The Disreputable Duke

The Disreputable Duke

By:  Rosslyn Scott  Completed
Language: English
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Jasper Neyve has an excellent reputation...for breaking hearts. He has everything money could buy, the girls, the cars, and the properties. The only trouble is Jasper was in desperate need of the one thing he didn't want - a wife. Ellie Fox is carefully holding the pieces of her shattered heart. She had been lied to and cheated upon by the man she wanted to marry. Trying to forget the past she changes her world and her new job brings her into contact with the biggest Lothario of them all.

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76 Chapters
                                                            Disreputable                                  Adjective:  Not respectable in character or appearance.                                                        "This is BBC Radio 4 and here is the news read by Chris Aldridge.""The artist son of The Duke of Shettleham, Jasper Neyve, who is the Marquis Prybourn was photographed by the press early this morning rescuing a runaway horse at the gates of Hyde Park. It seemed that the rescue happened on the spur of the moment as Marquis Prybourn was naked except for a
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 AudacityNoun: Rude or disrespectful behaviour. 
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Inside, the whitewashed church of St James was cold, and the glare of the sun against the walls was excruciating for Jasper, who had forgotten to bring dark glasses.  As funerals go, it was going well enough. Jasper slumped in the family pew of the village church, breathing slowly and trying to keep nausea at bay.  He spent most of the service with his eyes closed until his mother elbowed him in the ribs to tell him that it was his turn to do the reading. Jasper stood up and sightly staggering because the sun shining through the stained glass window hit right in his eye, or so he told himself. He walked towards the ancient and straightforward pulpit. He was so tired his eyes were half-closed, which is why he half tripped up the steps to the pulpit. The silence was broken by coughs which spread across the church and muffled giggles at the back of the church. In the pulpit, Jasper's eyes narrowed sharply, and he glared towards the sound of the giggl
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Life Model
Jasper watched the girl as she looked around his studio. He was furious that she was late but relieved that she had turned up. He stared at her, what the fuck was she wearing? The cheap and poorly fitting navy business suit seemed odd for her to wear. His life models came dressed in more bohemian and usually very sexy clothing, depending on their age. He stood quietly, waiting for her to notice him. She'd not heard him come through the door from the roof garden, probably due to Mick Jagger belting out 'Start Me Up' which must have covered the sound of his footsteps.He studied her again she might look as if she had dressed in a skip, but she was beautiful, classically beautiful. Jasper was Grace Kelly but with rich conker coloured hair, which unfortunately was scraped back into a precise bun. He wanted her hair down the curls cascading over her shoulders. Jasper couldn't see much of her figure; it was lost in that awful suit. She was slim though, and of average h
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Ellie's First Week
During that first week, Ellie settled in quickly and true to his word Jasper stayed mainly in the studio painting while Ellie familiarized herself with the house and the other people who worked there. Mrs Blakeney, or Betty, was the head of the cleaning staff at the London house. Betty was a fierce cockney who refused to hear a bad word about Jasper."Don't you take any notice of what it says in the papers." She grumbled one morning after she had seen a report in the Daily Mail of all the women who had been in his life."'Neyve of Hearts' indeed, he's just a boy doing what boys should at his age," she scoffed. "He just hasn't found the right one yet, and I know" she lowered her voice "that he doesn't believe in divorce." Betty marched out of the kitchen, "How dare they say undignified things about Jasper." she muttered as she went back up the stairs.Ellie glanced at the paper. There was nearly a full page of headshots of women. Some were members of the aristocr
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The Real Ellie Fox
"Ahh there you are," Jasper said as he poked his head around the door to Ellie's office. He hung on the door half in the room and half out waiting while she finished typing.She was up and working already, and it was only just eight o'clock.Where else would she be? Ellie thought as she looked up from her typing. 
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Jasper sprawled on the sofa in his study, he'd left the door ajar, and he could hear Ellie moving about opening the filing cabinets and gently humming a tune. She had the afternoon off, and she wasn't even supposed to be in there.He should tell her to get out of that suit put her jeans back on, and that sexy shirt that showed off those gorgeous breasts, and he would make sketches of her. He would paint her wrapped in his ducal blue velvet robe, which would spill open to reveal her delicious creamy skin and just the edge, or maybe one, of her raspberry coloured nipples. He wouldn't want too much showing there had to be something left to the imagination. He wondered if she waxed, did she have a landing strip like Georgie, which he always thought looked ridiculous, trimmed to within a millimetre of its life. What Ellie needed was a small neat triangle of silky curls. Or nothing at all. Jasper closed his eyes as he imagined his hands running up the smooth contours o
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The Club
It was dark in the club, dark and noisy, well, it was Friday night how else was it supposed to be? Jasper had almost changed his mind on the way over to the club. The only reason he had come was to have sex, get his rocks off and get Ellie out of his mind, and now even that had lost its allure. He made small conversation with Tom on the way over here, though he hadn't apologised for losing his temper. Tom was weird like that; he was a typical Hooray-Henry. Tom was an Honorable. His father had been made a Lord for services to the community or some such thing. Tom had taken his Honorable title to heart, and he enjoyed people bowing and scraping before him. It just made Jasper feel uncomfortable, but he was born into it, so he didn't take much notice and unless people made a big deal out of calling him 'Your Grace' he never really bothered. He got a couple of beers from the bar, and he knew it wouldn't be long before Tom would be ordering champagne, well let h
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Ellie tossed and turned until midnight when she woke up and discovered that she was still dressed. Ellie staggered, still half asleep, to the bathroom, she pulled her suit off and made the usual comforting process of cleaning her face and brushing her teeth. Pulling her nightdress on, giving her hair a final brush Ellie got back into bed. The conversation she had heard, played over and over in her mind. She was painfully aware of the saying that eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves. Well, that wasn't entirely true, what they had said about her was all very good they thought she was gorgeous, it's what they wanted to do to her that made her feel sick. It was so embarrassing as well that Jasper had seen her, why hadn't he said anything? The thought made her blush, and she was so suddenl
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This Pillow Breathes.
"Goodnight mate," Jasper handed the taxi driver twenty pounds, he had always liked chatting to taxi drivers, they had an excellent communication system. They knew everything that was going on in town. In the back of the cab they had had a good chat about a couple of famous chefs, people tended to let the public facade slip when they were in the back of a cab, and Jasper had just discovered that one of them was having a torrid affair with a someone he knew. He ran up the front steps and let himself into the house.  He'd left Tom at the club, he was having a good time with the Charlie, but he had made his excuses to Samantha and came home. He went down to the kitchen, should he have another beer or just a coffee? He put the kettle on and was getting a clean mug from the dishwasher. He needed to review his notes for this lunch meeting tomorrow. There were much better places to build a bypass. He was pouring the water into his mug when he heard a noise. He walked to th
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