The Innocent Who is Trapped Mafia Love

The Innocent Who is Trapped Mafia Love

By:  Inpeaceplace  Ongoing
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Clara stood in the middle of the glass room with her transparent clothes, holding back her embarrassment while trying to cover her body with both hands. There were cheers from outside the glass room and naughty looks from the hungry men. "1 million," "5 million," "7 million," Everyone placed a bet on Clara at a fairly low price, tears kept going to roll down Clara's rosy cheeks. Her body was almost shaky and she couldn't meet everyone's eyes, she was like a kitten amidst a hungry lion. "50 million," A man's voice that surprised her made their eyes meet. A most dangerous mafia chief raises his betting cards and shocks everyone. Steven looked at Clara with a grin, as if he was ready to eat Clara alive. His eyes were sharp like a wolf's, and it was him.

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32 Chapters
Chapter 1
Clara (21) had been in a container with other girls for a week, She couldn't stop crying after finding out that she had been kidnapped, Someone came to her and claimed to be an agent from a famous agency, offering her to become a professional model, and that was her dream.But Clara ended up in the worst place in her life. When she was taken to another place and held captive with girls who had the same fate as her."Time to eat, girls," A man came in and gave them bread and water to eat. All the girls took their part except Clara, she was still silent in the corner of the room.“You, lil kitty! Eat! They don't like seeing skinny kittens!” The man said before laughing evilly and leaving the place, there was the sound of the door being locked from outside and Clara just looked down and cried.“Your crying won't get us out of here, it's been a week since you've been here,” A woman said, Judy, she's been there a month.She was desperate for her life, every week there would always be a bet
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Chapter 2
Clara was in a black BMW car, she was just sitting in the back seat alone with a driver and bodyguard in the front seat, Clara was very scared at that time, she was still trying to cover her thighs that were too visible with her hands.She was uncomfortable with clothes like that, her tears kept rolling down Clara's rosy cheeks, She missed her parents and hoped someone would find her and take her away from this dark world.Not long after, someone came in and sat next to Clara, a man with a cold aura, his body smelled of alcohol and cigarette smoke. Clara didn't want to look at him, she just lowered her head.“Hi Kitten, I'm here, what do you see on your lap?” Steven touched Clara's thigh, making her startled and she tried to avoid the touch."No, please, please let me go," Clara said while sobbing and still busy covering her thighs from Steven's hands.“Let you go? What about the money I have paid them? Can you replace my money? 50 million, cash," Steven said in a cold tone."Please s
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Chapter 3
Clara was already lying on her bed, it was already the middle of the night, she had covered herself with a blanket, there were no clothes she could wear that night, all the nightgowns she had were too revealing for her and she was not comfortable wearing them, so Clara only wore a t-shirt and shorts for sleep.The innocent girl stared at the ceiling, she missed her parents and hoped they would report her to the police and find her before it was too late. Her tears flowed down her cheeks again, she wanted to go back to that day when a man approached her and claimed to be an agent and managed to fool her.Still deep in thought, suddenly there was a knock on the door and the door opened, Eva appeared there with two guards, scared Clara, and sat on her bed.“Eva, what are you doing here with them? I want to sleep and-""Miss Clara, Mr. Steven wants you to come to his room, right now,” Eva said."What? No! I don't want to go anywhere, I'm tired and I want to sleep," Clara said Eva gave the
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Chapter 4
Steven was in his office, with a cigarette in his hand he stared intently at the two men in front of him who were kneeling and begging for mercy."So, what confession do you want to tell me?" Steven said“Mr. Steven, we...we want to quit this job," A man said and Steven was still smoking his cigarette.“And?” Steven said.“Can we quit this job? You promised to set free us after 2 years and we've been here almost 3 years, we-""Well, you remember my promise well, yes You both can quit your jobs, After all, I have no reason to keep you both here, especially you, using my drugs without my permission for a year, coming to my club, and hiring my striptease dancers with my salary give it, do you think your debt is paid off with all your behavior?" Steven said and they looked shocked. Steven never came to his factory or club or gambling place, but that didn't mean he didn't know what was going on there.Steven stood up from his chair and walked over to those who were still kneeling, their ac
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Chapter 5
Clara didn't do anything after she returned to her room, she just sat on her bed and looked out the window. Clara has been very afraid of the night since what happened to her yesterday. She felt disgusted with herself. Clara was only wearing her bathrobe at that time because she didn't want to wear the lingerie that Steven had asked for. It made her look like a bitch and she didn't like that. It was getting late, but Clara was startled by the sound of a door opening behind her, it was Steven, the man she was so afraid of. "Oh that's where my kitten appears," Steven said and approached Clara who lowered her head because she was too afraid to see Steven. "What happened? Why don't you want to see me? And why are you still wearing your bathrobe? Hm?” Steven said and he lifted Clara's chin so he could meet her beautiful eyes. "Please...please let me go," Clara said and Steven just grinned. “Go? Where are you going in the middle of the night huh?” Steven said. “I…I have to meet my p
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Chapter 6
In the room, Steven looked very frustrated, he had done it, he didn't know why but he could no longer restrain himself when he was with Clara at that time. He did. Steven stood in front of the mirror and looked at his messy self. He cleaned his mouth which was full of blood and could still taste the sweetness of Clara's blood at that moment.“Shit!! Who's she?" Steven said.Since the first time he saw Clara in the glass box, Steven felt different, his eyes continued to pay attention to Clara's beauty, which looked different from the others.Clara's innocence amazed him, even the wolf inside Steven agreed that Clara had something special, which he only saw as a wolf. When Steven touched her body, he felt like he had met his soulmate, his eyes shone beautifully when he looked at Clara, emerald green, a color that Steven had never shown to any woman before.But Clara's presence can make Steven become the Alpha he should be, touching Clara with his heart, not his lust.***Clara was still
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Chapter 7
As days passed, Clara realized that something had happened to her, she felt her body getting weaker and always felt nauseous when she smelled a scent that bothered her. Clara looked pale and Steven never saw her again. No one knows why Steven seems to ignore Clara.That night, Eva came to bring porridge as Clara had asked for. She felt that her mouth felt bitter and her stomach felt very nauseous."Miss Clara, here is your porridge, I also made hot tea to relieve your nausea," Eva said."Thank you," Clara said.“Miss Clara, your condition has gotten worse since Mr. Steven left, he hasn't come back here and I can't contact the doctor to check your condition," Eva said."He goes?" Clara said."Yeah, I think it's been almost a month since he left this mansion, that's why he never saw you, right?" Eva said."Yes, and—-" Clara covered her mouth when she smelled the porridge near her. Eva immediately took the porridge away from Clara and put it on the table."If you continue like this you m
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Chapter 8
Steven was busy sipping wine at his desk, he kept thinking about what Larry said about his mother, Kara. He hated the woman for abandoning him and his father at their worst moment.Even after Kara left, Steven never heard from her again, nor did she ever look for Steven and his father, Gary. Steven couldn't believe what Larry was saying, it all seemed like nonsense to his ears.'Knock...knock..'"Come in," Steven said and a man came in, a bodyguard who had worked for a long time at Steven's factory."What is it?" Steven said he took the last sip of wine before putting the glass on the table.“There's a problem with the machine, sir,” the Guard said.“What? That's the best machine I bought, If a problem occurs it's not with the machine but with who uses it," Steven said and the bodyguard just lowered his head."I'm sorry sir, but—"“No buts, you know what you have to do, who uses that machine?” Steven said.“Noah Burke, sir,” the Guard said."Oh, poor son of the Burke family, punish hi
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Chapter 9
Clara wanted to get ready for bed when Steven suddenly came into her room, startling her and sitting on her bed.“What…what are you doing here?” Clara said.“Hi Kitten, did you miss me?” Steven said, he walked over to Clara on the bed and sat there."N-No…please I just want to sleep tonight," Clara said."Then maybe it's my baby who misses me," Steven said."I'm not pregnant," Clara said."Come on Clara, don't make things difficult for yourself, you can feel it, your baby is in there, in your perfect tummy," Steven said.“What have you done to me?” Clara said."I only marked you, as Alpha I have to mark what should be mine, and that's you," Steven said."Why me?" Clara said."That's an easy question because it's you, an Alpha doesn't have a special reason to mark his mate, I only know if it's you," Steven said.“I miss my parents, I hate being here, I hate this,” Clara said."Oh don't cry Kitten, you will meet them if you do everything I want, remember, you are already mine, so I will
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Chapter 10
A month passedClara slowly began to understand what she had to do, Eva also helped her to stay there for the sake of the baby she was carrying. Maybe Clara is the luckiest among the other Kittens, they were only bought and made into sex slaves but not Clara.Even though her virginity was taken by force at that time, she never received any bad treatment other than being locked in a room. But she doesn't lack anything, she gets everything she needs. It's just that she misses her parents and feels confused because no one is looking for her.At that time, Clara was eating lunch at the dining table. Yes, she was given the freedom to leave her room, but she still couldn't leave the gate. Many pairs of eyes will be watching her, and Clara doesn't want to play with her parents' lives.“Have you finished eating, Miss Clara?” Eva said.“Yes, I'm full,” Clara said."Today the strawberries in the garden are starting to bear fruit, do you want to see them?" Eva said."Oh really? Can I taste it to
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