It's chaotic ignorance, loud noises and screaming tears of aching and complete obliterated distruction caused me to crouch down and attempt at blocking out the end as it engulfed me.

Jeremy holds me down and I don't quite know what to do, my eyes are shut tight, I want to scream but my voice has eluded me. all I can do is hold on to Jeremy, what is going on, what is happening?

A vision softly creeps into my brain and still remains, it's blood, it's screaming. What is going on, my eyes are dazed by the flash by a neon light.

There was nothing but naked light, people screaming yet no one dared disturb the sound of chaos as it grew, the words amongst those were silent raindrops that fell. The people screamed and ran, the words were too much to bare and even then they whispered.... it was silent.

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