The Vampire's Bride (The Dark Council Series Book 1)

The Vampire's Bride (The Dark Council Series Book 1)

By:  Anna Kendra  Completed
Language: English
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“You seem to have forgotten that you’re not marrying a commoner, Alina. You’re marrying the prince of all vampires, so look alive and get me some coffee.” Alina Deluca lives a normal life up in the Californian north. At least that’s what she makes the world believe. Locked within her hypnotising emerald eyes are horrors she could never speak of, even if it killed her. Erick Stayton, the vampire prince, is her nightmare. To her, he was no more than a cold, savage predator that lusted for her blood and took away everything she had during that one traumatising night four years ago. Problem is, she is bound to be his bride. Mustering her every strength to set things right in her awry life, she gets embroiled in an ages-old feud and a struggle for power of mind-boggling proportions. Strangely enough, she finds herself connecting with Erick in ways she never knew she could. Suddenly, everything is not what it seems. Is Erick the heartless monster Alina makes him out to be? Will a vampire law made eons ago be the undoing of the whole vampire race? Will heat-ed passion bloom in these bloodiest of times? Sink your fangs into an exhilarating journey to the supernatural world with Anna Kendra’s The Vampire’s Bride. Packed with plot twists in every turn, this book will surely leave you reeling for more.

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ritz v
loved the book...️
2023-05-31 15:33:59
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Gemma Found
loved this book can't wait to start reading the 2nd book
2021-11-26 20:50:20
47 Chapters
Erick’s 21st Birthday   Erick“I hate that you can’t stay for my birthday.” I said as I watched my younger cousin pack his bags.“As much as I love you Erick, I’m glad that I won’t be staying.” Jordan said as he folded in yet another Eminem t-shirt. “It’s not you, trust me, but if I have to listen to Nile going on about tit sizes for another minute, I just might murder him.”
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Chapter 1
Alina “I’m sorry, love. I really am, but it was her last wish. I hope that you’d at least give it a try,” my father said to me. Worry was evident in his voice.“Please, Papa! There has to be another way.” I pleaded as I sat on a chair beside his hospital bed. His hands trembled in mine, but it wasn’t due to old age. My father was dying.“There would have been if Sheena was...” His eyes watered as he spoke her name, and my heart broke all over again. He loved her even now. I knew that part of the reason his condition kept getting worse, even after the best treatment in the world, was because he had given up on life the day my mother’s heart stopped beating. The only thing that held him here, right now, was me.“B-but I don’t want to get married, Papa! Not yet! I’m only twenty-two.” I tried to keep my voice pleading, but even I could hear the p
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Chapter 2
Alina Science states that the evolution of mankind wasn’t a straight line. Several species had to become extinct for the ultimate survivor to reign on this Earth: humans or Homo sapiens. Human beings came from the prehistoricapes and have evolved over a span of millions of years. Exactly how many, even scientists have their doubts. Their best bets are from the hominid fossils that they’d discovered from various parts of the globe. They use all sorts of criteria, from quadruped to biped locomotion, an increase in cranial capacity,changes in food habits, etc. But one thing they agree on is that it took millennia to ultimately result in the perfect modern man who has made Earth the supreme habitat.If you believed the same, you couldn’t be more wrong.Human beings weren’t the only creatures who survived the eons of trial that Mother Nature inflicted upon us. No, there were others, bein
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Chapter 3
Erick I stared at the closed door to Alina’s bedroom in amazement. However, the thing that amazed me the most was how much she has changed over the last four years.Four years ago, she was this shy little girl who was too afraid to speak her mind and always hid from me and my friends. It was true that we bullied her, but it was mostly because of my pride. At that time, I wasn’t ready to believe that my future was already pre-destined and that I wouldn’t have a say in it. Then there was the fact that I was the Vampire Prince, and she was a mere mortal, a fact my friends made sure I never forget. In fact, I was surprised that my parents were so excited about this wedding. They were the ones who taught me that humans were diluters. Having children with them would dilute our bloodline, something that posed a threat to our survival since our bloodline was already getting diluted with intermarriages. On the ot
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Chapter 4
Alina I took my sweet time in the shower, trying my best to keep calm and hoping against hope that Erick would be gone before I was done. Then again, when was fate ever been on my side? If I was lucky enough, he would leave me alone and just loiter around the house, but knowing him, he would try to intrude into my life and get every tiny detail he could then use it against me when the situation demanded.I finally turned off the water when it turned ice-cold and my hands started to prune. I knew I was avoiding the inevitable, but a girl’s gottatry. Wrapping a towel around me, I got dressed in blue denim jeans and a loose-fitting green shirt. Letting my hair down to dry naturally, I walked out of the bathroom and straight into a warm, muscular wall.“What’re you doing here?” I asked sharply, pushing him away instantly.“You were taking too long. I—”“So I
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Chapter 5
Alina I didn’t know how long I stood there after he left. I felt empty and alone somehow.I wiped my cheeks with the back of my hands and went to the kitchen. Clearly, I was losing my mind if I just kissed my nightmare. What came over me? It was like I had no control over my emotions. It couldn’t just be physical attraction, could it? No, I was sure it was just that.By now, the omelette that I was making was completely burnt and inedible, so I took it off the burner and threw it in the trash can. I hated wasting food, but I lost my appetite. I took the boiling water which had reduced to half its amount off the stove, poured some instant coffee mix into it, and drank from it. It was too hot, but the pain helped me forget some of my unease.What happened today wasn’t supposed to happen. Then again, what was I supposed to say? What was I supposed to do now? Things were so confusing, I can&rsq
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Chapter 6
Alina I woke up to my phone ringing. Groaning, I reached over to my bedside table and picked up my cell. The time read three fifteen in the afternoon.“Hello?” I answered groggily without looking at the screen.“Hello, sweets! I’ll be there to pick you up in two hours. You okay with that?”Shit! Ryan!I had completely forgotten that I had to attend a business dinner with him. I went to visit my father at the hospital this morning, and he seemed to have gotten even worse than before, so I came back home and cried myself to sleep. I haven’t been eating anything since yesterday either, surviving only on coffee.“Yes!” I answered, remembering Ryan was still on the phone. “That’s fine by me. Thanks for giving me a heads up, Ryan. I completely forgot!” I had no need to hide the truth or feel ashamed. Ryan understood my situati
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Chapter 7
Alina He wore a steel grey suit with a royal blue shirt underneath that made his eyes stand out. His blond hair was perfectly styled, and he looked just out of a fashion magazine kind of gorgeous. His lips were formed in a mischievous smirk, and his eyes were sparkling with excitement. He hasn’t shifted his eyes from me since the instant I walked into the room.How on Earth did he get here?“Is something wrong?” someone’s voice cut through my trance.I looked towards the person to see that it was the restaurant manager, Mr. Davis. Ryan was waiting for me to have a seat, and I didn’t even realize I was staring back at Erick from the moment I walked in. We were like two different poles of a magnet drawn to each other.“Nothing, sorry.” I apologised and sat down on the chair which just so happened to be right next to Erick.Everyone got down to business as
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Chapter 8
Alina I slowly came to when I felt cool hands touch my forehead. My eyes fluttered open, and I woke to a dimly lit room I had never been to before.“Sorry, did I wake you up?” a familiar voice asked.I looked to my right and saw Erick sitting on a chair next to the bed I was on. I only shook my head when my throat felt too dry and scratchy. Taking in my surroundings, I sat up against the headboard with Erick’s help.I was in a large room which appeared to be painted sky blue in the dim light. The lights were out, but several candles were lit in all corners of the room that gave it a warm glow. I could sense the cold sea breeze and the sounds of waves crashing on the shore, so I assumed we were somewhere near the sea. There were two large open windows with drawn curtains to let the wind in, andthe candle lights occasionally flickered with the wind but didn’t go off. I could see that it
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Chapter 9
Alina My eyes were burning.That was the first thought I woke up to. The second, however, was to realize that my eyes weren’t really burning. I opened my eyes a bit, only to shut them immediately. It was under the scrutiny of the direct sunlight coming in through the huge floor-length windows on the wall opposite to the bed.The third thing that crossed my mind was, I don’t have gigantic windows in my bedroom!Oww!I jumped up in bed, looking around the unfamiliar room to search for the source of the voice I just heard. However, all I got was a room devoid of any other humans or vampires for that matter.I could’ve sworn I heard someone talk. How come no one was here?I did talk, but it’s in your mind.Then I remembered about last night, of being escorted to the restaurant by Ryan, bumping into Erick, fainting in the bathroom, and ending up at his
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