The Howling Voice of a Mute Beauty

The Howling Voice of a Mute Beauty

By:  Calliope Hidalgo  Ongoing
Language: English
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The best way to live in a sinful and harsh world is to choose your battles wisely. That was what Tayla Del Mariano, a 23-year old college student knows ever since her parents died in a car crash and was forced to live in a house with owls. The girl thought that staying silent and not arguing with fools will make her life easier, and enduring everything will make her closer to her goal: To build a better life for his younger brother, Terren.She works three jobs and studies, believing that she will reach her dreams when she got fed up with her family's treatments and met Auton Smith and found out about his little secret–he was a musician hiding behind a criminology student. He happened to be her new landlord, but she didn't know that those small talks and silly acts would make her fall.Tayla only wants the best for his brother, and Auton only wants the people to hear his story through music. Auton thought that Tayla is her safe place, she's her home, for she's the only person who believes in him, until something came up which led the mute beauty's voice to howl.

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25 Chapters
Chapter 1: Amethyst
To lead a life worth living, to make money, and give my brother the best things in the world.That was my motivation ever since I worked in this place."Tayla, it's time!" Ella, my best friend yelled at me when she saw me at the counter. I wiped the sweat on my forehead using my hand and nodded at her.Tonight is one of those nights where I need to change from being a waitress to a part-time singer in this bar. I have been working here for about a year. On Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I work only as a waitress but every Thursday and Saturday nights, I am also a singer.My mom and dad both died in a car crash when I was twelve. I was about to have my graduation ceremony in elementary when that happened, they just got out of work and excited to go to the venue. That time, my graduation ceremony just ended when my Aunt's shaking voice and tearful eyes, welcomed me, telling me that my pa
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Chapter 2: Mute
My brows furrowed in confusion. Why is he suddenly smirking at me?"Good evening, what's your order?" I smiled at the three of them. The blonde-haired girl's hand is placed on top of his knees, touching it sensually. Her eyes focused on the man while the latter was now staring at her, listening to what she was whispering as his arm snaked behind her."Uh...Sir?" I iterated. The man glanced at me with a frown, maybe irritated at my sudden interruption."What? Why are you here? We are still not planning to order," he uttered in an annoyed voice."Huh? Sorry, but I saw you waving my hands at me, I thought it was meant to–""He was waving at me. I am his girlfriend, don't get so full at yourself and get lost!" The girl shot me with a strict, infuriated face.They are arrogant, alright. People like this shouldn't be encountered but can't be delayed nor prevented. The world is really unfair, no matter how you try to tell him that you don't w
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Chapter 3: Papers
I glanced at the sky above me. The combination of white and blue clouds was now matched with yellow to red hues, the sun falling down the east where green, high mountains are peacefully resting. The incoherent wheezing of birds on the branches of the trees didn't make my ears hurt but rather hear a lullaby. Dried, fallen leaves from the trees sounded as it crashes against my shoes, making me dart my eyes at the road."Mommy! Daddy! Look at what I found!" A small, happy voice from a cute little boy not far from me is waving his hands. He was holding a watch, smiling from ear-to-ear, and running
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Chapter 4: Blinding Light
My eyes turned bloodshot. My breathing became fast as I walk in furry towards the kitchen–anticipating that the witch is there.I can't endure this mess anymore. I know we have a lot of things to be thankful for her and for my Aunt, but this is too much!"What the heck did you do this time?!" I yelled and smashed the bunch of elementary papers in her chest, distracting her from cutting the vegetables on the kitchen table.The papers scattered along with the whole place, the envelope getting wet as it landed on the steel sink."Do you freaking know how long did I try to–" I groaned in frustration. This witch is getting smarter each passing day and was only getting worse!"What are you saying? And don't you even have respect?! I am older than you!"I gasped and sarcastically smiled."You talk about respect when you already robbed me! Where the hell did you put my money again?" I glared at her, my voice reflecting resentment
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Chapter 5: Remember Me
The loud, irritating sound of the police siren rang in my ears. My body was trembling hard, blood running away from my face as I felt my heavy steps towards the place where men in blue and black are clustering. Big, white vans with green curtains were parked beside the yellow tapes and red cones. I roamed my eyes to the whole place. A bunch of people is around it, murmuring things I couldn't hear and comprehend. Cameras are flashing everywhere as I heard the reporters' loud voices."Tayla! Tayla!" Auntie Tanya's voice made me go back to my sanity. My eyes flew from the people down to the center of the place–the cause of the commotion. I hastily drag my foot and lifted the yellow tapes to went inside."Tayla! Go back here!" But I refused to follow her orders and pushed the men away."Miss! You can't go here! This is not a place for you!" I heard a loud, baritone voice behind me. Someone wrapped his hands around my wrists to stop me but the blood that I saw
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Chapter 6: Just Friends
"I'm sorry, Tayla. If only I can make you stay in our house, I would. But you know our house is not that big and my Mom is a human Armalite, right?" Ella scratched her head and hold the edge of the map, glancing at me before she continued mopping the floor.We are again, in Talk and Chill. Tomorrow I wouldn't be here for the class will start and I need a place where I can stay. Unluckily, Ella just told me that she can't help me.I sighed. "I understand, Ella. Thanks for telling me early."I turned around and went towards the sink to wash the dishes, my lips twisting a bit as I thought...why are we getting paid under minimum wage when we do almost all kinds of things in this chill bar? We should at least have an increase."Tayla, I don't understand you," Ella spoke behind me."Your Aunt Tanya stood as your guardian, yes. But you don't have to leave your own house!" She stood up and glanced at me with her bewildered, round eyes."It was your
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Chapter 7: Moving Out
"Why would I choose to live in your condo unit?" I furrowed my brows.I heard him murmuring something, but it was low that I couldn't hear it clearly. He was averting his gaze, his lips narrow opened as it spoke small noises which I couldn't hear properly.The wind blew my hair backward, making me close my eyes for seconds, and held the edges of my hair to put it on my right shoulder, my hand holding my thick, Hazel brown hair. I opened my eyes and glanced at him. His eyes were darted at me, his hair dancing against the cold wind."What? I'm giving you a favor?" He shrugged and pulled my other arm, lifted it, and get the black gartered scrunchie in my wrist."Hey! That's mine!""But I am the one holding it right now, so it's mine." He rolled his eyes and pushed all the hair from his forehead and the side of his head towards the back, twisting the garter around his wavy, black hair.I licked my lips. "As I've just said, I don't have 20,000 ev
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Chapter 8: Date With Me?
I roamed my eyes around the whole place. With its white walls, black glossy tiles, and dark furniture, it screamed simplicity yet elegance. I have never been fond of the dark colors for it was what I see all day, but this place looked calming–reminds me of the pair of amethyst eyes staring at me.Auton Smith, in his oversized black sweater, shorts, and man bun, glanced at me with a smirk plastered on his face. He was sitting on the black single sofa, his knees about to touch the edges of the coffee table, and his right arm resting at the armrest."Do you like the place? Or I can search for another free unit and–""This is fine," I cut his words short and clicked my neck before sitting towards the long sofa on his left."This is a small unit, the reason why I don't want to live here." I glanced at him. His finger is now playing with his lower lip, his left brow arched.
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Chapter 9: Ten, Day One
"Are you crazy?" I asked after a long period of silence. The man in front of me is staring at me with his serious, deep amethyst eyes. His lips pursed in a grim line, and his brows furrowed a bit."I'm serious. I want to have a date with you. I want to confirm the weird things I feel towards you.""Why date someone you don't even know that much? I thought relationships start with friendship!" Startled, I replied.He crossed his arms and lean his back on his chair. "This is why we need to date. It's not about getting in a relationship right after that. We will just try getting to know each other and evaluate whether we would fit or not then decide afterward."Though he sounded so serious, I am still not convinced. I shook my head, what we are talking about is ridiculous.When you date someone, it means you want to be with her. You already confirmed that you want to start pursuing her. It would inflict pain if the girl doesn't like you at first, then
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Chapter 10: Need You
"You're kidding, right?" I almost choked as I saw how he started to place the food in front of me.The smell of the Filipino foods served is enticing, but the playful smirk plastered on his face told me that it shouldn't be trusted.He crossed his arms and shook his head."You shouldn't be playing with me like this, Auton. It'll never be funny." I hissed and then pulled myself up, planning to walk out of the small kitchen and shut him off.He immediately went in front of me and held onto my waist, making me stop and hold my breath for a moment.His warm hands were wrapped around the small of my back, moving my body back to the seat as he glanced at me with his lopsided smile, revealing his dimple on his right cheek." don't know what you are doing." I averted my gaze as I felt his hand tighten the grip."Sit, you don't need to escape." He pushed me towards the chair and pulled another one to sit beside me.He extended
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