Chapter 14


“Hey, bro.” Carter entered my office after a knock. “You disappeared from the party. Emilio was looking for you.” He pulled a chair in front of my desk and sat.

“I went somewhere.” I passed the documents I was working on to Billy. “Give this to Adam.”

“You have a ten o’clock today with Mr. Oliver Katrakis of G&E Enterprises, sir. He’s already in the meeting room,” my assistant reminded me, trying to say I didn’t have much time to chat with my brother.

“Five minutes, Billy.” G&E Enterprises was a potential partner to open my technology division. Their reputation in the industry was close to my requirements.

My assistant nodded and greeted Carter before he left.

“I had to make reasons, do you know that?” my brother went on with the questioning. He looked somewhat pissed. I could imagine his restlessness in front of the Mexican businessman. He was still young in the business, after all.

“What did you say to him?”

“What else should I say? That you had a more pressing matter to atte
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