The Royal Secret

The Royal Secret

By:  Piyaaah  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lianne Ronnenburgh is the only daughter of the Grand Duke Leandro Ronnenburgh, and is the Kingdom's third Prince's fiancè. Lianne's relationship with the third prince is known for political purposes, and it is against the poor maiden's heart since she is inlove with a knight. And on the night be

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I don't really recommend this to sensitive readers. This story contains violence, sexual abuse, drama/tragedy, and a lot more bad stuff. Also, the start can be pretty boring and updates are slow. If you still want to read, you may go ahead and enjoy if it's your cup of tea ...
2022-04-04 19:52:43
22 Chapters
Chapter 1
The agreement was to celebrate the engagement ceremony at the Ronnenburgh's residence. Many noble from different factions were invited to witness the relationship of the third Prince and the only daughter of the Grand Duke to become official.There are some who are in favor to their relationship that can benefit them, and some are against the relationship because it negatively affect their goals and influences. Lianne Ronnenburgh and the third Prince, Russel Heilsonne's relationship will truly have a big impact on all nobles."…I just don't understand, how will someone's relationship affect a lot of other people? Can't they just mind their own business?" Said Louie Ronnenburgh, the third son of the Grand Duke and twin brother of Lianne Ronnenburgh."You clearly don't understand how politics works, so stick your nose out of it. Just enjoy the food and the ball or something." Said coldly by the first son of the Grand Duke, Leandro Ronnenburgh I. He is too busy to deal
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Chapter 2
Louie never dreamt of this day to happen."Corset!! Corset, too tight!!" "That's how it is, sir Louie—I mean, Lady Lianne.""This is killing me!" He is endlessly swearing at his brother in the back of his mind. It was such a wild idea to make a man pretend to be a woman, even worse is that he have to deal with another man while pretending to be the other gender.Thus, he conclude that his brother sees him as a man with no dignity. "What a callous brother you are, Leandro." He cried to himself."Now, now Sir Louie—I mean, Lady Lianne! We need to place this wig on top of your head.""Fine, get on with it." And as the maid placed the wig on Louie's head, they were all able to see his identical appearance from his twin sister Lianne. They were all in awe seeing him dressed up beautifully."It's like I'm seeing the real Lady Lianne!" All of the maids began to sing praises and admire Louie's appearance some more until he stopped them."Oh please! We h
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Chapter 3
Louie has been taken away by Lianne's fiancè when they met. Though instead of being relieved of escaping from the ladies, he was even more intense with the Prince iby his side.'How does Lianne interact with this person? Are they even close? What should I do?!' There was a lot in his mind until the Prince spoke to him. "I sincerely apologize for dragging you away like that, Lady Lianne. I grew worried when I saw you having a hard time dealing with the other noble ladies.""I-It's certainly fine, your highness. I'm very greatful for what you have done.""Lady Lianne…" the Prince suddenly looked taken aback.Louie became nervous with that reaction, did he said something offensive to the Prince? His skin turned paler than it already was. "…usually, you don't talk whenever I speak to you. I guess we're making progress with our relationship." He gave him a little smile.'Such a kind gentleman!' Louie thought, and after learning how his sister treats this great pe
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Chapter 4
"…my engagement with Duke Ronnenberg's daughter has become official, father." The third Prince told the Emperor."I see. It is a great achievement to finally settle a connection with the Ronnenberg duchy. They have long maintained a neutral relationship with everyone, but it's good that they decided to take our side." Said the Emperor.Russel, the third Prince, expected more praise from the Emperor but that was all that was given to him. He was disappointed. 'Shouldn't establishing a connection with the Ronnenberg Family can help me take the title of crown Prince?!' He was gritting his teeth at the back of his mind."Though it's about time they take the right side. It is only rumored, but I also theorized that it was bound to happen soon." The Emperor suddenly mentioned. "Keeping their selfish neutrality in this generation for long will cost them to lose authority and influence. I was deeply troubled that one of the Empire's great duchy will lose its
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Chapter 5
It's been three days and there still no signs of Lianne, everyone in the Ronnenburgh family were starting to panic because the Prince is a few days away to discuss the other details of the marriage. "That ungreatful child, she will be the death of me!!" The Duke claimed, he was greatly anxious of the situation."Please remain calm, Father. We still have a few days before the Prince comes back to our residence." Leandro patted the back of his father, but he was just as anxious as he is, but he maintained a very calm appearance."Remain calm?! HOW THE HELL CAN I STAY CALM WITH THAT CHILD MISSING! SHE IS THE KEY FOR THE SUCCESS OF HOUSE RONNENBURGH, AND SHE IS MISSING! WHAT MUST WE DO WHEN THE PRINCE RETURNS?!"Leandro weighed his hands on his father's shoulders as he tried to assure him. "We got Louie, Father. Please don't panic too much. It is just a discussion about the plans for the marriage. It will still take a few months for the grand event to actually
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Chapter 6
The day that the Prince is expected to arrive at the Ronnenburgh's residence has come.Louie was all dolled up for this, and it impressed Leandro how he was fooled into thinking that it was the actual Lianne. "Is that really you, Lianne? Did you really came back?"His hopes crumbled down like a fragile cookie when Louie had to say it was him. "No, unfortunately. This is Louie, brother.""Ah, right. It's hard to tell the difference between identical twins after all.""Brother, I am a guy. Lianne and I have a very huge difference.""…" Leandro have lost his interest in conversing with his little brother when he had sight of the third Prince. He stands up along with Louie to greet his highness. "Welcome back to our residence, Prince Russel.""Hmm, is the Duke late? Where is he?""The Duke, unfortunately, has caught fever and common cold. So I shall temporarily stand in the place of my father to discuss about the plans for y
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Chapter 7
"IN TWO WEEKS!?" The Duke Leandro who has recovered from his fever is shocked by the terrible news. "What about Lianne? Did you not found her yet?!""I'm sorry, Father." Leandro apologized and made the Duke extremely anxious once again. The Duke started to talk badly about Lianne, of how much of an ungreatful child she is for causing thr family such big trouble.Leandro couldn't agree more with him, but he had to stop his father from further ranting. "You must refrain from stresssing yourself too much, father. You might get sick again.""I can't rest easy knowing my daughter ran away! The marriage is happening in two weeks, and we still haven't found her!!""Father, please listen—""At the very least, you should have extended the date further! Contact the prince and tell him that the marriage must take place in two—no, three months! Yes, three months!""But father, I think that's impossible. The Prince himself have set up this da
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Chapter 8
When Louie arrived at the knights training grounds, a knight approached him. "Greetings, Lady Lianne. Is there anything I can help you with?" He asked."…may I ask for an escort?""Of course, I shall bring you the most sui—""No, I'd like to have this person to escort me." Louie ordered, "I want Edmund Klein."The knight in-charge understood his order and brought him Edmund in a few minutes. When they finally meet, Edmund was too emotional. "Lady Lianne, you've come to see me!"Louie hushed the escort and whispered. "Edmund." He mentioned his name with his normal voice, and that's when Edmund realize that the person infront of him wasn't Lianne."S-Sir Louie!" His eyes widened in surprise. "May I know where's Lady Lianne?""Keep it down, Edmund. Father has strict orders not to let anyone else know about this. But I must let you know, Lianne is missing.""But… does… how come…" Edmund can't put the things he want
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Chapter 9
Louie had little time to rest while he was taking a lot of etiquette lessons. And he can't help but feel disturbed with the fact that his brother is making him into some back-up plan when Lianne isn't still found at the day of the wedding.Sometimes, the idea of running away like his sister did have crossed his mind for several times. If he did get married to the Prince, then what will happen to him? There's no mistake that the Prince will execute him for deceiving his highness, and the family Ronnenburgh won't be able to get away from this either.Just what the hell is brother Leandro thinking!? He thought."Milady, always keep in mind to never look down on your feet. You are a daughter of the Duke, so you must not lower your gaze at all times and act proud." One of the lady instructor told him. Even these people who knew of his real identity refer to him as a woman. They are literally training him to get accustomed in being a noble lady."…I'm t
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Chapter 10
Everyone's in awe at the sight of Louie. Their efforts of making him into a mesmerizing beauty is a success. "Ah, the lady is so gorgeous!""It's only natural to have this results. The lady already possess an unmatched beauty.""Like a goddess that descended from the heavens!"Despite all the insulting compliments they were telling him, Louie showed no reaction and only had this cold look in his eyes. "Please do smile, Lady Lianne. Today's your grand day, you will be wedded to the handsome Prince Russel!" One of the maid excitedly mention."Yes, the handsome Prince Russel. Many noble ladies dreams of getting married to such a fine gentleman."He slightly frowned from what the maid told him, 'If that's the case, then they should be the ones getting married to the Prince. Not me.'"But of course, with Lady Lianne's beauty, no other noble lady can beat her. She is truly the one meant to be with the Prince.""How lucky she i
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