The Juan That Got Away

The Juan That Got Away

By:  LostWatermelon  Ongoing
Language: English
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She is a well-accomplished woman, one who has received the greatest respect among her friends, family, and colleagues. She almost has everything, the only regret she had was getting a one-night stand with someone named Juan. He is an average man who's contented with anything he has. A playful man where "commitment" is not in his vocabulary. His proudest decision was running away from the mistake he made one hot night in room 4201. This is a story about a faithful encounter between two people with completely opposite personalities. Watch how our Theressa Cruz catch our cunning Juanjo Manolo --- WARNING: This is story not suitable for children. The story will include appropriate words and scenes not recommended for kids. You have been warned. Thank you!

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This is kinda cute
2021-08-03 09:17:30
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Need a new update please I am curious
2021-07-17 17:25:10
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Gwapo naman pakwan
2021-07-12 23:24:26
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Hahhaha neng parang mas gusto ko to😂✌️
2021-07-12 20:37:23
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Gogo go pakwannn
2021-07-12 20:30:04
5 Chapters
Chapter 1: Part 1 Reunion
In front of the mirror is a girl wearing a tight black leather dress with thick curly hair that matches her light makeup. Theresa tucked her hair at the back of her ears and tried to make a lot of sexy poses in front of the mirror. She's been trying to look as sexy as possible as she can over the past week. "Okay that should do it" she winked at the mirror and looked at her herself one last time before going out and drove to Hamper, one of the famous clubs here around City A. Theresa just got her promotion last week and today is the day where she and her long-time best friends will have a reunion. Everyone was so busy with their own career they didn't have the time to see each other. Some were living abroad and just got home so they have decided to meet. While driving, Theresa can't help but think about her life. All of her friends ar
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Chapter 1: Part 2 Room 4201
They stayed in a position like that for few minutes before the man started sniffing from the back of her head to her collar, down to her neck. Theresa is enjoying the mood when she suddenly snaps from what's happening. " I must be crazy" she mumbled and tried to shove the man away from her. "Look, I don't even know you, are sure you're single? Are you married? Are you divorced?"Before she could even look at his face clearly, he held the back of her head and rested it on his chest. The man still continued swaying with the beat of the music.Oh my mama mia! Hallelujah! God, thank you for presenting me with a perfectly toned body for a virgin lady like me to ravish. If I could do it with this man, maybe I can die perfectly now. She wrapped her hands around his waist and buried her face in his chest. His scent is so addictive. I wonder if
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Chapter 2: Pleasure's Mine
"The witch is on her way- The witch is on her way!" those employees dilly-dallying quietly ran to their working cubicles and pretended to do something. Theresa can hear their whispers very clearly as she walks past every working cubicle in their department. This became her everyday life ever since her promotion two years ago. Everything became busier and the burden of her obligation as the vice-chairman is very heavy but still manageable."Good morning ma'am your tea's on your table, all reports from the last reporting period are also on your table. Your meeting with Mr. Scott will start 20 minutes from now and after that, you will have another meeting with Mr.Cheng at 2:30, and your meeting with--" Theresa massaged her temple after hearing her secretary's continuous blabbering."Do I have any schedule on 4 PM?" as soon as she entered h
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Chapter 3: Then Date Me
So his name is Juanjo and not Juan, Theresa looked like she aged another 10 years after she saw the man she has been looking for for the last two years. She glances at him from time to time trying to think what to do next.On the other hand, Juanjo has been having goosebumps ever since he laid his eyes on this woman. He is now feeling a little embarrassed because Theresa is very bold for staring at him straight for a couple of minutes now. This woman, she’s not even hiding it he said to himself.The whole party was very fun except for the two restless people having a staring contest for the longest time. They are both seated on the furthest opposite side of the building but the tension between them is very overwhelming. Everyone in the room can feel it but none of them mentioned it. In the eyes of other people, especially those who don’t know them, they looked like a newly divorced couple who met unexpectedly.Juanjo looked really appetizing, especia
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Chapter 4: I’ll make you want me  
“Then date me.”  Theressa at the moment keeps on pleading the floor to crack open and swallow her whole right now. She didn’t expect the loud music to stop just in time.On the other hand, Juanjo is very speechless with the woman right in front of her. I have heard a lot of good things and feedbacks about this woman but she is nothing near on anything that I heard. I guess rumors can’t really be trusted, the man said to himself. The man just shrugged it off and immediately left the venue.Theressa who was left at the most awkward moment of her life couldn’t bear the embarrassment anymore so she left right after the man.Soon, with the two main important persons in the party leaving, the party immediately ended.The next morning, Theressa as always is the talk of the whole company. But unlike other normal days of complaints, hatred, and jealousy, this day instead is a field with bets.“Ma’am the
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