The Extraordinary Luna

The Extraordinary Luna

By:  Alexandra Heart  Ongoing
Language: English
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Edith Sherwood is an orphan girl who is strict and idealistic. She ran for chairman of the student committee at her school. Her path to victory is cut short when Edith discovers that she is nine months pregnant. How did that happen? Edith was the only ordinary human being, as she knew herself. She went to a special school for werewolves. Edith hasn't gone through puberty for the past 5 years and thinks she's fine. Who would have thought that a one-night stand with Seth Tinley McKirby, a popular bad boy at her school, would lead to her anomalous pregnancy? --- "For what? I don't want to deal with you anymore, Seth! So go and leave me alone, and then just assume that nothing has ever happened between us!" Edith snapped. "I will be responsible. You are pregnant, and the child in your womb is my child." "I really hate you, Seth!" Seth felt awry. "I want to set something straight. Edith, I love you, and I will wait until you give all of your heart to me," Seth insisted. --- The anomalous pregnancy leads Edith to the truth about her identity. Her past and supernatural abilities are slowly revealed, leading Edith to her destiny with Seth and their baby. How can she improve her destiny?

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Rika Wai
The story is interesting, so curious
2023-07-18 23:55:28
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Mia Atraisateapark
I'll wait for the next chapter...
2023-06-18 17:13:56
76 Chapters
Chapter 1 Turn to You
[Now or never!] [Oh...just shut up! I'm working on it!] He stepped confidently to approach the girl after the voice inside him told him to. His heart was turbulent, like there was an invisible thread binding him with this girl. The symptoms appeared exactly a month ago when he was set to be the future Alpha on the Red Crescent Moon pack. He felt a magic that attracted him like gravity when he saw the girl's green eye beads. His heartbeat was thumping with excitement because he wanted the girl so badly. Already, he was moving slowly in her direction. Her shoulder-length blonde hair flowed beautifully as she walked. Instead of staring at her way, the girl was glued to the phone screen that was in her hand. She was watching the polling for the election of the school committee chairman at Abberforth High School in Surrey. He cleared his throat and greeted the girl, “Hi, Edith!” She immediately became scattered because of a whisper heard by her ears. The whisper. She didn't want to h
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Chapter 2 Misery
“What are you talking about, Seth?” asked Edith. "Both of you. You and the baby who are in your womb right now." Like being struck by lightning at the day, that's Edith felt at this moment. She assumed that what she had just heard was wrong. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Thinking hard to digest all these situation. Edith opened her eyes and asked, "I thought you were wrong, Seth! I'm not pregnant. So I ask you, do you want to set me up again?" Seth shook his head and looked back with a look of sincerity at Edith. She became a different person at this time. But Edith remained vigilant, she didn't want to fall into the same pit twice. "I only found out today. The doctor just told me what happened to you. You are pregnant and your gestational age is nine months at this time." "This doesn't make sense. The doctor must be wrong! How could this happened?" "Edith, wait! Goddamn it!" Edith hurried to leave the infirmary. She ignored the voice calling her. She wanted to run
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Chapter 3 The Yellow Eyes
"Finally!" A man was staring at the full moon shining brightly from the window. He wiped the corner of his lip that was still wet with fresh blood with his thumb. He turned around and looked at an old man who was sitting tied to a wooden chair. "I apologise, old man! Although I detest doing it, I am unable to stop now. I believe that sleeping will improve your comfort. The second time won't hurt at all, I assure you. He had bloodshot pupils and stared deeply at the old man. He made his way towards the elderly man while smirking at him. A pair of fangs appeared when his face was level with the elderly man. "Hmmph..." The elderly man mumbled indistinctly as his mouth was covered in duct tape. "Do you have anything to say for the last time?" the man asked as he raised one eyebrow. The young man's question was answered with a nod of his head by the elderly man. The duct tape on his mouth had come off and he said, "Have mercy on this old man, son! I won't tell anyone about this!" Unf
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Chapter 4 One Step Closer
As Seth watched Edith leave him, he was unable to keep her in his car. As a result, he could only remain silent as he watched her walk away from him. The guilt overcame him, making him powerless. He longed to hold Edith, but was too afraid to accept the fact that she would hate him even more. Seth gasped, his sense of smell catching an unfamiliar scent. The scent of a wolf, but he did not recognise it. The wolf was not from this neighbourhood. His gaze was already drawn towards the forest on the side of the road. Seth searched in the darkness, trying to find and be alert. Up ahead, Edith was walking alone! Seth got out of the car. He could already hear the rustling sound of leaves and branches being trampled. He looked up to the sky, the moon was already shining fully, casting its light on the earth. His body was already shaking violently, the pores of his skin had turned into light brown hairs. The nails on his hands and feet that were originally white and short in size, instantly l
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Chapter 5 Choice
Seth looked at Edith who was lying facing him. Her face looked pale, almost the same color as her blond hair. Fatigue graced her face, but it did not diminish her natural beauty. Seth convinces himself that he will change to become more responsible for Edith and his future child, and is immediately curious. Seth whispered, "Edith, have you really slept?" "Not yet, what else is there, Seth?" "Can I touch your belly?" Edith opened her eyes and fell silent. He looked at Seth and tried to understand Seth's question sentence. Not to mention that she had to accept that at this time she was in the presence of that man. He hated this kind of situation, but he brushed it off and succumbed to the situation. Edith would let one part of her body be slightly touched by the guy. Edith's green eye bead penetrated Seth's defense, just like that night. He felt blood rushing all over his body. His blood vessels felt dilated as if to support his blood flow. His body began to tremble violently. Seth
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Chapter 6 Complicated Heart
Edith was sitting on the sofa. Her eyes were looking straight ahead at a wolf that was gallantly standing on all four of its legs. All the fur on its body was brown, just as she had seen it last night. What made it seem even more strange to her at this point was that the wolf had the same colour of eyes as Seth's. It must be that she is having a dream right now. Edith slapped her cheek and it hurt! There was a hint of redness on her pale face. Edith felt her head become dizzy. All the objects in the room seemed to be spinning. Edith tried not to close her eyes, but it was no use as her grip on the sofa began to loosen as the darkness blocked her vision. Edith awoke to feel an intense warmth in her palms. She saw Seth asleep in a chair, holding her white hands. Edith touched Seth's face with one of her free hands. "If only you were different, maybe I wouldn't hate you." Seth was startled by the touch to his face. He opened his eyes to see Edith staring at him fiercely. "I want my
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Chapter 7 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
She had recently heard that Seth would not touch her without her permission, or perhaps Edith might have assumed that Seth was trying to show his good intentions in an effort to make things better. Edith could sense his earnestness as he kissed her forehead. Because there would be no conflict between them, each option would sound better. Throughout her pregnancy, Edith wanted to foster a positive atmosphere because she was sick of their frequent squabbling. Edith suddenly remembered the black wolf she had previously encountered in the woods. The wolf was built similarly to Seth. It couldn't have been that enormous if it had been an ordinary wolf. "Seth, did that black wolf I saw look like you too?" "Yes." "Did you recognise him?" "No." “Do wolves prey on humans?" Seth chuckled. The man laughed so hard at Edith's query that he even covered his lips. Edith scowled while believing her remarks to be accurate. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mock you. Just because your inquiry is so
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Chapter 8 Threat
Edith was walking in the yard with Seth. Edith looked like she was talking to herself because Seth was just staring at her, but every nod and shake of the head from Seth meant every question Edith asked her. "To be honest, I'm happier to see you as a wolf than your human form. I’m sorry to trouble you, I don’t know why I asked you to turn into a wolf.” A new confession from her mouth made Seth walk around Edith. After turning around, the wolf approached Edith and put his head close to Edith's shoulder. Edith rubbed the brown wolf fur nape who was now sitting on her hind legs. Edith suddenly felt the look in Seth's eyes change. His gaze looked blank for a moment and returned to the initial mode into a look full of vigilance. Seth shifted into a human and speaks, "Go inside! I have to go, there’s something to take care of." Edith covered her face. She didn't want to see Seth who wasn't wearing a single piece of clothing to cover his body at this time. "Seth, put your clothes on!"
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Chapter 9 Supernatural Creatures
Edith and Seth are in the garden. They sat on benches under the tree just to get away from the noise and cynical gazes of the female students. Facing negative attacks from the whole school made Edith very sad, she didn't want any of this to happen to her. “I'm not who they claim I am. Why do they treat me that way?” Edith whispered. ”After all, we can't control what they say, therefore they just don't know what happened. You don't need to prove anything to them, so stop listening to them. They'll always be rotter. I'm here for you, Edith. There will likely be a one-on-one fight after the simple milk beaten.” "Please, Seth, don't! I do not want that to occur simply because I am arguing with others,” Edith pleaded. “They aren't even truly humans, Edith. Everyone in the school is a werewolf; only you are truly human.” "What? So that's why you play pranks on them often and they never fight back, and that's also why you treated me this way, right? “They do envy you, yes. It was an ord
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Chapter 10 Unconscious
"Doctor Ashley, are you able to come to my house now? Edith fainted, I don't know why... she is like possessed... Okay, I'm waiting!" Seth ended his phone call with Doctor Ashley. Seth was still looking at Edith who was lying on the bed. He remembered very well how Edith became a different person. The girl floated with a bluish aura glowing around her body. The look on her face full of anger was clearly printed at that time. Seth clearly saw Edith's aura. It was supernatural things. Supernatural beings like him can feel supernatural elements from other creatures. What's more, he is a werewolf, his overall senses are even more sensitive many times than human. He had only ever seen a few wizards with white and black auras. White aura for wizards with white magic elements and black aura for wizards with black magic elements. From the data Seth has about Edith, she is not from the wizarding lineage. Seth touched Edith's hand, so cold and pale. The quilt covering her body was already t
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