She's mine

❣In Dannys' apartment❣

In Dannys living room..

"Why with me?" Danny asked Elsa taken the carved stone from her hand

"Because i know it's safer here.." Elsa said

"So..did she give you any instructions on how it works..or any dangers?" Danny asked

"Nope..she just told me to keep it somewhere safe till the time comes where I'll hand it over to Adrians mom" Elsa said looking at him

"Okayy..I'll protect it with my life then" Danny said and she laughed

"I'll be love" Elsa said and Danny raised his brow

"How did that slip out your mouth?" Danny asked

"I idea my love" Elsa said and Danny brought his face closer to her on the couch and said

"You don't know how I've been dying to hear you say that.." Danny said and Elsa smiled broadly

"Oh really..well you seem fine and healthier than don't see any signs of someone who was dying.." Elsa said and a smirked

"'re about

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