The Demon's Call (ENGLISH)

The Demon's Call (ENGLISH)

By:  MyMischievous_M  Completed
Language: English
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Majesty Greyish Lux is a detective who wants to unfold the truth about the crime that happened 10 years ago. Her first love got murdered and she was the only witness. But after 10 years the murderer is still unknown to her. She never saw the face of the man who murdered her first love so she chose to be a detective to find the culprit. But in finding the murderer behind Reybert Smith’s death she met a mysterious man. But the thing is she always sees the man in the dark whenever there’s a crime happening around. Being a curious cat she searches about the man and it made her more confused when she learned that the man has no identity. No birth certificate. It made her think that the man is very strange and different among other men.But everything changes when she starting to know the man whose name was Dark Hades. She started to worry; she started to fall in love in the mysterious man. But everything crumpled down when she found out the truth.This is Dark Hades call. He only comes out when there’s death. He only comes out when there’s evil and blood. Because death and darkness are always the demon’s call.

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Moli m
good one. very nice Book
2023-08-14 00:26:58
28 Chapters
Disclaimer!This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places events and incidents are only the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to the actual persons, living or dead, actual events are purely coincidental.There is no soft copy of this story. Plagiarism is CRIME!-MyMischievous_M(Warning: There's a typographical and grammatical error ahead so bear with the author because she's still learning and trying to be better day by day.)SYNOPSIS:Majesty Greyish Lux is a detective who wants to unfold the truth about the crime that happened 10 years ago. Her first love
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PROLOGUEIt is happy to think that everything is going back to normal. My dad got a new job, my mom is now healed and fine now. It means we won’t leave anymore. I won’t miss Reybert anymore. I could stay here forever with him! Reybert is my long time crush. He was way older than me. I’m just 10 years old and he is already 18 years old but like what everybody says, ‘age doesn’t matter’. So whatever my friends says I don’t care as long as he’s with me. He always makes my cheeks blush and making me feel excited. He always looks at me with his beautiful eyes. He is a man that every girl could ever dream of. But I am happy that I am the only girl he allows to be with him. “Maj! Where are you going?” my mom shouted as I walked down the stairs. My hair is properly made up and my dress is very neat right now. I should look beautiful because Reybert wants to see me! He said that there’s something important he wants to tell me.
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CHAPTER 1: PERSON“Detective Lux.” I stopped typing on my laptop when someone calls me. My brows furrowed and turn my head to see who it is. And when I saw the police officer that I summoned I smiled and sign him to be seated. “Thank you for accepting my invitation, officer.” I said politely. “It’s okay, I have many time to spare.” he said. I nodded and sat down on my chair right in front of him. I compiled all the papers that contains the file of the investigations I have to do right now. I summoned this police officer to ask a few questions regarding in the fraud investigation that my superior gave me.“So let’s start. According to the investigation that you had you interviewed the people involved?” I asked.“Yes.” he nodded. “What did they said?” I asked curiously.“Mr. Rosario’s mother told us that it was been a week since her son w
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CHAPTER 2: The Black HoodyI feel like my head is tearing apart because of the headache I’m feeling. It’s already midnight but I couldn’t sleep. What happened earlier makes my mind clouded. Was it just my hallucination? I stared at the flash drive on my study table. I asked a copy of the CCTV footage and it’s all inside of that flash drive. I sighed heavily and stood up. I sat in front of my study table and turned my laptop on. I held the flash drive and put it in the USB port.I manipulated my laptop and open the files where the footage is. I heaved a deep sigh while opening the video. But after watching it simultaneously there’s no man in a black hoody came out!I was just hallucinating!?I sighed heavily and closed my eyes. Majesty stop thinking about non sense things! You have piled up cases that you need to solve but you just keep thinking about the man in a hoody jacket?Morning came and I fee
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CHAPTER 3: Dark HadesMy brows furrowed as I staring at the guy who was standing right in front of me. I couldn’t see his eyes because the hoody he was wearing is covering his face. The wind blew between us but I remained looking at his tall and masculine figure. My heart is beating faster as well. I can’t help but to think that there is a reason why he’s now here. If I am not mistaken he was the guy I saw in the CCTV footage. “Who…are you?” I asked. I saw how his head move. My heart is thumping so fast because I am so eager to see his face. I want to see his face and even though I’m not familiar with him I have great feeling that he is somehow connected in this case.I stepped forward but I stop when my cell phone rung. I looked at my phone and I saw attorney An’s name. I press the answer button and put it on my ear.“Hello?” i asked.“Detective Lux? I heard that you went back to the dump sit
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CHAPTER 4: His name“Dark Hades…is my name.”I couldn’t help but be amazed at his face. I am so mesmerized that I couldn’t find the right words to say. I didn’t know that there is a person that could be this handsome. How is it possible?I was taken abacked when he suddenly walk towards me. I didn’t know what to do so I unconsciously step backwards. “W-Why did…you run away the last time…we saw each other?” I nervously asked. I’ve never been this nervous before. It’s a different form of nervousness. I am nervous not because I feel in danger but because of his presence. His different presence.He stared at my eyes that I almost choked on my own words. Damn! Why am I like this over a man? I cannot believe this!“Because it wasn’t yet the time.” My brows shot up at what he said.“What do you mean?” I asked confused. He craned her neck like he wants to examine my w
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CHAPTER 5: CoffeeI slowly walk towards him. He is standing at the entrance so I have to come nearer to talk to him. When I we got nearer to each other I pulled his hand and dragged him outside where there’s no people that could see us.“Did you already know what happened?” I asked confused. Impossible! Is it just coincidental that he went here while an incident was happening?He just looked at me with his serious eyes. He was so tall that I still need to look up to him to see his eyes. I stepped backwards and stared at him suspiciously. “How did you know that it would happen?” I asked. But I got irritated when he didn’t say anything.“Why couldn’t you answer me?!” I asked mad. “You need me right?” my eyebrow waggled. I was taken aback at what he asked.“What do you mean?” I asked a bit distant.“Since you need me you can’t ask too many
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CHAPTER 6: IncidentThe only thing that I could tell is…it was so awkward!Damn! I was the only one who’s drinking the coffee and he was just there sitting in front of me while staring! Damn! It was so weird and my damn heart almost went out of my chest.He’s so weird!“Are you sure you don’t want anything?” I asked after I sipped on my coffee. Because it’s almost midnight the customers of this café is wasn’t that crowded.“How many times did you ask that already?” he raised a brow. I blinked twice and I feel so embarrassed! How many times do I have to embarrass myself in front of him?“It’s just weird…that I am the only one who’s drinking the coffee.” I said slowly. I looked away and just sipped on my cup. I am totally felt so awkward. I didn’t know him that much but I can tell the he’s not an ordinary person like the others. There is something in him that’s different.
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CHAPTER 7: The past“Another incident has occurred…” he whispered. My eyes widened and because of shock I pushed him away and look at him with my eyes narrow. “D-Dark? What are you doing here?” I asked a bit nervous of his sudden presence. I’m not ready to see him yet but no one knows how much I also want to see him. I’m weird right?“There’s…a car accident happened.” He said while staring at me with his mysterious eyes. I looked away and I heard the loud siren of the ambulance approaching. So it was true? There’s an accident? “That’s why you’re here?” I asked unconvinced. He nodded and looked at me. I sighed heavily and walk towards my car I glanced at Dark who was just watching me. I am really trembling at his eyes. There’s a part of me that wants his eyes for me but there’s also a part of me that I didn’t want it. “You won’t get in, right?” I asked him while opening my door of t
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CHAPTER 8: VanishI can’t believe that I actually remember where I first saw that tattoo. I can’t be mistaken. I saw that tattoo on Reybert’s wrist. I immediately stood up and took all the old files of Reybert’s case. I hid it in here in my office. When I found it I open the pages where the police recorded his transactions. They did not suspect this transaction because they thought it just part of Reybert’s vulcanizing shop but I wasn’t convinced that it was just like that.I checked all the files and I saw that most of his transactions are always named by Eric Garner. My eyebrows furrowed as I read every details of it. It says rubber export. I heaved a deep sigh and stared at the name Eric Garner. I searched him on the Social Medias but there are so many results. But one thing caught my attention.There’s a man who’s so familiar to me. I clicked his profile picture and my eyes widened when I remembered his face!Th
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