The Weight of Grahams

The Weight of Grahams

By:  LaToia Jaine   Ongoing
Language: English
7 ratings
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A suspenseful, thought-provoking and erotic full-charged thriller, based on the psychological effects of being raised by a sociopath pimp and passive aggressive prostitute. From the perspective of the eldest of two daughters; successful musical A&R Edily Graham is faced with her past addictions and mental anguish after the shooting death of her abusive father. Along with a career on the rise, a new home in the beautiful Lake Shore neighborhood of Chicago, and an awkward yet sudden break-up from her “Mr. Right, Maleek, Edily finds herself slipping over the edge with countless nights of sex, drugs & hallucinations from her past.

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Javice Johnson
The first chapter has left me on the edge of my seat!!!! I can’t wait to jump into chapter 2!!
2021-08-03 06:33:54
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Deep…the characters especially the main are deeply haunted. There are definitely some mental issues going on that needs to be dealt with. Oh & Maleek is a asshole!
2021-07-26 15:59:28
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Delas Jones
One of the best stories I’ve read so far! I’m just thirsty to meet more characters and discover more about how I can truly relate to most if not all of the character circumstances. Dope, interesting, a page turner that relates on soooo many every day issues that no matter who you are, have faced.
2021-07-22 05:04:56
user avatar
I love this book with just two chapters waiting for the drama
2021-06-10 14:03:36
user avatar
enjoying it so far I like the chapters lengths
2021-06-06 20:53:59
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LaToia Jaine
Descriptive and a page turner. I’m anxious to see what happens next. Who killed Smitty? It was a sweet and sensational wedding and then BAM a murder!
2021-05-18 07:57:43
user avatar
Amelias Hands
Great Read..Was hoping Smitty wouldn't kill his daughter now I gotta wait to see what happens
2021-05-18 06:33:42
16 Chapters
Meet the Grahams
“Now Isa, don’t forget to soften up when you go into the bridge.” “Look, I’ve got this Edily, if anything you’re going to jinx me having me make a complete ass out of myself!” For that exact reason I was reminding my little sister to soften up at the bridge; so, she wouldn’t make a fool of herself. She has the tendency to go over-board with things, especially when she feels like she has everyone’s undivided attention. Nodding my head in response she continued to babble, “Please Edily just spare me at least once in my life, besides this isn’t a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. Its’ just a wedding reception. It’s funny how I couldn’t perform at the wedding because my ignorant sister found a way to book Jon B. just in the nick of time. Imagine how that panned out for me.” Before allowing this conversation to get out of hand because this wasn’t the time or place, I cut her off, “Isa please cut it out, you’re still mad over that mess? Like I
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Falling Back into Old Habits
Despite my believing that Isa needed to be at a party with so much money and potential in the building, Isa decided to stay back and be with Izzy for the night. She claimed to want to spend some time alone with her baby for a change. I on the other hand, believe Isa is afraid to fly. If it isn’t a party with Indie or underground rappers, smoking, drinking, and doing other random drugs; Isa isn’t interested. I decided not to push the issue for a change and let Isa be. Zion and I pulled up as if we were luxury in a pear-colored Rolls Royce owned by my boss at about a quarter after 11. Serenity Grey had to ensure that her employees made a hell of an impression for her label, and I didn’t mind it one bit. The chauffeur came around to let us out, and like always as soon as our feet touched the sidewalk all eyes were on us. I could hear people whispering amongst themselves trying to figure out who we were and betting we were some type of celebrity. Little did they know, my best fr
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Time is Money
Since it was a Monday and I didn’t have to work, I locked in a few more meetings for later in the week, securing the meeting with T Mobile first. It was a little after 1pm, rainy out, and I was frustrated on so many levels. I decided to get up, cook, and make it a lazy day in. Parker was still here being concerned, telling me he could make a few phone calls if I needed. Since I enjoyed and needed the company, I played my role. Parker and I sat, talked, and watched a few movies while I prepared a soul food dinner. I was Creole’d out from the wedding, so I made sure there was no seafood or anything spicy on today’s menu. I had been blessed with exceptional old school cooking skills from my mother. I don’t remember much about my grandmother, other than sitting on her lap eating crab cakes at a retro themed diner and suddenly longing for her at some point of my childhood. Smitty’s mother never really talked to me so I had gotten all my wisdom and homemaking skills from my mother
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Forever Changed
I hit Lake Shore drive heading south toward the city. It was yet another beautiful day in Chicago especially with this stunning view from the outer drive. I let the top down on my white-on-white Audi RS 5 Cabriolet and did a turtle crawl in traffic until switching expressways to take me to the southern suburbs. Once I had a flow and was allowed to cruise at least 70mph I switched over from DJ Nehpets rush our mix to my Bluetooth and turned on my ‘cruise and ride’ playlist. This particular list started with a little bit of old school rap like LL Cool J’s ‘Hey Lover’ and by the end of 50 songs I was in a new era acting like I was 21 again, replicating every line of Bank Rolls ‘Pop It’. Finally making it into the suburbs a little after 6, I stopped at a liquor store to pick up a couple packs of cigarettes and wine for Mama, as well as a little celebration/relaxation bottle for Isa and me. I also grabbed some cheese puffs, a green fifty cent juice; the type you can squeeze like
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Piss on a Stick
The police station was a noisy and chaotic place to have to be on a Thursday afternoon. I unexpectantly got called in for a few questions while at work and was not looking forward to having hours of my already busy schedule being taken away. I hadn’t had time to join the staff at work for lunch and since this trip was unplanned, not only am I irritated and off balance, I’m starving. I’d gotten here nearly an hour ago per the request of Officer Scrawny whom still has yet to retrieve me and ask what he needs. The cold metal bench he has me waiting on has me shivering from the inside out; not to mention it happens to host a couple of street walkers, nodding off because their system is full of heroin. Handcuffed to the bench and seated right next to me with the stench of ‘all day’ that’s starting to take a stomach-churning turn; I was at my wits end. Before completely losing it, I decided to get up and approach the officer seated at the entrance desk. “Excuse me Miss, but I’ve g
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I found myself feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I thanked God for my therapist because I was in desperate need of a session; I had slept with one too many this week, which had begun to play on my conscience. I pulled into his Hyde Park office and immediately felt a sense of calm; Dr. Reeder offered liberation to my strange world. I never really expressed what was truly going on with me or how I in fact felt to anyone except him; Dr. Reeder never judged me or made me feel like I was a mutant. He always gave realistic advice and did exactly what I needed him to do; listen. He was at least 50 plus years old and far from attractive. I needed Dr. Reeder because he reminded me of a father that didn’t try to sleep with, abuse, or misdirect me in any fashion. I believe he understood what I needed and as much as he charged, he had better see me at any hour of the day. I climbed on to his tiny jade sofa while he gave me a tiny pill and water as we normally would do at the s
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Supposedly Closure
Instead of eating first I decided to meet with Maleek at the mall and consider dining out together afterwards. I did that because I didn’t know how I was going to feel after our walk through the mall while we talked. I wasn’t feeling him or the call I received before getting here; it was going to take a pretty penny to convince me to go to lunch. I was sure to wear my best fitting Balmain jeans, comfortable walking cowboy style open-toe boots from Free Bird, and pink crop top that supports breast cancer. I pulled my hair back in an effortless ponytail and tried to look comfortable but stimulating at the same time. I needed for Maleek to see what he lost and what someone else was sure to gain.It was judgment day for Maleek, I had to be prepared for whatever daggers he had planned to throw. I ate a bagel with cream cheese before downing a couple shots of tequila and smoking some weed to help calm my nerves. The triple combo was the extra courage I needed to handle
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Awkward Encounters
My home was unusually dark as I pulled into my driveway noticing the sensor light didn’t turn on as it normally did when someone got within steps of the house. Further observation noticed my flowerpots were kicked over and dirt was scattered across my lawn and walkway. Being on instant guard I got my pistol out my glove compartment before getting out the car and trying piece together what was going on. My days were becoming more and more surprising, and I didn’t understand why and what was happening to me. Did someone try to break in or was it just some bad school kids that kicked over my pot and busted out my porch light? I was hoping my school kid theory was more likely than a break in.I walked around the perimeter of my home to see if I had any broken access to entry points. I approached my front door slowly realizing it couldn’t be a break in, windows and everything else were still in tack. There was a package on my porch that looked untouched, so with
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The room stood still for a moment as I stared at Maleek and tried my best to digest the current events that went from a full-on circus on my front porch and continued to unfold in my living room. I could feel my heart break and believed my entire neighborhood could hear it shattering as well. The impact of my current reality taunted my frame of mind in a way I had never felt before. I couldn’t believe the character I was staring down, who I was just about to give another chance. Moreover, I believe I was more in shock with who had been in a marriage with.Maleek was with a well-known openly gay shoe designer who had published a huge tell all about how he cheated on his man with a woman, resulting in a baby. Sam Smith ended up gaining sole custody of the child due to the mother leaving the child on their doorstep when she was a couple weeks old, supposedly. He believed his love with his husband was fate because he had been forgiven and blessed with a child. I had read th
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Fucking vs Making Love
I lay tossing and turning trying my best to get some sleep, but my mind was racing. The alcohol and sexual experience I recently had with Maleek had me feeling both frivolous and furious at the same time. At this particular moment using my vibrator would be futile, it wouldn’t take my mind or my body where they needed to go. My womb had a throb to it like no other, my insides were boiling hot, and every inch of me felt sensitive; I couldn’t even caress my own breast! I couldn’t believe and was even more annoyed that I was feeling like this. My body hadn’t felt this way in years, not since before being sexually active with Maleek. Once I started sleeping with him my normal sexual urges went away and I was a more contented, relaxed individual. I had once asked my shrink what he thought it meant, and his reply was “with every addiction, there is a cure, and you my dear have found your cure.” Maleek was my cure. No matter how long I went without being sexual with Maleek, the urges wouldn’
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