The Coffee Werewolf

The Coffee Werewolf

By:  Akkoneko  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ben Pine thought he was just a normal country guy going to the city for college... until he decides to stay with his uber-rich gaming friend, Nico Woodman... and drink coffee for the first time. Now he has to figure out what it means to live as a model werewolf and maintain his relationship with his friend, but the vampires that originally had his kind as slaves aren't going to make it easy for him. Cover by Modern_Diary.

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Not your typical werewolf story, AND there's coffee - love it! :)
2020-12-01 15:38:32
20 Chapters
Chapter 1: Friendly Proposal
CRASH! A coffee mug was seen broken on the floor, spilling its caffeine-laden contents into the space between the wood panels. The mug in question fell from a table that was filled with books, papers, and a laptop. The youthful-looking dark-haired man who was witness to the sight breathed a sigh of relief. None of the items on the tabl
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Chapter 2: Arrangements
“No, I’m not going to. In fact, I’m going to thank you for your offer.” Those were the words that Ben’s father said to Nico. “What?! Peter, you can’t possibly-!” interjected Ben’s mom in the background. She was stopped by her husband with a simple hand gesture.
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Chapter 3: Moving Out
Not long after they have started, Ben, Nico, and John were finished putting the baggage in the van. "Finally, it's done!" said Nico. "Yeah!" said Ben, stretching his body a bit. "By the way, thanks, John."
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Chapter 4: New Home
Soon, Ben and company had arrived in Duwood City. The tall buildings and large amount of people on the streets made the country boy feel a little on the claustrophobic side. But at the same time, he felt a sense of wonder, as if he was a child yet again. He saw a lot of things and activities that he had only mostly known about on the internet, which, of course, he was thankful to have had access to. He was happy with what he was seeing, but he also had to watch himself. The strange feeling of wildness was building up within him again. And he didn’t have his own room
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Chapter 5: House Tour
The two friends left John in the study so that he could check if Ben’s computer worked properly. Meanwhile, they started with the grand tour of the house and the land surrounding it. “So yeah, here in the second floor, you have the entrance to the study, as well as the guest rooms. By the way, I’m going to give you a key for your room, so you can lock it when we’re out. John will have a copy of it for himself, so he can clean it once in a while.”
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Chapter 6: Nico's Family
During the time when Ben, Nico, and John had arrived, a figure was silently observing them from the edge of the woods. It stayed under the shade that the trees provided, and didn’t come out of it. At the time, Nico had noticed the intruder, but he didn’t say a word about it or pay it any attention as he knew it wasn’t hostile. It waited until the three finished bringing in Ben’s things from the van, and John has taken the vehicle to the underground parking area. When it saw that everyone had gone inside, it went off.
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Chapter 7: The Visit
Ben hasn’t been living in Nico’s place for a day, and now the three of them have received news that the latter’s parents now plan to pay a visit. Apparently, someone had told them of his presence. “I suppose we should prepare then, Young Master Nico?” asked John. 
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Chapter 8: How Are You?
After Nico’s family left, the three were left to clean up. Or rather, John took care of everything quickly before the other two could even start doing anything. “I swear man, you’re going to make anyone lose their job with how fast you are,” said the owner of the house. 
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Chapter 9: On The Way
The Woodman people also had their own thoughts and opinions about the visit. Or at least, Salome did, along with her servant. “That was just so delightful. Don’t you think so, Clementine?” 
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Chapter 10: Threatening
Soon, Ben and Nico reached the Comp Tech complex. Inside, they asked around and were led to a spacious auditorium. There were already quite a number of people inside, but it still wasn’t full, thankfully. “Man, that Pia girl was right…” said Nico as he looked around. “This is awesome.” 
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