The Hephaestia Chronicles - Book One

The Hephaestia Chronicles - Book One

By:  Jenna C-K  Ongoing
Language: English
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An ancient prophecy, a lost princess and a handsome prince. What more could anyone ask for? Meet Sylvie, your average, if not slightly more than averagely clumsy waitress. She lives a quiet uneventful life until Xander unexpectedly comes crashing into it. Join the two of them in the struggle against the demon lord for the fate of the world. Is everything as it seems or does fate have some dark twists in store for our heroes?

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12 Chapters
Summary of Terms and Characters
 Types of Mage: Builders: Can build anything from available materials in the near vicinity. Elementals: Have mastery over at least one of the five main elements. i.e. Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Spirit. Jumpers: Can jump (Teleport) both people and objects within a single realm. Enchanters: Cannot work on their own and must work in tandem with another mage. Can enchant objects with a specific purpose relating to the other mages ability. Leapers: Can leap (travel) between realms. Seers: Can see the many paths of the future. Uncom
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Prologue Part One
One thousand years previous to main story The sweat glistens in the candlelight as the queen continues on through the long, intense labour. Her cries of pain and effort echo throughout the crowded bed chamber. As time goes by the cries get weaker and weaker. "Please your majesty, let us call upon the court physician. The longer the birth takes the more danger both you and the child are in. We do not want to lose you!" One of the many people gathered within the chamber begged emphatically. "No!" the queen yells, the determination clear on her face. She pauses briefly to cry out as yet another contraction hits. Once it subsides she continues; "I will not have the man who allowed my beloved husband, and your wise and just king, to die anywhere near me or my child. Am I understo
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Prologue Part Two
The small young woman sneaks carefully up the front steps of an old, ivy covered cottage. Her hooded cloak moves gently, unsettled by her movements a mouse jumps out from beneath the falling apart porch and skitters across her feet. She jumps in surprise, a small gasp escaping her perfect red lips. She seems tense as she glances around. her nerves get the better of her and she double checks for any prying eyes hiding in the shadows. Before her courage deserts her, her hand darts out from beneath the folds of her cloak, pausing briefly before knocking on the wooden door. "Now, now. There is no need to sneak around like that. I know the reasoning behind your visit to me this evening." a voice croaks out from within. The front door slowly opens, as if propelled by some unseen force, to reveal a desolate, murky interior with very little furnishings. 
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Prologue Part Three
One year previous to the main story. ~Xander~ "Xander!" the king's voice booms, calling for his only son. "Get in here" I rush to do my fathers bidding. As I walk through the door into the council's war chambers, I notice more faces than I was prepared for greeting me. All of the heads of the guild are present too. "It must be serious" I think. "Otherwise it would just be father and I" "Xander" my father speaks, breaking my train of thought. "I fear the kingdom is in grave danger. Our spies within the Demon Lords ranks have reported that he is now setting his sights on Everaya. The Seers guild has just informed me that now is the time to seek. I have tasked
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Prologue Part Four
~Xander Cont.~ Heading up to my chambers within the palace was slightly more difficult than I had expected. Firstly I had to dodge my mother and her seemingly endless squad of unwed noblewomen who just happen to be close to my age and secondly avoiding my father as I believe he expects me to already be well on my way. As I step into my room I close the door behind me and drop my purchases to the ground. I slowly pull out the pendant and stare at it. The craftsmanship is amazing and the gold gleams in the candlelight, not a tarnish in sight, the ruby softly gleams as if enticing me to touch it. Placing it down upon my desk, I hurry to pack my supplies."I must leave soon. I cannot risk disappointing my father. The kingdom needs me."Hoisting my pack onto my back, I take a deep breath and grasp the penda
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Chapter One - Sylvie
Chapter One - Sylvie Slam! The door to the café bursts open. The cold winter breeze whips through the small shop, rustling the loose strands of my ebony hair. Momentarily distracted, I barely notice the hard wall of a body until it is too late. Crash! The sound of several ceramic mugs shattering against the unforgiving concrete floor jolts me back into awareness. As if making a huge mess wasn't bad enough, the sound echoed throughout the room and now several, if not all, eyes in the café have been drawn to me. As the spilt coffee slowly spreads across the floor, so too does the hot, red flush of embarrassment across my cheeks. "Wow," I think "Today can't get much worse than this." A shiver runs down my spine and a sense of foreboding fills me.   I crouch
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Chapter Two - Sylvie
The last few minutes of my shift seem to drag on. My eyes continuously drift back to the clock on the wall, counting down the minutes remaining. “He’s waiting for me” I think. “I don’t want to go but for some reason I feel as though I need to. As if something terrible will happen if I don’t.” I hurry to retrieve my purse from my cubby in the kitchen. I rush towards the front door, nearly bowling over Beth. “ Sorry, and thanks for earlier!” I yell over my shoulder as I pass her by. As I turn my head back towards the front door I see Xander enter, his blonde hair waving like one of those guys in the hair commercials. “Sylvie.” His smooth voice falls over me like a warm, fuzzy blanket on a cold evening. “Let’s take a walk”
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Chapter Three - Sylvie
“One thousand years ago, my home, the kingdom of Everaya, was the most powerful nation in my world.” He begins. “Unfortunately there were those within the kingdom who were unhappy with the way things were and the King was murdered. His queen was pregnant at the time and went into early labour. She died and the baby survived. This baby was the Fellstar heir.” He seems to pause as if to let this sink in and then continues on. “At the time of this child's birth, a prophecy was foretold requiring the Fellstar heir. After waiting and waiting, finally the signs of needing this heir came about and after a year of searching, this led me to you.” He states while withdrawing a pendant from underneath his shirt. He holds it out for me to look at. Attached to a long chain, it is the shape of a star, the gold shines brightly in the midwinter sun and the ruby in the center
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Chapter Four - Xander
“Crap, Crap, Crap.” I think as I gather my bearings after what was undoubtedly the worst portal jump I have ever been through. After leaping in to follow Sylvie, I would have thought that we would have ended up at least somewhere close together. Also, something must have gone wrong as normally a portal created by a Leaper, when you enter through a body of water, you generally exit from one too. To be honest, I thought I had felt something strange as we went through the portal. It was almost as if something was pulling us away. Reaching down I pull out the Fellstar pendant.    “I really need to find Sylvie. The gods only know what kind of trouble that girl has gotten into. Not to mention I need to figure out exactly where we are. At least it's the right realm.” I think as I look up into the sky to confirm my thoughts. As I wait for the pendant to tug me into the right direction, I notice
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Chapter Five - Sylvie
 As I spin I stifle a scream. Making its way through the trees is something truly out of a myth. From top to bottom it is a mish-mash of creatures. Its twin heads are that of both a goat and a lion. The heads join at the shoulders to the body of a lion, all ending in a tail with a serpent's head. Growing up I was always interested in mythology. The name of the creature easily came to mind; Chimera.   I try to back away slowly, hoping it hasn’t yet noticed me.But as per my usual clumsy self, I end up tripping over my own feet. “Crap!” I think, beginning to beat myself up a little. With a snarl from its lion head and a hiss from its tail, it leaps through the air towards me. I never thought a creature composed of such parts would be graceful but wow, with the
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