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This is a story of transition from a typical maasai lifestyle to a modernized lifestyle through education.It portrays the role of a woman in a child's life in traditional maasai life.The book,shows a caption of the hard struggle to literacy and freedom of thought.The maasai background and set up represents the kind of lifestyle undergone by many other pastoralist communities in Kenya.The story captures daily encounters,escapades,sheer luck,besides brevity,mostly undergone by different community groups.Women are a representation of love,courage,support,and are a source of comfort for the family.

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8 Chapters
“To my dear Parents who taught me a lot both through education, speaking, doing or not doing things for me.All these has made me who I am,and I appreciate.To my siblings,whom we have walked most of this journey together,and last but not least,to my wife and children,to whom I have worked tirelessly to transfer virtues that will help in going through this trip called life.”                                                     ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I want to firstly thank God for the gift of life, strength, and health throughout this work.Secondly, I want to recognize the efforts, strengths and dedicated time that all the peopl
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The month of June had only a dozen days left.The sky had mostly been clear both during the day and at night.On this particular day,bands of clouds spread across the night sky in layers,and from time to time,they blotted it out altogether.The deep silence of the night was interrupted by sharp successive chirps of birds still laying still on their nests, some on trees, and others on the ground. From small sharp voices, to long deep howls rendered the air in successive turns. The sun had started to send long streaks of light over the shoulder of a flickering cloud in the East, slowly turning away darkness,and bringing a warm blanket of light over the face of the earth. Enkanasa village was still, devoid of movement.The wind that was whirring through the trees,had now turned into a cool moist breeze that swayed in limbo,through the air. Cows stood agape in their shed, their bodies covered in soft flattened hair,that held droplets of the moist air.The numerous small mud h
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Days turned into weeks, and in three months, a huge drought hit the country.Enkanasa village was no exception.The initially green Grass had turned brown, and the sun was scorching every small twig that held still.Trees had shed their leaves, and the sun would scare to burn the ground below, getting unusually hot, even early in the morning. Leina and moseka had learnt the tricks over the years to ensure their cows had eaten enough even in such drought,but this one was threatening their wit and shaking their confidence in facing each day.It moved from taking the cows more deeper into the forest,to cutting down shrubs for cows to eat,and they were  almost running out of options.Each day,they would ensure cows drank water twice,to hold their stomachs as grass and shrubs were becoming more and more scarce.The cows started getting thinner  each day,and milking became easier as each cow would only be milked for few drops,to ensure the calves had enough to sustain them as
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Stomping and thundering sounds would come from the cow shed,as cows leapt onto each other, and fought in turns, throughout the night. Dogs chased and barked at them in turns.There was a general feeling of anxiety that engulfed the homestead, as the new friends, and herd of cows were welcomed. Before long,it was cock crow,and the women got busy with milking and the village started getting back to life.Dogs started pacing up and down round the village,chicken started crowing at the top of their voices,and birds of all walks of life started their daily routine.Kalwan and Otuma had walked up to the middle of the cowshed before there was enough light.They were slowly inspecting the cows for any signs of illness,or ticks on their bodies.There was little or no sign of panic,as they zigzagged within the herds.Leipa was the first to pull out of bed,and he ran towards the cow shed.He went straight and greeted the old men,as he looked at the cows,scratching his eyes.Lerionka,and Moseka
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A blessing in disguise
Morning follows night is a sure phrase.So it went with Enkanasa village,on a soft June day,and drought could be smelt in the air.July cold would be coming in soon to envelop the face of the earth.Cows would smell rain from far,and lift their noses in anticipation.The air was filled with anxiety and the village got up to an amazing new chant that rendered the air,women clinging to top notch voices,singing a song of birth.Small children would be given sugar to lick and small sips of milk as an approval of the new birth.It was a big surprise to the villagers,as they moved out to see who the new guest was.
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Hunting the hunter
CHAPTER FOUR:(Hunting the hunter)Days and weeks went by,and it was the sixth month.The clouds seemed to be swelling up,heavily pregnant with water.Otuma and Kalwan had shared a lot of their past stories and experiences,each day giving them a chance to remember a new occurrence once in their lives.Their almost solomonic wisdom held chunks of memories dotted along decades,which they used to give counsel,and guide their kith and kin.They laughed heartily,almost at every engagement,a sign that they had had a long and healthy relationship.One morning,Otuma was sitting with Napolos in her hut.They were planning how to get food from Narok town to the village,as the maize they had gotten a month ago was almost running out.With the visitors in their homestead,the food would only last half as long.Otuma advised Napolos that she would ask his youngest wife Noolkisaruni for some money from a goat sale,and proceed to ensure she got some maize flour to push the now huge family until r
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A new lease of life
CHAPTER SIX(A NEW LEASE OF LIFE.) Minutes had turned into hours,yards into kilometers.Oloompala had walked,rested,got up and walked again,drank milk off the gourd till it was empty,and the sun had scorchingly burnt everything on top of the ground.His feet were itching with pain as the tyre strands dug deep into his skin.Sweat rivulets cascaded down his cheeks and as he rubbed his palm on the face,it formed strings of mud.The sweat formed salty pellets that were strewn all over his body.His hands had grown somewhat long and he could hardly lift his head.The shadow was slowly getting behind Oloompala as he looked afar,where he saw a tall mast placed on top of a hill.It rang bells on his mind,quickly grasping a past occurance.He remembered when he was young,while herding on the plains,his father pointed that mast,showing an old man they had met walking stranded,looking for Sikinani.The mast was a long time reknown land mark.Most people would follow its direction as it would
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The learning voyage
CHAPTER SEVEN(The learning voyage)Amid the  foracious trip on which Oloompala had bestowed his infinite future,were many events,some routinely,and some happening once in a span of time,while still,others had their seasons and reasons.A saying goes, “small brains have no curtains” Oloompala was no exception.He was catching up with new beginnings each day.He interacted very easily both with fellow students and teachers.Although most students understood his native Maasai language,it was not allowed within the school compound.His best times were during games time in the evening,when he would sit along a group of boys he had befriended,and they would watch other boys play football,as they laughed their hearts out amid stories from past experiences,and the shift from a herdsboy to a student.Samarik was one of the boys who was fond of staying with oloompala.He was such a charming soul,with a lot of stories,having come from a different school,and he was the type of boy who knew
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