36 - Do's And Don'ts

Kari glared at the commanding tone but Ryedir drew up to his full height while his voice dropped. His voice was soft and deep but no less authoritative.

“We will be outside of the safety of my domain and it’s exceedingly important that you follow my rules while we are away. Remember that everyone who sees this collar,” he stood close enough to reach up a hand to trace his fingers along the soft leather at his throat, “will know you are my pleasure slave and will treat you as such. Which means that they will mostly ignore you or they might look but not touch. Other servants and slaves at the palace may approach you and will most likely treat you with indifference or even malice. I need you to not react and carry on with whatever task you were doing. As you do here, you will stay with me and serve me. Once in the capital, you will have to sit at my feet when not serving and you will not interact with anyone. You are to be a pretty p

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