Chapter 2344 Desire to Share

Clayton pursed his lips. “Mr. Churchill, I’d like to thank you for taking care of Nicole during this time. I heard that the project went well?”

Euan paused and changed the subject.

“Yes, indeed. The government has created some policies to support the reconstruction of the area after the earthquake, so it went smoother than expected. Now, the project has started to make a profit...”

They had a pleasant meal.

In the end, Clayton was not bothered to listen to Euan’s drunken talk, so he stood up and went to the window to get some fresh air.

Nicole sat there patiently and looked at Euan with a smile.

Euan was a chatterbox and could talk with any woman with ease.

In the end, Euan glanced at Clayton and looked away.

He leaned forward cautiously and said, “Ms. Stanton, I heard gossip two days ago. Do you want to know what it is?”


“I’ll tell you anyway. A buddy of mine saw Eric Ferguson in the hospital two days ago. Do you know what he was doing? He was donating blood!”

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