Your Wife is Mine

Your Wife is Mine

By:  Shilpa Bansal   Ongoing
Language: English
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Jack Lewis, the son-in-law of Matthew Williams and CEO of Williams Corporation asks his subordinate to marry a girl with whom he fell in love at first sight. Being already married, he could only have her mistress. So he offers $10 million to his assistant as he says, " After you marry her, you will give her to me because your wife is mine."

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51 Chapters
Chapter 1
Jack Lewis was CEO of one of the most successful enterprises in Las Vegas, William Groups and Industries. One year ago, he married Serena Williams. She was the only daughter of Mathew Williams, the Chairman of Williams Industries. Jack and Serena met at a party organized by a common friend. Serena was influenced by Jack's charm only at first sight. Serena was a rich heiress while Jack came from average family background. Seeing Serena showing interest in him, Jack deliberately tried to get closer to her with the hope of getting into a rich family. He invited her to the dance floor to which she happily agreed."You are so beautiful," Jack whispered in her ears mischievously."Thank you. " Serena replied with a smile.After all, Serena was not a very beautiful woman, and seeking attention from such a handsome guy was a thing that has never happened to her. She was completely lost in him while dancing with him. They danced for half an hour and had a good chat as well in the meantime. Soo
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Chapter 2
After dinner, the party came to an end and all the guests started leaving. Seeing Nichole leaving Jack went to bid farewell to Sarah while Serena was busy with her friends. He said to her,"I guess you don't attend public events much as I found you standing alone most of the time and we couldn't accompany you as well. We are sorry for that. ""Yes, you are right. My parents attend all the parties and functions while I like to stay at home." Nichole replied with a tired expression.She further continued, "And you don't need to be sorry because there were so many guests so it was not possible to entertain everyone individually."I am impressed by your thoughtfulness. By the way, it was nice to see you at my party.""Bye." He said as he placed his hand in front of her."Bye". Nichole replied as she shook hands with him. After that, she left. Jack kept looking at her until she disappeared from his sight."I can't wait to have a taste of you." He said to himself while kissing his hand with
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Chapter 3
He kept thinking for several hours. And finally, he reached a conclusion as his lips curved upward and he called Daniel D'souza and ordered him to come to his cabin.Daniel D'souza was the head of the marketing department in William Groups and Industries. He had been a good friend of Jack during college times and helped him a lot in his studies. He had no one as a family and lived in an orphanage since his childhood.A few months ago, after losing a job in his previous company, he came to Jack and asked him to provide him with any work. Coincidentally, the head of the marketing department was getting retired at that time. Hence, Jack gave that post to Daniel as he had a good experience in marketing management.At that time, Daniel promised him that he would do anything to return his favor. Jack didn't take it seriously at that time but now he had a good opportunity of checking his sincerity.After a few minutes, Daniel threw half to open the push door and asked, "May I come in, Sir?"
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Chapter 4
"Of course, without letting you know how will I bring it into work," Jack replied to him with a smile. Then he explained to him, "Firstly, we will visit Nichole's parents and convince them of your marriage to Sarah. Once they agree, you will ask them for a court marriage saying that you have to leave for a long business trip to Switzerland."After your marriage, you will take her to Switzerland with you for your honeymoon and handover her over to me. Once I'd get her in my bed, she would belong to me only."Jack said to him with a smirk on his face. ""And last but most important thing, don't you ever dare to touch her? Even after getting married to her, you have to maintain a reasonable distance from her." Jack warned him."Don't worry, I'll never get closer to her. I'll always treat her as your woman. "Daniel assured him."OK then, be ready. We"ll visit Nichole's home tomorrow. I'll ask my assistant to notify them of our visit." Jack said to Daniel after being satisfied with his assu
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Chapter 5
Hence, she left there without saying a word. Her father was surprised by seeing her reaction. Feeling a little embarrassed he said to Daniel, "Perhaps she was unable to take a decision so quickly, that's why she left like this. ""But don't worry we'll talk to her and inform you about her final decision by evening." Nichole's father assured them. Both Daniel and Jack were also surprised by Sarah's behavior. But there was nothing that they could do at that moment. So they stood up to leave. Before leaving Jack said to Sarah's father, "OK, we'll wait for your call. "After they left, Dr. Albert Fernandez looked at his wife with disappointment. After waiting for so long, there was finally someone whom they considered a suitable match for Nichole. But Nichole almost ruined their hope of seeing her as a bride sooner.But they couldn't give up so easily. So they decided to talk with her one more time. So they walked towards Nichole's room. As they entered her room they saw her lying in a da
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Chapter 6
After hearing her words, Nichole's father pecked her forehead happily. He then said to her, "I am going to inform Daniel that you have agreed to this wedding." After saying this, he turned to leave. But Nichole stopped him."Wait, dad, please give me one message to him that I want to meet him in the evening so that I could have a better understanding of him.""OK, I'll inform him about this as well." Nichole's father left after saying this.After that, Nichole's mother also hugged her. She then said to her, "I am very happy for you Nichole. My heart says this marriage will lead you to the happiness that you have been deprived of for a long time.""For now, get some rest, so that you could look refreshed when you meet your future husband." Nichole's mother said smilingly to her as she patted her head and left.Nichole leaned at the headboard and began to reminisce. had been a long time since thsincehe heard this name from someone else. Although she never forgot this name, w
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Chapter 7
It was unexpected for Nichole but she didn't seem to be much surprised because of the way he had always treated her in these years, she had thought to herself many times if Ryan loved her. However, since he never confessed his love in front of her before, she had been dismissing that speculation afraid of making things complex between them. But his sudden proposal indeed left her speechless.She didn't know how to react for a while and just looked at him blankly. Ryan took her silence as her consent. So without waiting for her response he leaned towards her, held her waist with one hand, and, planted a kiss on her lips. He then started kissing her passionately. He continued like this for a good few minutes. It wasn't until they were out of breath that he left her. But he had no intentions of taking things further.Nichole didn't resist because she was lost in the magnificent experience of that moment. This was the first time that someone had kissed her. Though she was not unhappy she
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Chapter 8
Daniel was sitting in Jack's office when he made a call to Nichole. After Nichole's father informed him about Nichole's decision, he immediately went to Jack and explained to him everything that Nichole's father said to him.Jack was very happy to hear that. He asked Daniel to immediately call Nichole and decide about their meeting.After talking with Nichole, Daniel was a little disappointed. Jack sensed a change in her mood as he asked him, "What's wrong? ""This girl appears to be a little weird. Though she had agreed to this marriage, it seems she is doing it unwillingly. Maybe for just sake of her parent's happiness." Daniel replied to him."You don't need to be worried about that. After all, she is not your love interest. Moreover, this marriage is just for a short period. So you just focus on being sincere while talking with her. You have to make her realize that you truly love her. But never try to take advantage of your relationship with her. Make sure you always remember you
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Chapter 9
Thinking this, he felt a little unhappy. . But there was nothing he could do. So he also left from there to his home.On the way, he received a call from Jack. As he talked to him, Jack appreciated him for his success in meeting with Nichole . Only then he remembered that he had hidden a spy microphone with him while he was talking with Nichole.At that time he realized that he needs to be more cautious while talking with Nichole because Jack always had his eyes on them.On the other hand, when Nichole reached her home, she walked toward her parent's room. When she reached there, she saw her mother sitting on the bed and her father walking forth and back impatiently.When they watched Nichole entering their room, they immediately rushed towards her.Her mother asked Nichole worriedly,"How everything went Nichole? Is he still willing to marry you after knowing your past?"Nichole was surprised to hear her mother, so she asked her," How do you know that I went there to tell him about m
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Chapter 10
.After that Jack got busy with his office work. Though he was obsessed with Nichole and impatiently waited for the moment when Nichole would be in his arms. But still, he was dedicated to his work as well. And now when he had to leave for Switzerland, he had to finish all the work in advance so that after his departure, the company's operations not get affected.The next day, Jack and Danial reached the registrar's office at 10 am. Both of them were dressed nicely. After they reached there, they found Nichole and her parents nowhere to be seen. After waiting for 10 minutes, being afraid that Nichole might have changed her mind, Jack asked Daniel to make a call to her.Daniel nodded his head and pulled out his phone to dial Nichole's number. But before he could do that, a Mercedes stopped in front of the registrar's office. Firstly, Nichole's father came out and followed him, her mother also came out. After that Nichole's father opened the back door and then Nichole also came out of t
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