The Howling Voice of a Mute Beauty
The Howling Voice of a Mute Beauty
Author: Calliope Hidalgo

Chapter 1: Amethyst

To lead a life worth living, to make money, and give my brother the best things in the world.

That was my motivation ever since I worked in this place.

"Tayla, it's time!" Ella, my best friend yelled at me when she saw me at the counter. I wiped the sweat on my forehead using my hand and nodded at her.

Tonight is one of those nights where I need to change from being a waitress to a part-time singer in this bar. I have been working here for about a year. On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I work only as a waitress but every Thursday and Saturday nights, I am also a singer.

My mom and dad both died in a car crash when I was twelve. I was about to have my graduation ceremony in elementary when that happened, they just got out of work and excited to go to the venue. That time, my graduation ceremony just ended when my Aunt's shaking voice and tearful eyes, welcomed me, telling me that my parents got hit by a ten-wheeler truck and were dead on arrival.

After the fall of my parents, we were forced to live with Aunt Tanya, my Mom's sister. She's a bisexual, and she's got a witch wife who abuses us. She's hurting us whenever we do things we didn't even know is wrong.

Sometimes, I will go out and ask her if I can go to the church and pray for my parent's soul but she wouldn't let me, and I will end up insisting, making her smash my butt with a belt.

Those things are really annoying, I was then, a minor and can't speak up for myself and for my brother. He was always with his friends, and I was always out, doing school works with my group mates and go home late with no food at the table. My brother and I suffered so much, including our stomach aches and nights where we would just cry because we are hungry.

I absolutely think it wasn't right, but I got no courage to speak up and protect ourselves.

"Tayla! Get up!" The manager of the club yelled and pointed at the stage. I tied my hair up and went out of the restroom with my black fitted pants, a white V-neck shirt tucked inside it, and white sneakers.

"Sorry, Sir. I will go now," I said and went towards the three steps stair, pick an acoustic guitar, and sat on a high chair with a mic placed on a stand in front.

This is a simple bar. This is one of those jobs that accepted me even on flexible hours. The place is small but enough to accommodate about fifty people and the wage adds up to my income which I use to support my brother's needs.

Unlike those night clubs where you can dance and booze, this place is calmer and more suitable for the younger ones. The room was dark, and the people are sitting on their tables, waiters are serving them foods, and their eyes are glued at the people on the stage.

I signed at the drummer to stop for a bit and held my mic, positioning it in front of my mouth where I will not have difficulty once I played the guitar.

"Good evening, Everyone. For those who are new here, my name is Tayla."

My eyes darted at the two men who just entered the bar. They are tall, probably comparable to those basketball players in our University. The one is wearing a pair of eyeglasses, and the other one is just sporting his man bun.

The first one looks like a studious man, but the other seems like he's the opposite. I am not sure, but I think his eyes were amethyst. His thick brows were furrowed, and I don't know if I am just imagining things or he glanced at me.

I cleared my throat.

"I can see that we have a lot of newcomers, I hope you will enjoy this song. Anyway, if you know it, you can sing along." I smiled and started to strum my guitar and played an acoustic version of Dream it Possible by Delacey.

I roamed my eyes at the whole place. Some are still not paying attention and are busy whispering with the person beside them, some are glancing at me and sings along as I sang the lyrics...but the same man with a pair of amethyst colored eyes is what I caught. He is staring at me, and then his eyes dropped at my guitar.

He glanced at the geeky-looking man beside him and whispered something, and then glimpsed at me again.

It felt weird because when our eyes locked, my voice trembled and became flat. I didn't hit the exact note! It was very rare, I normally make sure that I am hitting the notes right when I am performing but today, I just missed it!

I averted my gaze and plastered a fake smile on my face as I wandered my orbs again at the place, careful not to have a glimpse of him or I will miss another note.

I smiled after I finished all three songs, the audiences clapped as I stood up and bid my goodbyes before walking down the stage, but my head turned to where the man is and glanced at him again.

My heart beat wildly when I saw his eyes turned to me. I immediately removed my eyes off him, hurriedly went to the comfort room and changed into my casual attire, and then go home.

I was fixing my hair tie when I went back to the counter to say goodbye to Ella and to the staff when again, I caught his dark gaze.

He is now sitting on the far left table, his dark eyes glued on me, and his hand waving like he is telling me to come close.

Did he think that I am still a waitress right now? But it's no longer my duty!

I tried to find Ella and saw her bowing her head several times in front of an old foreigner. He is pushing a bowl towards her, and I can hear Ella uttering her apologies.

I shook my head. People with money really thinks too highly of themselves. With money, comes power, eh? But instead of helping Ella, I decided to just pick an order not up and a pen before slowly walking towards the man's table.

I want to help her, but one of my mottos that I will never forget is not to argue with fools. Pushing an argument towards them will not benefit me and will just waste my time only to tackle about petty things.

I sighed. The man started to chuckle after he whispered something to the man beside him, and then he will glance at me and laugh. My cheeks burned, watching someone laugh as I walk close is embarrassing, I feel like my face looked so flustered, but hey, I am just doing this for work.

Maybe they will order.

I tried to force a smile as I walk towards them, but when I am just about five steps away, a tall, hot girl accidentally hits my shoulder and sat beside the man.

"Baby!" She kissed his cheeks but his eyes never left mine. When he saw that I am still walking towards him, he smirked.

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