The Creations

The Creations

By:  L.A Motzouris  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amelia lives her life believing she is something she’s not, only to find out that the truth to her existence is far darker and more dangerous than she could have imagined. What if one day you woke up and realised that the monsters you feared were the very reason you’re on earth. Inter dimensional love story of a paranormal paradox.

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Enjoying this book
2022-04-09 03:10:01
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nathan blas
100 percent good story
2021-10-24 00:53:04
29 Chapters
First interaction
“Are you sure you’ll be fine, I mean. I could always cancel and just stay,” taking my hands in hers she smiled in a concerned manner that instantly made me feel both guilty and annoyed with how badly I actually wanted to go instead of her, but instead I quickly shook it off and composed myself with a shy smile as I shrugged, “You’ve got to be kidding right, you go and enjoy it. You’ve been busting for this trip for weeks now, you worked hard for this, you deserve it,” I said as I faked an even bigger smile at her. The truth was I had wanted this story more than her, and I thought I had worked harder but, I guess not hard enough. That’s what happens when you’re sleeping with the boss, perks of employment doubled with perks of pleasure, all wrapped in to one fuck fest. Lucy wasn’t a horrible person at all for doing it, she hadn’t exactly hooked up with Larry just because he was the boss of the firm, they had accidentally bumped into each other at our last office party.
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Death but nearly
“Rush her into the ER now!” I heard someone scream before everything again slipped away… When I came to again I saw bright white lights rushing past me as the floor beneath me kept moving, I couldn’t focus on anything, everything was rushing into view as a blur and swarms of darkness. I could hear moments of panicked voices around me, both female and male. I tried to move but my body felt as heavy as led. What the fuck was going on? Where was I? What was going on? I heard the sound of beeping, beeping, beeping… Could someone turn off that annoying sound, it was starting to annoy me tremendously. I tried to speak up, tell someone to shut that noise off but my voice came out in a slur of words I definitely didn’t recognize. Was I drunk? I couldn’t remember going out with Jeremy for drinks, what could I remember, nothing, there was nothing a throbbing-  Ah! The fucking pain in my head shot through me like a throbbing gunshot, it was searing with every beepi
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Blue orbs?
I wanted to scream but instead my whole entire body trembled in fear as I stared at him with my eyes as wide as saucers, my mouth gaped and in that moment everything came rushing back to me through those dark eyes, those dead eyes, “You!” I gasped in horror, he merely grinned at me as he tilted his head in amusement to examine my features. He seemed even more scary in this moment on top of me than he had that night, I was frozen in terror. “I was sure you would have died,” He said in an icy voice. “Somehow you didn’t, how is that possible,” It didn’t seem like he was actually asking me this question, it was as if he was having a semi private debate with himself as the realization of my survival after his attach clearly amused the heck out of him. “Get off of me!” I tried to scream, all of a sudden finding a strength to fight back I hadn’t known I possessed. But he merely pushed me back down as his face came even closer to mine, his lips were now right up agai
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Two weeks had passed by and I was completely settled in to my house, I sat sipping a steaming hot cup of tea while being completely engrossed in a novel on the large swing chair hanging from the porch. The sun was just beginning to set and the hews of light that created rays of purples and reds were absolutely breathtaking, I had been having nightmares every single night since I came here, putting it down to nerves, maybe to all that had happened and with me being here all alone in this gigantic old house it seemed to be expected. The nightmares however were always the same, those all too familiar blue orbs of his eyes were constantly threatening the sanity of my mind and I just couldn’t shake it off. I kept allowing him to touch me, to come close to me. He was haunting my dreams and in each one he was getting closer and closer still to kissing me, each time however I would jump into a seated position in my bed screaming as my breathing stayed rapid for at least five
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A plan
Jeremy sat across from me at the round kitchen table, both of us just randomly staring into space it seemed. Our steaming cups of coffee just sitting in front of us on the table , the aroma seeming thicker than it should have. The awkward silence between us seemed way off and I couldn’t tell if it was because of the contents on the flash drive which was just lying in the middle of the round table at present almost taunting us or the white elephant in the room, finally Jeremy spoke up as he cleared his throat. Looking up at me he sighed, “So…” “So-” I retorted. Sighing he sat up and rubbed the back of his head as he tried his best to find the words, “Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush here. I can’t get that image of you and that- thing out of my head,” my eyes narrowed slightly at his words but I quickly composed myself. Having him refer to Rafe as a thing bothered me more than it should have, “Look Jeremy, I don’t know what y
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Now I'm the enemy?
I’ve been sitting huddled up on my couch in front of the television for what felt like hours just staring at the screen as images flickered across it, not really focusing on what they were saying anymore yet I couldn’t look away either. I sat frozen, numb at the image I was seeing on the news channel. My photo was plastered all over CNN and all I could do was sit there and stare at my F******k profile pic from five years ago when I was like sixteen, I was wearing a bikini top sunglasses and a geeky smile plastered all over my face. Besides being mortified at the fact that I never got around at removing that picture from my profile, what bothered me more was the heading. ENEMY OF THE WORLD… The reporter was blabbing on and on about if someone knows the whereabouts of this woman and anyone associated with her they should contact the FBI directly, and then gave a number. The information she shared was of where I worked, of all the journaling I’ve done in the past, when
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His kiss
Have you ever been in a situation where you wished that it was just some stupid nightmare, and that any moment you would wake up. Your body would find its defense mechanism and shake you from that moment and into the consciousness of reality, before it was too late and you toppled over to the other side dying a horrible death while still fast a sleep? Yeah well that was not this, I wished it was, I really did will all the willpower deep within me. But I knew that the will to wish this into nothing more than my subconscious messing with me would be daft, this was really happening. I was a wanted woman, my photo plastered all over every goddam news channel across the globe. All for a crime I hadn’t committed, I mean yes I had a shit load of information and yes the creations had come after me in an effort to silence me, and destroy the information I had on them. Somehow I knew this went way deeper than just their fear of exposure, I mean come on. But who was  I kid
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I want you
My eyes fluttered open and I found myself lying flat on my back on the couch, feeling slightly disorientated I groaned as I tried to pull my hand up to my head but it was holding on to something, or someone… My eyes darted down and I almost jumped back when I was met with those blue orbs that were Rafe’s eyes, he was sitting beside me on the floor, just holding my hand and staring at me with a look on his face, adoration- wait, could the creations feel adoration? Trying to think right now only made my head spin even more. In a croaky voice I tried to speak, “What happened?” “You fainted,” He replied with an impassive expression on his face. “Oh, wow- that’s weird,” I said my brows furrowed, “Not really,” He smirked, “I think my kiss was maybe just- too much for you to handle,” scoffing I rolled my eyes at him, “Seriously, ranking ourselves pretty high now don’t you think,” the fact that he assumed that because of his kiss I had fainted
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Time to run
I woke up to the sudden sound of my cellphone ringing, jerking me right out of my slumber as I jumped into a seated position, my brows furrowed as I tried to gather my bearings. I sat looking down at the white bed sheet that was wrapped around my body, I was still on the floor in the lounge, had I imagined everything between Rafe and me? Pulling the sheet away from my body ever so slightly it revealed that I was indeed completely naked, huh? So okay that was true but where the heck was Rafe? Suddenly the phone began ringing again and I jumped as my eyes scanned across the room to the coffee table, I had switched my phone off earlier, I remembered doing that because of everything that had happened. So as quick as I can, I found myself up on my feet half falling over the sheet as I fumbled towards the small coffee table, grabbing my phone as I scowled at the number, I didn’t recognize it at all. Slowly bringing it towards my ear I pressed the receiver as I shakily answered “H-
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It's in my blood
Amelia   We drove for what felt like hours, I didn’t exactly know where we were going and I didn’t ask. I merely sat back with my feet drawn up so I could hug my knees as I rested my head against the headrest, I stared out into nothing but darkness and even though I could see absolutely nothing but shadows, it soothed me to know that Rafe was there. He was a creation and it shouldn’t have made me feel this way, it shouldn’t have made me feel calm inside, yet it did. Why was that?   I thought I understood the ways of what the creations represented, but somehow I was coming to realize that I didn’t have a clue. Why did Rafe care about me if their kind was nothing more than sadistic monsters, had I been wrong about them all this time, or was that just Rafe… had something shifted inside of him and if so, what was it that made him shift into someone who cared about a mere human, and why?   I must have drifted off, bec
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