Two Hundred-Fifty

Enjoying the tingles and sparks, I give in and melt up against him, leaning my head on his shoulder as I then sigh and say,

“We want to hide the daughters I am carrying…”

“I figured you were from what the Demon said. What did you have in mind?”

I feel Lorelei give me a light push, and I step aside to allow her to come to the front. She then purrs and nuzzles up into Zachariah’s neck before lifting my head and saying,

“There is an ancient protection and change spell. It will protect our daughters and change how they are perceived, in other to everyone but us. They will be males. In theory, it will hide them from the effect of the contract, making me the only one it can claim…”

Summer seems to think about this for a moment before she smiles and places her hand on mine as she says,

“I know the spell you are talking about and if done soon enough and the right way, then yes, it should work. There is a full moon in about three days. It is the perfect night to do the spell… Now why wou
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