Chapter 54


I spent the next hour talking to Michael about Rafe. He’d love a bit of honesty, although I kept some privacy for myself. He listened, but he was frantic. My brother wasn’t the type to show it all throughout.

“Savannah, that is not okay to leave a girlfriend alone at god knows where for any reason,” he pressed.

“I know, but I don’t want to make an issue about it before hearing his explanation.”

He shook his head. “You’re too kind.”

“Well, I was raised this way.”

He arched his eyebrow. “So it’s my fault.”

“No! Because you’re too kind to me.” I held his hand. “Michael, we’re still new. He’s still figuring things out because the last time he had a relationship was over a decade ago.”

“And you believed him?”

“Yes. Why would a man lie about his relationship? As far as I know, men like to brag about it.”

“Well… You’re not wrong, although I’m not the type,” he defended. “But please know that if he ever hurt you, he’ll have to face me.”

I gave him a smile. “Thank you, but I’ll figure
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Marena John Lambrou
Brett is no good. Erin is doing all she can to destroy Rafael’s and Savy’s relationship. She’s doing it all on purpose.
goodnovel comment avatar
Madeline Crist
They're getting closer to discovering that Michael & Rafael are brothers. His lost brother.

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