Twp Hundred-Fifty-One

I whimper at the worry in his tone and feel the creep behind me smile against my ear. Wanting a little more information, I whisper,

“Why do you need them? Aren’t I enough?”

“Oh, yes, my dear… But see once you bear my mark you will then also become part of me and therefore any sons you give me, will make powerful generals for my army and whenever one of your bloodlines has a female, I will add her to my harem to also add more slightly lesser generals to my armies… I may even occasionally allow one of our sons to choose one of the future females from your bloodline and see what happens…”

I freeze in his arms at this information. I then feel the pup I carry kick me and I growl at him.

“I will not let you put your filthy cock inside me and I will never carry one of your demons…”

He chuckles again as he runs his tongue over my ear once more as he says,

“Oh, you will, my dear, as you will not have a choice. I will have you chained to my bed for my pleasure… And my pleasure only, I will
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Barbara McDonald
I love this book & I can’t wait to see what happens next I really felt for Zachariah When I found out he would need to kill Yasmine in order to break the contract.
goodnovel comment avatar
Sandra Allen
that's quite the twist. great read, excellent book.

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