up more part time jobs, to the number of ones she already had. Then later in the afternoon, still processing the devastating news she had heard in the morning, she had been laid off
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Mrs Eduardo was keen on finding a wife for his son by herself. She had a cheating husband and a rocky marriage, she couldn't let her son have a bad fate in marriage as well and that was why she had gone to her employee. She had heard that she had a daughter and knowing the woman as an honest and upright person, all the years she had worked for her, she had believed she would be the perfect bride for her son. Surprisingly, she had witnessed her act of help towards her few days ago, and this encounter solidified her belief. She looked up the Five Star restaurant and saw the girl approaching her. She smiled, hoping her smiling at her would make the girl feel welcomed, she was so happy she had accepted her marriage proposal and had agreed to come to the first date with her son. She only hoped Niklas would come early like she had told him to.Andrea walked up to the woman smiling at her as she saw her approaching. She felt so uneasy, the woman seemed to love her alot, even more than she
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Mrs. Eduardo was furious and couldn't hide her annoyance. The ride home was silent, the tension in the car palpable. As soon as they walked into the house, she didn't waste a moment."Niklas, what was that?!" she demanded, her voice tinged with disappointment.Niklas sighed, clearly anticipating this. "Mother, you can't expect me to marry someone I don't even know. She's a gold digger. Did you see her dress? It still had the tag on it!"His mother took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. "And so what if she rented a dress? That doesn't define her character. Andrea is a good girl from a decent family. She has helped us both, and you know it."Niklas rolled his eyes. "Helped us? She helped you ward off a fellow scammer and now she's suddenly wife material?" He asked her missing out the part where she had lied about helping him out, while in real sense they had spent a drunken one night stand together.He didn't want to mention it, lest his mother would freak out and go extra miles t
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"We can't keep on waiting, the woman he promised us he'd get married to left him and travelled abroad. The one you said you'd find hasn't been found yet. Why should we keep on waiting? It's been months!!" One of the board members shouted at Mrs. Eduardo who sat listening to them. Her husband had sent her instead to go to the meeting and listen to the complaints of the board members, since she was the one with the task of bringing in his bride. "I'm telling you to calm down, I've found a wife for him, the marriage will happen soon. Just be patient" she said to them but the board that consisted mostly of old men did not seem to take her word. " You keep telling us that and in the end we get no results" another chirped in. " He needs to get married before he can lay claim to the CEO position. Which one of us here doesn't know that some of men in the family do not live long once they clock 30years. Those that do, they're met with amnesia later in their life. We can't keep waiting. Wh
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An unknown number had called her and told her to come outside before the call went off. She glanced at the clock on the wall of her room, and she still had forth five minutes before she'd begin preparing for her next part time work. She picked her purse and began to walk out of the room. On reaching outside the gates of her house, she saw a car parked at the front of it. The car was not belonging in her Street and it was very obvious because the neighborhood children had all gathered admiring the car and chattering yo themselves how they would buy one like it when they'd become adults and successful. A young man was standing by the side of the door waiting for her to come, as she stepped closer to where the car was, he opened the front seat for her to enter before he went back to reenter the car, which he appeared to be the driver of. She wondered what it's use had been for when she had her own hands to open the car with. The familiar scent that filled her nostrils needed no t
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Andrea's father, dressed in a simple suit, tried to maintain his composure as he took a chair in the large table of the lavish surrounding. Her mother, visibly nervous, clutches her handbag tightly, while her younger brother gazes wide-eyed at the splendor before him and how empty everywhere had been, looking as if the whole place had been rented out for the occasion. "Finally decided to show up" Niklas sneered, not bothering to hide his disdain as he looked at his wrist watch."I was beginning to think that you got lost" he added.Andrea's cheeks flushed but she held her hand high determined not to act bothered by his taunts."We're here now" she replied evenly, keeping her voice steady despite the nervousness she felt inside her. "So, you're the family we've heard so much about." Claudia said, letting out a derisive chuckle. "An aspiring actress and a factory worker. Quite the humble background." " She's not the factory worker mother. Her father is. I told you she was a part ti
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As Claudia walked out to the front of the hotel, her face remained a mask of calm composure. Inside, however, a storm of emotions brewed. She felt humiliated and angry at being rebuked so openly by Mrs. Eduardo. Her carefully superiority had been shattered in front of the lowlifes. She stood stiffly by the entrance, her daughter close by her side, and fished her phone out of her bag to call someone as she waited for her driver. "Go through with the Plan B. Plan A just failed" she muttered and ended the call. As she waited, she replayed the scene in her mind, her anger growing with each recollection. How dare they humiliate her in such a manner, reminding her of her past failures? Her marriages had ended badly, true, but she still had strategic moves she could use to secure a future at the peak for her son. The driver arrived, but before getting in, she turned to her daughter with a steely gaze. "Remember this, never let anyone make you feel less than what you are. They may have
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Andrea paused at the doorway, her heart sinking as she heard her father's angry voice echoing through the house. "I can't let my daughter marry into that family. Didn't you see how they were? Their father didn't even come, he didn't find us Worthy of his time and you're still trying to convince me to let Andrea marry their son?? You disappoint me!" Her mother responded "You're not being fair. You know why Mr. Eduardo couldn't come—he's ill. Mrs. Eduardo was welcoming and would be a good mother in-law to Andre. It's only Claudia who caused trouble." " Hear yourself Maria. Marriage is a sacred sacrament. I can't let my daughter enter one that would break her later. Only Claudia?" He continued. "Did you hear the things she said? She's a part of that family, and she showed exactly what they think of us. They think we're beneath them!" His voice was loud, echoing with his indignation. Andrea's legs could not move, she knew the argument would not end anytime soon and that her step moth
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Andrea Eduardo looked at the white gown she was wearing and a tear dripped down her eyes. Only a few minutes remained before she'd walk down the aisle to the altar so as to be wedded to Niklas Eduardo, the true owner of the surname, Eduardo. Raising the overflowing gown with it's intricately beaded designs as much as she could, she walked over to the window of the dressing room she was in. She stole a stare out of the glasses and saw her mother. She looked out again and saw her, she was smiling and wore clothings that worth millions. Clothing's that even in years to come, she was not sure she would be able to afford buying for her. This was the dream she had planned and promised her family but now , someone else was fulfilling it instead of her. A girl came to the room to inform her that it was the time for her to arrive at the altar. Heaving a sigh, she went . The venue was designed by a perfectionist, she could tell because there was no way a normal person would achieve
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