Chapter 2345 Cousin

Nicole and Clayton walked slowly for about forty minutes before they arrived at the high-end community where they lived.

Clayton was not tired as he pushed Nicole and chatted with her.

When they walked to the door, the security guard inside ran out to greet them.

Clayton lowered his head and asked her, “Do you want some water?”

After chatting the whole journey, Nicole was really thirsty, so she nodded.

Clayton went to the security room to get water.

Nicole sat in a wheelchair and looked around. The scenery was beautiful and peaceful.

In the distance, a tall and thin man was walking a Samoyed heading toward Nicole.

When the Samoyed saw Nicole, it wanted to run over to her.

The man was dragged over as he cursed at his dog.

Nicole could not help but laugh. The man looked familiar to her. He was probably a resident here.

The man was surprised to see Nicole. He smiled and said, “Ms. Stanton, what a coincidence! Are you feeling unwell?”

Nicole smiled as if nothing was wrong and l
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Patricia Hardin
Why does this book keep stopping and making me wait saying to be continued at the top of the page and the next day the book was back and I had more to read I knew when I was reading it should be more to the story but it was just like it stopped and said to be continued…. Then it was back ….
goodnovel comment avatar
It is over for Eric and Nicole and has been since Nicole discovered Clayton before Chatty was born. I personally am really enjoying Clayton and Nicole! They belong together and are the perfect couple. Eric was never right for Nicole, hence their failed marriage.
goodnovel comment avatar
Tricia Lewis
Why??? Smh nice guy but NO NO NO keep hope alive E

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