The Dark Angel Of Merciless Deaths

The Dark Angel Of Merciless Deaths

By:  Jay_Chula  Completed
Language: English
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“I will choke you to death till you beg for me to stop but I won’t. I will make you pour out all the water left in your body with my tongue”. In a sudden and tense encounter, I found myself desperately seeking answers from him. But his silence only fueled my frustration. With emotions boiling over, I couldn't contain my anger, clenching my fist as I shot him a piercing look. Undeterred, I pressed on, demanding a response, my annoyance growing palpable. However, his explosive reaction caught me off guard, as he silenced me with a fierce command, his grip on my face sending shivers down my spine. The chilling intensity of his eyes left me paralyzed, consumed by fear. I realized I had provoked a dangerous force, a man exuding an aura of unapproachable defiance. Tears welled up as his grip tightened, and my helplessness only deepened. The emotional storm between us unveiled a side to him that was ruthless and merciless, living up to the ominous title he bore. With a final, venomous word, he tore away a bandage and stormed out, leaving me to grapple with the unsettling encounter that had just unfolded.

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Vikash Stationary
This book has so many twists that's why I'm hooked and also I'm loving the chemistry between Olga and Antonio. Keep up the good work author ^⁠_⁠^
2023-09-02 20:08:16
user avatar
I realized there was a little mix-up in some chapters. I have edited them all. If you have already added my book to your library, please remove it and re-add it. I apologize for the inconvenience this might cause. Thank you!
2023-08-18 19:33:51
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Delinda Schumacher
92 chapters 8-1-23
2023-08-02 10:33:14
default avatar
An amazing book so far! I love the charaterz. please more chapters aurtjor
2023-06-05 14:23:31
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Elin Kähäri
Coulde be a really good book whith a littel clean up and a REAL ending becours that ending was NOT the way you end a book!
2023-11-26 00:19:42
126 Chapters
Chapter one
“сократить его!” My father's voice rumbled with a menacing tone, his right hand coiled behind him, a cigarette precariously clinging to his parched lips.I winced as I looked on, watching Andrei—also known as the "six"—utilize a pair of pliers to extract the teeth of the captured Mexican spy. The sheer sound of his agonizing scream reverberated in my ears, causing me to press myself against the wall, almost melding into its surface. My entire body quivered with a mixture of fear and revulsion, yet the idea of leaving didn't even cross my mind. The memory of my previous attempt to escape a scene like this was all too vivid, marked by the thirty lashes Father delivered to my bare back with a whip. The pain lingered for over a week, a constant reminder of my disobedience.As blood spurted from the Mexican spy's mouth, mingling with his whimpers, he tilted his head in anguish, momentarily bowing it down. The room was charged with tension, heavy with the palpable agony that permeated every
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Chapter two
"Why!?" I collapsed onto the floor, tears streaming down my cheeks, mercilessly smearing my makeup. The weight of the announcement crushed me, leaving me broken and vulnerable. I hurriedly rushed up to my room, the door quaking as I slammed it shut, a feeble attempt to shield myself from the world's harsh reality. Even amidst the solitude of my room, the pain seemed to seep through every pore.Dima's persistent knocks echoed through the door, each one a reminder of the tangled emotions I was trying to navigate. Yet, I couldn't bring myself to answer. I lowered myself onto the cool floor, my dress fanned out around me like a shattered dream. How could a father barter his own flesh and blood in such a manner? My mind was a whirlwind of confusion, a maelstrom of questions with answers seemingly lost in the abyss."Olga! Open the door," my mother's voice called out from the other side, imploring me to relent. Although my instinct screamed to remain hidden, I knew that denying her would onl
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Chapter three
The brilliant, luminous beams of the sun cascaded relentlessly onto my face, casting an unusual radiance that felt almost foreign in the context of Moscow, Russia. Typically enveloped in a blanket of snow, the city rarely witnessed such intense sunlight. The cold, though not biting, clung to the air as I groaned, compelled to awaken from my slumber. With a languid stretch, I hoisted myself from the comfort of the bed, my knuckles cracking in a satisfying rhythm, and a yawn escaping my mouth in an almost exaggerated display of morning awakening.Seated on the edge of the bed, I reached out to retrieve my phone, which rested atop the bed head. The device yielded to my touch as I pressed the button to bring it to life. Instantly, my gaze gravitated toward the digital calendar, and there it was, April 12th, 2020, etched onto the screen. My heart fluttered, for this date marked not only the calendar's progression but also signified a mere two months remaining until the inevitable culminatio
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Chapter four
Alas, it was a special day. When I mean special day, I don’t mean my special day, I mean the special day for Father because he was the one very enthusiastic for today. Yes, you are right, it was my wedding and also my birthday. It was the 12th of June. Though my birthdays weren’t really celebratory, at least I never had a grimace on my face like I did now. “You look so gorgeous” Anya, my favorite aunt, exhilarated into my ears. Anya is Fathers sister but then she's nothing like father. She is cheerful and one of the people that understood my feelings. She flew all the way from Switzerland to attend my wedding. At least she was fortunate enough to leave the Bratva and marry a normals. He was a businessman and trust me, I envy her. “She sure does. She is so fortunate” Alina, one of my distant aunts also complimented. Explaining how we both are connected would take forever because I too don’t know completely but all I know was that she was from fathers side. “Fortunate you say!?” I sn
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Chapter five
Ironically, it was the Mexicans as I thought. It was Father. The Lucas were on their feet with their guns pulled out from their holsters. Hearts racing and peace shattered. I was in awe and befuddled as well and pondered on what it was Father wanted to achieve by causing a fight at my wedding. “Calm down people, it’s only our tradition to shoot a gun to the sky and indicate celebration” he chuckled as he walked straight back on the aisle, directed at the altar. I didn’t even notice when he left his seat. Antonio’s eyes were cold and the same was that of the others. This time around, I couldn’t help but be tense. Antonio had no emotions on his face. He stood stoic and unperturbed. There was silence amongst all. Sir Luca advanced Father with coldness. There was something about the way he walked that cringed me. I only hoped this didn’t end in a blood bath. I knew of weddings that ended up in a bloodbath and most certainly I didn’t want mine to end that way. Hating Antonio and the all
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Chapter 6
Silence, silence was all I got. I lay on the bed and watched him take a few seconds at the door. His height was magnificent and well noticeable as he started coming deeper into the room. I lowered my eyes instantly and pretended to be busy with my dress while I sat on the bed. Minutes passed and the silence still lingered. I found it hard to stare at him nor had I changed from my wedding gown. For minutes he came in, he was busy on his iPad. I clicked my fingers together firmly and tried to control my breath which was razz and unsteady. I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable in the wedding dress. I needed to change my dress but standing up was the problem. I breathed hard and shut my eyes. Abruptly, I flipped them open and I shot myself off the bed. Antonio and I spontaneously stood up at the same time. Our eyes locked and my lipsShook but not a word came out.“Go first” he growled. I waited so long to hear his voice. It was weird but I still wanted to hear it. I shook my head in dis
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Chapter 7
“Oh my gosh! What did you just do? Why did you hurt yourself?” I couldn’t control how I felt. My legs were very weak and my heart pummeled like never before. The cut was large and blood continued dropping on the white bedsheet.There was one thing I couldn’t u see stand and that is the fact that Antonio remained calm and collected even while his hand was dripping with blood. It was more like he felt no pain at all. His eyes darted at me still with an overwhelming scowl.“Stop screaming!” He growled under a low tone his eyes carrying no emotion. He seemed stoic and I moved by the pain that came with the cut or probably felt no pain at all. My body urged me to move close to him to have a clearer view of the cut which was steadily filled with blood. “How do you expect me to stop screaming!? Where is your first aid kit?” I quizzed and acted uneasy. He looked at me and gave me the look of “You are overreacting”. I didn’t understand what was going on.I moved and was about to head to the
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Chapter 8
I woke up the next morning with heavy eyes. I could barely sleep all through the night because I was scared that perhaps Antonio might change his mind and try to take advantage of me. I finally flipped my eyes open after a swift yawn. I was backing the side where Antonio lay. I slowly rolled over and peeped with my eyes slightly open. I didn’t see him in the bed. My eyes broadened instantly. I looked around the room but I couldn’t see him. There was some form of relief that overwhelmed me. I heaved a sigh and folded my legs on the bed. I hurled them up and wrapped my hands around my kneecaps. I was sentenced to a life of penury and it just started. I stood up from the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I felt a little nauseous due to the whole ceremony. I wasn’t used to it and it took a toll on me. I entered the shower and took my bath. I was done in minutes. I grabbed one of the white towels in the drawers and stepped out. My heart kissed multiple beats as I entered the r
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Chapter 9
“Olga..”Dima moaned as he enfolded his hands around my midriff while we kissed. I had missed him so much and his touch. “I miss you”I moaned, while still latching lips with him. His breath swelled heavily on me. Our bodies clung firmly together with each other. He continued pushing me backwards slowly as we continued kissing till he launched me to the wall where I could not move further. He broke away from the kissing and stared into my eyes with a cunning smile. I reciprocated! “You look beautiful!” He eulogized and placed his right hand on my neck calmly. His fingers jangled around my ear till he trapped the tip of my hair. “I don’t want you to go! How can I live my life without you Olga! Just tell me how!?”his countenance immediately switched from a hearty one to a heavy and broken one. His eyes narrowed at me intently and tears filled them. “ I don’t know what to do babe! I don’t know” the tears I was managing to hold back crawled right out once more. “No no, don’t do that” he
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Chapter 10
“I, Antonio Luca, do solemnly swear my undying loyalty to this organization, the familia, and its traditions. I vow to protect its secrets and preserve its honor until my last breath” Antonio took the oath of loyalty and responsibility in a firm and determined voice.We were in a separate room in the Luca's mansion. We reached Sicily, Italy and immediately the high-ranking of the Familia filed into a separate room to crown Antonio as the new Capo Dei Capi. Though it was meant for just the High ranking, Antonio insisted that I follow in with him. I was so spooked because I had never been in such a presence. I stood behind Antonio in the dim lighted room that was crammed with symbols of power and loyalty like the crest of authority, ceremonial weapons and a large family tree. It was quite murky so I couldn’t clearly see the pictures on it. Antonio raised his right hand and formed a clenched fist and said. “I swear to lead with wisdom, strength, and fairness. I will make decisions that
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