Stagnant air


It seems like every five minutes problems seem to keep popping up, I'm constantly being called over to fix things malfunctioning within the mainframes, which is seriously annoying and tedious, the exact reason why I got Nick and people he chose who he guaranteed were the best in their field.

Yet every few minutes there was a new situation I was called away to deal with, I felt distracted, unfocused on anything other than Amelia.

Finding out that she's pregnant with my child and having to deal with Jeremy's outburst earlier has really thrown a curveball in my direction I wasn't prepared for, I hate having to leave her alone but under the current situation, I can't ignore what's going on either.

My kind has a way of always being ten steps ahead, we're more advanced that way and I guess that's why it's always been so easy to control humans. Not because of their less intellectual or anything like that, but because they live their lives dumb

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