The Gift Of Love: A Forbidden Love Story

The Gift Of Love: A Forbidden Love Story

By:  Nollawrites  Ongoing
Language: English
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At the ripe age of Nineteen, Adeline Matthews had Lost her father, who happens to be the only family she had. After the death of her father, she is tasked to look for her mother, the one she never knew she had. She gets thrown to her mother's world, where she meets her new family; her husband

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Ollawa Ngozi
please update, What happens next?
2022-03-10 01:59:45
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Ollawa Ngozi
Nicely written ...
2022-03-10 01:58:56
user avatar
Captivating plot ...
2022-03-09 04:58:51
9 Chapters
Episode 1
She stood at the base of her bed packing the rest of her stuff. Not that she had much anyways. The good stuffs she once had were all sold out to raise money for her father’s treatment. It was only on her Father’s deathbed, that she found out, the mother she thought was dead in 19 years of her life was alive and well. Somewhere in another country, with her new family. Her father was a government worker, that earned about 60,000 Naira, monthly. Although, the money was small. It was still good enough, for the both of them. Due to the sudden ill-health, her father’s savings was used for his Cancer treatment and the little that remained was given to her in hope that she would find her mother. She did a quick scan around the place, seeming as though she wanted to burn the picture of the place she once called home, to memory.There was nothing holding her back though. She had neither friends nor family. She was 5’4ft tall, with earthy brown eyes,
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Episode 2
"Mom, who is she and why is did she call you, mother?" the seven-year-old Lucas asked in confusion as he peered at his mother.Grace Luther, broke out of her daze, hearing her son's question. She strokes his head before patting him on the back. "Go to your room, Lucas. I have something to discuss with her." The little boy gazed at the both of them before turning around to walk to his room.After that, she turns to Adeline and beckons her, "follow me."  Adeline followed closely behind her as they entered a room that looks like an office. "Sit." she gestures to the couch while taking a sit by the desk. "So, tell me. Why are you here? Is your father here with you?" Grace stared hard at her while attacking with questions.  For the first time, since the burial of her Papa, her eyes glisten with tears at the mention of him. she blinked hard to stop the tears from falling. "He is dead."&n
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Episode 3
After breakfast, Madeline went ahead and entered the car, with Adeline following closely behind her. When She saw this, she turned her head with a scowl before saying, "let's go." Grace Luther had her driver send them to the Mall, personally. Madeline was feeling annoyed for having to take 'this cousin' shopping. She quietly left her side, thinking she would embarrass herself, and went ahead to shop for herself. She looked down for a while, before typing something and posting it on the school website. While shopping, Adeline bought a laptop, a bag, and a few books. she then walked into the clothing section. She had picked 3 to 5 outfits that were just her size.  Madeline observed Adeline and noticed she has a great sense of fashion. The clothes she picked were the right colors that complimented her chocolate skin.  Not wanting to be scolded, she made sure they got matching shoes, for the ou
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Episode 4
******Later that night***** Through windows, the villa welcomed the passage of the night, the dining room was alive with the vibrant hues of the chandeliers. The room was spirited with laughter as she walked down the staircase. The dining room carried a happy vibe interwoven with the aroma of the meal together. Adeline did not know why, for some reason, she always comes last to the dining. When she got to her seat, she saw him. Her eyes widened swiftly in the realization, She was already suspicious, and now seeing him seated on the table, made her confirm that wild guess. He must be Mr. Williams Luther. Mr. Luther who was talking with the man turned to introduce Adeline to the new person in the room. "Oh, Adeline there you are. Meet my younger brother, Williams. Wils, This is Grace's niece." During the introduction, She could feel his gaze on her body as he sat there with an indifferent expression. "Hello, Mr. Williams. Nice to meet you." She proclaimed to which he just nods at h
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Episode 5
Morning classes passed in a blur, soon it was afternoon. A minute to her free period, after her last class for the day. The energetic Young lady, calmly, went through her phone as it dinged with a notification. A message to be exact. she then proceeded to pick up her backpack, putting her notes inside. She stood up, flipped her bag over her left shoulder, and strode out of school.She was on her way out, When she met someone she did not want to see. Before she could turn around, Madeline was walking towards her, "Adeline are you going somewhere?"The Lady stared briefly at her and nodded in response, "mmm." Adeline answered, looking at the girl before her. "You should not wait for me, I am going to see a friend and I'll be back a little bit late." Without waiting for a reply, she walked away and into the Cab.Madeline had an unspeakable expression on her face as she peered at Adeline's before she strutted to her class.Not long after, a cab pulled
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Episode 6
"Where have you been?" The elegant Lady interrogated as she kept the magazine on the stool beside her. It was almost 5'o clock in the afternoon, When Adeline got back. Adeline steps came to a halt, as she turned to meet a pair of angry eyes. "Moth-"Grace Luther raised her brows sternly cutting her off before she finished the word. Realising her mistake, she faked a cough to cover it up. "Aunty, I went to meet a friend.""Didn't know you'd stay that long or you didn't know to give me a heads up?" She sounded Mad as she glared at Adeline who stood quite still close to the entrance."A friend? That you could not give a call, that you will be coming back late?"Adeline cringed at her tone, as she retorted. "I am sorry, didn't know I'd stay that long." She muttered her voice growing softer towards tohe end. Grace somehow managed to calm down before asking, "Are you seeing someone, Adeline? Do you have a boyfriend?""What? No.."Grace Looked at Adel
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Episode 7
The day went on as usual. It was close to the end of the term, and the students were busy with their classes preparing for the upcoming exams. While revision was going on, some students and teachers were preparing for the fund raising event that would be happening on the Saturday of the week before the examination starts."Adeline, your cousin is in the infirmary. She'd hurt her leg pretty badly and the nurse ask her to go back home and rest. But she is stubbornly refusing to.""And why are you telling this, to me?""You... Are you not her cousin? She hurt herself because of you, so you have to take responsibility."Adeline squinted at the unreasonable girl in front of her. After much thought, she decided to check out on her. Not that it was her fault anyway, it's just that she did not want any trouble..."What is she doing here?" Madeleine scrunched her face distastefully, when Adeline walked in. She turned her face away, not after giving her a prominent glare. Her eyesbrows furrowe
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Episode 8
Once they reached the top, they entered the store, to which the employees greeted them. Madeleine gave Adeline a smile, before walking ahead with purpose. "You come along, Adeline.""Oh, alright." Adeline sighed and followed behind her.They shopped all afternoon till night and made their way back home before dinner.*******At dinner, the three girls chatted happily, enjoying their meal. Cherry who had decided to spend the night with them. The silence is broken again when they hear the door opening. Everyone paused and turned their heads towards the doorway, staring at the tall figure in awe. He was dressed in a black suit and white collared shirt, his hair was styled neatly and slicked up. His brown eyes were gleaming as he looks around. Then his gaze landed on Madeleine. The dark look in his eyes intensified as he glanced over at Adeline, who sat in between Cherry and Madeleine. "Uncle Williams." Madeleine smiled sweetly and stood up to greet him.Williams smiled widely and pulled
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Episode 9
Two hours later."$10,000!""$10,500!""$10,500! going, going once. Going twice...Done!" The female host cried out as the crowd cheered. "So guys... we have a special performance by Miss Madeleine Luther and Cherry Creek! let's give them a loud cheer as they enter the stage. "Yay!!" The crowd cheered as the two girls went on stage. The lights suddenly went dim and a loud reverbing sound echoed through the audience.The spotlight shone on Madeleine, playing the piano. Soon, she started singing. She sang beautifully as her fingers danced across the piano. The lights shifted from her, as the curtains opened; revealing Cherry in a blue Latin dance dress. The dress glimmered under the lights, showcasing the beautifully draped sequence attached to the dress with pearly shiny bits. The low nude heels complimented her beautiful skin as she stepped on the dance floor.With a contagious smile on her face she twirled to the song, dancing to the rhythm of the music as Madeleine sang. Madeleine'
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