Ghost In Red

Ghost In Red

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Note: *This is not a horror story!* --- Olivia Jillian Hunters has it all— beauty, body, brain, money, friends, the perfect boyfriend that every girl wanted, and the haters, of course. But because of a broken heart from knowing that her boyfriend has been cheating on her with Sydney Roswell, her long-time enemy, OJ got into an accident that caused her to be in a coma. She woke up one day and knew that she was not in her body... not even near. She is now a ghost. When OJ overheard that her physical body is living with a machine for life-support and will not go for long, she panicked as she doesn't know how to stop her parents from letting her die. In searching for help, she found herself wandering in the academy and learned that Sydney is the only one who can see and hear her. Will she ever ask for help from the girl who she hates and hates her back even more? #this is a story of love and hate between two girls

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Rumaisa Leal
i LOVE It a lot
2023-05-20 07:46:34
user avatar
Worth reading for, i love it.
2023-04-04 20:21:34
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Stacy Lee
I really love your story ...️
2022-10-05 19:23:52
user avatar
Jennifer Provencal
it's a beautiful story I would not hesitate to read over and over again
2022-05-03 21:22:04
user avatar
love your stories author. I read all of your books, keep writing for us ...
2022-03-23 02:28:05
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Zara ovis
You books are really amazing… so fudging cool lol plz can you help review mine#girl across the street ...
2022-03-21 03:18:24
default avatar
Another great book. I love how there is crossover with the characters from your other stories. Can’t wait for more chapters
2022-02-16 01:26:27
user avatar
Hey! Amazing Story, Please visit my story too ... Another Maze. Thank u
2022-01-23 13:38:46
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Alma Resendiz
This is a great book, hope you can do more of the super natural.
2021-10-06 10:53:37
default avatar
Scotty McGee
Love the story line just wondering when you going to update thanks
2021-09-02 14:02:27
user avatar
Rize Minami
Thank you for the great plot and interesting characters, waiting for more
2021-09-02 02:31:03
user avatar
Bipana Joshi
looking forward to updates. Nice Story , Interesting plot and great characters
2021-08-29 03:54:00
user avatar
the book is actually interesting yo read
2022-03-18 04:36:37
88 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Valentine's Day
*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV*---"Hey, OJ, look! It is your boy, Harvey. Do you wanna talk to him first? I can wait. Not that I am gonna eavesdrop, but I will wait till we are good to go. Or do you want me to go ahead first? I could, too." Grace Thales, one of my closest friends, asked me curiously as we got sight of my boyfriend, who has been eyeing me as he walks in the hallway with his group of friends."Oh, umm, no. I will just tell him something before we proceed." I answered as I closed my locker after getting the things I needed for my morning classes, and I saw her smile become wider."What? I love you? Eeeeet! Oh, damn, I am so single." She teased me, and I just glared at her playfully."Shut the hell up, Gracey!" I told her. Th
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Chapter 2 - Her? I Don't Mind.
*Sydney Roswell's POV* --- "What happened to your face, Syd?" Kevin Ramirez, my only gay cousin who is sitting on the driver's seat and waiting for us to arrive, asked with his raised eyebrow in curiosity, and I didn't bother to answer him as I go halfway around his car to sit shotgun. "Don't ask her, Kev. She's not in the mood." Answered Vidia Logan, the academy's women's swimming team captain and my best friend since diapers, and she went inside the backseat with Emma York, my very nice neighbor. "When was she in her mood before? Well, anyway, I will just ask her face. Hey, face, what happened to Sydney?" Kevin muttered, but I heard it clearly, and he asked while examining my rosy left cheek that definitely still has the handprint of the meanest person in the universe. The gorgeous goddess, Olivia Jillian Hunters. I just don't know about her claim that I have stolen her boyfriend from her behind her back. I mean, da
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Chapter 3 - Troubled
*Sydney Roswell's POV* --- "Sydney? Are you there?" Vidia asked when she heard no response from me. I am just shocked as heck with this horrible news that I am watching. How could that bitch be in an accident? What a damn reckless creature! But maybe it's not her fault. Of course, it's a damn accident—the hell with that particular deadly crossing, and the hell with that truck driver! "Syd? Are you watching it?" She asked again, and I answered, "Yeah. I'm on it." "Well, the bad news is... She's still alive and was hurried to the hospital. Critical condition, though." My best friend uttered that made me feel angry, mixed with too much worry. "What? Why the hell would you wish that she'd be
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Chapter 4 - I Do, I Don't Care
*Sydney Roswell's POV* --- I received another text message from my best friend after she had called two times, but I didn't pick it up, and I opened it. I just don't want to talk or have any type of conversation with her right now. Not that I am mad at her for wishing my greatest foe to have a worse condition, but I don't want to hear anything that she will say about OJ. I'm not ready. I let out a sigh of relief when I read what she sent me, "Sydney, it's not purely about OJ, alright? I have no other news about her for now. It's about you. Mostly. And it's so damn important." Well, for me, nothing is more important than OJ being okay. When Vidia redialed my number, I rejected it and turned off my phone. There. Some peace.
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Chapter 5 - "Sydian"
*Sydney Roswell's POV* --- "Come on, Sydney. I know you do." Emma insisted as she stood up to wash her hands at the sink, and I just kept on contradicting her claim. "I really don't care about her, Ems. I was just not in the mood since earlier from school, remember?" I told her, and she wiped her hands dry and replied, "No. You are always looking like you are not in the mood whenever we are at school, Syd. Always. You don't laugh; you almost don't smile or even talk about something not related to academics-shits, or you are just being mean to OJ. You are always not in the mood. No offense, alright? Thankfully, you seem like a valid and normal person when it comes to just us: your family, neighbors, and your best buddies. So, yeah, now that you look like you are bringing a shitload of crap in your pockets while not at school,
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Chapter 6 - Late
*Sydney Roswell's POV* --- I run my left fingers on the rough surface of the canvas of the painting that I have been working on since last week. It's something that I cannot finish in a short period because of the number of details that I want to put on it, and I have to go to school and do some other things. I always find time to paint every time I feel sad and happy. But right now, I am miserable. I might as well work on this one. A small sigh escaped my mouth as I thought of the girl on the incomplete painting I was facing. It was still her face that I have finished, and I have a perfect idea of what kind of dress I will supply the missing picture. It's going to look perfect as she has always been. After sketching some details that would be my guide, I poured a few red, black,
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Chapter 7 - Blame On Me
*Sydney Roswell's POV* --- "Why the f*ck would they blame it on me? Was I the one driving the freaking car? Don't they know the meaning of the word accident? They should blame the truck driver! Or OJ herself." I contented trying to sound fine, but I'm very far from being one. This sh*t is insane. "That's what I have been desperately trying to tell them the whole damn night," Vidia replied in a bit of frustration. And I turned my head to Kevin when he said, "But some others are insisting that if you didn't snatch her boyfriend, she couldn't have broken up with him yesterday and went home so early that then lead her to an accident because she could have driven while out of her mind because of madness and a broken heart. And it was all because of you, Syd. Some said that if they cou
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Chapter 8 - Creep
*Sydney Roswell's POV* --- "Eeeeep! Sydney, Sydney, Sindeeeey!" Emma screeched in enthusiasm as she finally went out of the classroom after talking to Ms. Valerian, our lovely History teacher, about the assignment for next week. And I have been waiting for her right at the side of the hallway near our classroom. "Why so excited, Ems? Bad news?" I asked her, expecting that she got some good news to tell, and she gripped my left arm tightly with both her hands as we began walking. She excitedly answered, "Well, since OJ can't make it for that class activity, Ms. Val will just give her a special work if ever she will finally be back, while meeeee--- I will work with you!" My eyebrows met, puzzled by her news, and I asked her in curiosit
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Chapter 9 - Dreaming?
*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV* --- A groan escaped my mouth as I just woke up, and I fluttered my eyes open. The first thing I saw is white—a very bright light. I squinted my eyes and tried to roam my gaze around me and found another white view. The walls are white. Oh, let me guess... I'm in a hospital room. Hospital, the place I hate the most to be at, next in being at the academy. Why am I here in the first place? Wait, what has happened to me? Damn! I was driving... And... No. I got into an accident. I did. That was scary as shit, and I never thought that I survived that tragedy. Well, at least I am still alive. But hell, I think I missed my classes. And, oh, how could I forget... my boyfriend, no, my ex-boyfriend cheated on me wi
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Chapter 10 - Where Is My Body?
*Olivia Jillian Hunters' POV* --- A month and three days??? That damn long? Wow! Now, I wonder where the heck on Earth my body is? Which room? I need to find it badly. I want to wake up now. But what if... No. I do not believe that I am... D-dead. No. There's no effing way. I couldn't. Right? Fuck. I anxiously sat on the couch to think of the first thing that I will do now that I found out that I was unconscious for a couple of weeks and could possibly be gone from the world of the living. But, no, I am hella sure that I am not dead. I should think optimistically. Then I wondered as to why I could sit on the couch, but I couldn't touch anything? And I just noticed that I am not even sitting. I am damn floating a few inches above it.
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