What sin did I commit?

The serenity of the night was in stark contrast with my emotions. My blood boiled in my veins, and I couldn't conceal the wrath in my eyes. I must have scared Yan Si because the look on his face was wary.

''Tang jie, what happened? Why do you look like you are planning someone's murder?'' He asked in a shrill voice, throwing me a suspicious look. I narrowed my eyes at him and repeated coldly.

''Come and see what I am talking about.'' Slowly with uncertainty, he closed the door, and soon his body leaned over my shoulder.

'' I don't think it is a good idea to check father's laptop.''

''Read first and comment later.'' I cut him off, and he looked at me with a hurtful expression. I didn't pay attention to him too immersed in my thoughts. What to do with this knowledge?

''What the bloody hell is this?'' His loud exclamation took me out from my reverie, and as a result, I jumped in scared in my chair.

''Are you trying to get me diabetes, stupid? Mind the volume of your voice!'' I slapped his nape angrily, and not a second later, there was the second cry not of indignation but pain.

''Tang jie, why are you so mean? I have every right to be mad. I was left in the dark the whole time while grandfather and dad did all these things. It's unfair. I wanted to participate too.'' I was stupefied. So, he wasn't upset because the weapon's deal was illegal and immoral but because he was left out of the playfield. Was I brought up with the wrong values?

''Don't worry, you have a role too,'' I said through gritted teeth, and his eyes shone like lights on Christmas.

''Really, tang jie? Did dad trust you enough to share with you about me? D*mn it! Do I look so unreliable?'' He was frustrated like a child who was forbidden to eat candy. I wanted to smile for a moment, but I remembered how serious the problem was.

''Tonight during the celebration, I heard Kang Xianliang giving a warning to butler Che. If Yan Corporation didn't return the stolen money, you would have the same fate as Fu Hai. And the deadline is tomorrow.'' After Yan Si heard my words, his face became pale. He blinked a few times in confusion, trying to process the meaning of what was said fully. After that, he rudely pushed me from the chair, waving at his face like an afraid concubine.

''Tang jie, am I really going to die?'' I wanted to deny it, but he continued with a weak voice. ''That can't happen. I am too young full of vigour and vitality. This young stallion can't go to the butchery.'' I stared blankly at him. Was this the normal reaction of a person whose life was in danger? Every sane one would be terrified. But not Yan Si. He was so dramatic and over the top. I didn't how was I supposed to react.

''Did you just compare yourself with a horse?'' He gave me a condescending look.

''Stallion, tang jie, not just any horse. Stallion.'' I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves a bit. It looked like I was more worried about his life than him. That wasn't fair at all.

''Whatever. As long as you like it, you can be a donkey. The important thing here is what to do to save your ass?'' There was some seriousness in Yan Si's face after I asked. Good, there was still hope for him.

''Well, we have to give him his money back.''

''Do you have ten million us dollars in excess?'' This time his face became yellow as corn.

''Tang jie, this stallion is going to die.'' He wailed and wailed, and his eyes became teary. When he started crying like a big baby, I pinched my eyebrows. Was he always like this? Where did my real cousin go? He was a little bit annoying, but it was bearable. This time, it wasn't.

''I can try to track down the person who stole the money. But I need your father's files on the deal.'' Miraculously, his tears stopped, and there was a wide grin on his teary face. He stood up and hugged me, almost crushing me. How did this locust have so much strength?

''Thank you, Xiao Luo. I'm happy to know I occupy such a large part of your heart. If you can forget your principles, that means I should be someone really important to you.'' And then it dawned on me.

''You stupid clown, was it necessary to act like this?'' I asked him indignantly, and he patted my back reassuringly.

''Feel privileged. You are one of the few people who can see my antics.'' Well, that calmed me down a little.

Later that night, Yan Si sent me all of his father's files, and I went through a thorough check-up on the mediator from Yan Corporation. He worked for my uncle for years, and there was nothing suspicious in his biography. Only his brief work in Italy was extraordinary. It was years ago in Venice. On the surface, it looked legal and normal. I checked his employer.

After seeing who it was, I was shattered. I hoped I would not hear this family name again, at least not when I was in China. D'Arcangelo casinos. Bei He worked as a manager at his casino in Venice. What was happening here? If he is the Italian mafia's person, why would they make him stole Kang Xianliang's money when he was more than ready to pay them. Did they want to save their weapons? I could speculate as much as I wanted. However, there was only one fact. Yan Si was in danger. Bei He was now in Venice with 10 million Kang Enterprise, and Kang Xianliang wanted them back. Or Yan Si could die. I sighed deeply. According to the law of misfortune, Leonardo was involved in some way. What sin did I commit in my past life to be entangled with that man again?

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