The Ceo's Secretary

The Ceo's Secretary

By:  Sweetanne110  Completed
Language: English
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"Tell me... so...that I will...have a name you" I said "Not knowing...your name... makes it more fun" he replied Lexi Tyler got a post of Secretaryship in one of the biggest companies in the city without an interview after having a one night stand with a stranger who couldn't even share his name with her and when she realized that the man she had a one stand with was also the billionaire the whole city have been talking about, she almost freaked out because the world she knew was about to end and she was about to start a new life with her cocky, rich boss ******************************************** You can also check out #Irene Cage: The last princess. Only on goodnovel

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68 Chapters
Chapter 1
I checked how deep asleep the nameless guy by my side was before quietly getting out of bed to use the restroom. I checked the time which was on 1:45 and tip toed to the restroom in order not to wake him up."alexi you're something else" I murmured to myself while checking myself in the mirror and touched my lips to see how swollen they really were. The nameless guy really did a pretty good job on them.I adjusted my underwear and left the restroom for the bedroom with the hope that the nameless guy would still be asleep"OH MY..." I said shockingly and covered my mouth with my right hand"He shocked you right?" The nameless guy asked while smirking "He always does. I call him the startler. You've met him but I've not introduced him to you formally" he continued while stroking his big eight inches cock.I took a good look at the rod in front of me and did a double take before looking between my legs to think about how something as big as that could
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Chapter 2
I stretched out my hand to turn off  my annoyingphone which have been going off every five minutes for the past thirty minutes. I checked the time which was on six and slowly rolled out of bed to use the restroom and was almost at the door when last night event came rushing back to me. I instantly looked back at the bed but the nameless guy was already gone."Exactly what I expected of you" I said before making my way to the restroom.I dressed up and called a taxi. I turned on my phone when I was almost home and waited for multiple messages that I was sure would be waiting           'where are you?' from sis @ 9:02pm            'I'm about to go, should I still wait for you' from sis @ 9:31pm            'I called Peter and he said you aren't with him' from sis @ 9:45pm              'Judith called,
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Chapter 3
"Finally" Cynthia said as she stepped through the door"What's up?""What are you doing with the vase?""You can't be too sure""You gat to be kidding me! Would a murderer be knocking on your door in full daylight?""You have to watch this Adam Lee lastest movie to see for yourself" I said while pointing at the TV screen"That's a movie alexi. It's not always that smooth in real life""Aren't you supposed to still be at work?""Of course yes. I pretended to be sick so Ellen gave me permission to leave. I can't wait to hear the full story""You gat to be kidding me! You gat to be kidding me Cynthia. You left your work to listen to my last night story. I just wish I'm as lucky as you""Lucky in which aspect?""Both aspect. Work life, love life""Don't you have a boyfriend?""I thought I did but... I don't know""He must have been really good?" Cynthia whined"Extremely good. He changed my view of
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Chapter 4
I reapplied my strawberry lipstick before knocking on Peter's door. He opened it instantly as if he had been waiting for me on the other side of door and led me to the sitting room"Thanks for coming." He said and hugged me "I almost thought I did something wrong""Of course not" he released me and made his way to his usual spot on the couch"The delivery man should be here in ten""What did you order?""You favorite food"We ate our food in total silence and watched wrestling for some time before the atmosphere changed.On my way there that night, I decided to give him another chance. Maybe if I explained to him what and what I wanted in a relationship, maybe he would bend his rules.He shifted to my side of the couch and started touching my hair the way he always does. His breathing becoming more fast and when I was expecting his kiss was when he got up. He went to the TV and turned it off and was about to turn off the si
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Chapter 5
I could hardly sleep throughout the weekend and when it was finally Monday, I dressed up in my new suit that I ordered online two days ago and applied a very small amount of my strawberry lipstick.I left my house around 6:30am in the morning and was already there before 7:00am. The securities and the cleaners were the only one around during that time, so I waited for thirty more minutes before people started showing up.The anxiety that everything was a prank was killing me inside but an attractive young lady who was  walking towards me with a smiling face gave me some hope."Good morning Miss Tyler" she said while stretching out her hand for an handshake"Good morning""It's nice meeting you. I'm Miss Parker but call me Jada. I'm Mr Stokes Assistant""Nice meeting you too and feel free to call me Lexi""Okay Lexi. Let me show you your office" We took the lift and stopped on the fourth floor. We passed through t
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Chapter 6
I went to Cynthia's house after work to brief her about what happened"So you trying to tell me that Jason Stokes, the ceo of Stokes enterprise was the guy you had a one night stand with?" Cynthia asked"Absolutely""Wow! Wow! Wow! And now you're his secretary""I'm confused""Likewise I. And he pretended not to know you" she said"Yup. That is what I don't understand. I'm sure me being hired in that company was his handiwork because I know I didn't go to that company for an interview. So why is he pretending not to know me if he like me enough to give me a position I didn't even ask for?""Maybe he is trying to make you feel comfortable first" Cynthia said"Really""Maybe""So what do you think I should do?""Play along. If he acts as if he doesn't know you,you too act as if you don't know him and if he act otherwise, act otherwise""Okay""But what about Peter?" She asked worriedly"We are no more
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Chapter 7
Jason was one of the people that came to work early on Tuesday morning, which was odd and I being one of this people made me cross path with Jason's anger.He started with the files that the last secretary had left incomplete and why I haven't done them to why I didn't reply to his last text last night."I slept off""You slept off while your boss was texting you?""I'm sorry sir""You don't have to. This shows how serious you really are with your work""I'm really sorry sir""I said you don't have to! And mind you, I want all those files unfailingly today""But...""No but. You may go"I went back to my office with an hectic headache and took out all the necessary files which I knew I had no way of finishing in two days and started going through them.I met up with Stephanie during lunch  and she told me a couple of things about Jason"I heard Mr Stokes showed his other side today""Absolutely, I alm
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Chapter 8
I waited for good twenty minutes before I finally gave up and had started dozing off when I heard a soft tap on my window. I slightly opened my eyes and waited for more which followed not long after.I got scared, picked my phone and started tip toeing out of my room to my sister's when a message popped up on my phone                                             'Open the window, it's me' "What are you doing here?" I whispered"Can I come in?""It's late""I know but I don't think I can survive tonight without you""Meaning?""It's cold out here" he said dodging my question"Okay, come in"I made way for him and watched as he climbed my window with ease"So it's true?" I signaled to him to lower his voice"What do you mean?""So you really sleeps naked""Of course, do you think I w
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Chapter 9
"Lexi! Lexi! Lexi!" I heard my sister's voice from far away, I was in a dreamKnock knock"Lexi aren't you going to work?"Knock knock knock knock knock"Lexi! Lexi! Lexi!" She thundered and that got to me"Yes" I answered sluggishly"Aren't you going to work?""I'm going. I will go""You are going to be late"Last night came back to me and I checked the room instantly for Jason, who was gone"Thanks for waking me up""You are welcome. I will be on my way now""Alright bye""Oh Lexi!""Yes""We're out of groceries, so make sure to get some on your way back home. The money is on the table""I might come home late. So maybe you should get it instead""You going out with Peter?""No. I and Peter are no longer a couple""What!? What happened?" Since when?""We just decided to break up since we are no longer feeling it""That explains why I've not been seeing him
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Chapter 10
I changed into a simple gown and waited for Peter, who showed up a minute past seven.The whole ride was in silence and I wondered what was going on. He packed his car and we made our way to a street bench, where we have sat on several times to enjoy the evening cool breeze"Congratulations""For what?""For being employed""Thanks""So how was work today?""Great""So Lexi" he said and breathed in and out heavily"Yes" "I'm sorry for not being able to satisfy you. I understand your pain and I'm ready to give in to you"I was shocked by his commitment but I wasn't feeling the spark I once felt for him"Really?""Yes. I've thought about it and I realized that you are right. I'm ready to do anything for you. I love you"I hugged him instead because I couldn't say those words back to him. Not after tasting the startler"I love you so much Lexi. I'm going to do everything you want if you want
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