The Mafia’s Exclusive Stripper

The Mafia’s Exclusive Stripper

By:  Abbywritess  Completed
Language: English
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“You don’t know how much I’ve been dying to hear you scream beneath me.” He whispered into my right ear with his husky and extremely sexy voice. I groaned as I moved slightly, hitting his dick lightly with my movement and he growled as he took my breast in his palm. “Then fuck me, I’ll scream all you want. I’ll do whatever, just fuck me.” I begged, he was no longer my boss, he was now someone I wanted to take all of my innocence away. ———————————- After being forced to quit her job because of her abusive boss, Hazel Wallace searched for jobs to no avail, soon she saw the opportunity to be a stripper. Falling in love was not included in the contract Hazel signed, she was just a stripper in his club and his private slut. The contract was to make sure neither of them develop feelings for the other. But what happens when an incident from the past comes in between them, threatening what they share? Warning: Mature content, BDSM, fights and blood.

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131 Chapters
Chapter 1
Hazel’s POV“You’re fired!” I heard my boss roar and all that I had in mind was running away. The blood gushing out of the side of his head was terrifying and what was more terrifying was the fact that I’d done that.I smirked as I hid my fear under a fake bravado, he could decide to press charges but I knew he wouldn’t, he had just tried to touch me inappropriately so pressing any charges wouldn’t really end well for him.“Good, because I fucking QUIT!” I yelled as I made my way out of his office, I could feel the eyes of my colleague following me but I didn’t care, I had bruises at the side of my lips from the slap I’d received from him for not cooperating.I should’ve seen the signs, I should’ve known something like this was bound to happen, I noticed him staring at me sexually and many times he would pass sexual advances to me, I didn’t think it was something to be worried about and that was where I got it all wrong.I walked to my car and decide to drive back home as fast as I co
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Chapter 2
Damian’s POV“Don’t shoot! Don’t fucking shoot!” I yelled, the room was foggy from the teargas they’d released and I could barely see. My house was under attack from the rival gang and they’d met her inside the house.She was pregnant and my life flashed right in front of my eyes when I heard the sound of gunshot followed by the revving sound of vehicles driving off.“No, no,” I crawled to her side and there she was, covered in her own pool of blood, she was laying there cold and my blood dried as I stared at her.My world stood completely still. Nothing moved. Not even the sound of the receding car and the footsteps of the man that had just pulled the trigger made a sound as they all left my compound. Colors faded as I felt my chest tighten in pain, anger and my blood boiled with revenge.A cold, shivering wind blew on the back of my neck and ears like the touch of cold fingers. Suddenly, my whole world seemed unnaturally dark like all the lights went out when Mia breathed her last b
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Chapter 3
Hazel’s POV“I just can’t do it, Alesha. Stripping in front of hundreds of eyes is against my moral standard.” I fumed as I paced about the sitting room.Alesha had just gotten off from her shift and had told me her club was in need of a stripper, I know she saw nothing wrong with it but I do. I’m not just prepared to allow those hungry men see me naked.“You don’t have to pull the whole thing off,” she explained and my eyes widened again, “you could still leave your bra and panties on if you’re not comfortable with pulling it all off.” She added and it was as though a bell was ringing in my head.“JUST LISTEN TO YOURSELF, ALESHA. DO IT IF YOU WANT TO! I’M OUT!” I yelled as I picked up my phone to leave for my room. I really am desperate for a job but not that desperate.“You don’t think I’ve tried? I work as a waitress there already, it’s not open for people like me anymore. Besides it’s going to be in the VIP room, no one is really allowed in there asides the big names.” She added a
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Chapter 4
Damian’s POV“Kill him.” I ordered as I cracked my fingers and turned my back at the man that was already bleeding profusely and at the verge of death but still somehow begging to not be killed.“Please, Boss. Please, I promise I would stop working for them and—““So you admit you’re working for them while also working for me?” I asked, not turning to look at him as I spoke, he’d just ratted us out to our rival gang and he had the nerve to deny.He’d just shot himself in the leg when all I did was just a little bit of torture.I turned to look at him and I was satisfied at the realization he had on his face, he didn’t know when he blew his own whistle.I looked at his hand on the table and even that sight too was also pleasing, I’d only chopped three of fingers off, I wanted to do more but I had a dinner date with my mother, keeping her waiting was one thing I detested doing.“Please boss. They offered me a lot of—“ I didn’t let him finish his statement when I pulled the trigger, shoo
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Chapter 5
Damian’s POVI angrily made my way out of the house as I walked to my car, I’d placed a call to one of my men and since I needed to let some steam off, I had him prepare a few things.“Yeah, get her too.” I answered as I hung up the call, I stood for a while to smoke my cigarette and I kicked the little trash can outside the house angrily.“Son of a bitch!” I growled as I walked to my car and got in, I ordered that I be taken back to the apartment set aside for my sex slave.We got there in nothing less than minutes and I found the one I’d tied up still waiting for me on the bed, I looked around to see the other coming out of the bathroom.“You know what to do now, get to work.” I let out in a groan as I got on the bed and took off the blindfold of the other girl, she got closer to me and took in my scent, something about that made my cock kick even harder.“You too.” I whispered as I laid on the bed and the girl who’d just got out of the bathroom came on to join us and help pull my c
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Chapter 6
Hazel’s POVThe sound of the girls moaning and the sight of them pleasuring Damian was excruciatingly painful, I’d stood to leave but I was stopped by the men at the door, unable to do anything I went back to the chair I’d sat on earlier.“what are you doing?” I said but it came out in a whisper as one of the men starts tying me up, I looked up to see Damian smirk and I could immediately tell that this was his own way of punishing me for being rude to him.I swallowed down hard as I forced the bile at the back of my throat to go down, he’d signaled to one of the girls to come to me.The sight of her juicy pussy and the pinkness of it sent me into a haze, she rubbed it slightly and I could see her liquid drip as she brought her fingers to her mouth to lick it.I felt a slight drip under my panties, I had no idea what that was. I’d never been in a situation like this before, I only watch porn and slightly satisfy myself by myself but this was different, I wanted things done to me and wh
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Chapter 7
Hazel’s POV I picked up my phone as I found my way out of the bathroom, naked. The place wasn’t really crowded and I’d called Alesha who informed me about the secret way out that was only meant for emergencies.“Don’t ask.” I snarled as I got into her car and mentally slapped myself, the look Damian had on his face when he’d walked in on me naked still surfaced in my head and I closed my eyes out of frustration.“I know you told me not to ask but where the fuck are your clothes?” She asked with her eyes wide as she handed me the new clothes she had at her back seat.Alesha always held extra clothes just in case she wouldn’t come back home and would need to work the next day. I rolled my eyes as I ignored her questions because that would only lead to me telling her about masturbating in the bathroom and Damian walking in on me.“Okay, don’t answer.” She laughed and the look I gave her made her stop laughing as she drove out of the driveway.I made up my mind not to go to the club the
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Chapter 8
Damian’s POVI tried as hard as I could to look away from her but I couldn’t, she was dressed in a black and extremely short gown that made my dick kick the minute I saw her.Her perfectly shaped legs that I imagined on my shoulders and around my neck and her dark red lip gloss on her plum lips, everything about her seemed to turn me on and I soon start feeling hot in the cold room.I watched as the lady who was supposed to be her teacher did her job flawlessly but nothing about what she did was thrilling as I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Hazel, she looked absolutely stunning.I coughed dryly and I signaled for the girl to stop, she’d had enough show time and now I wanted to see what Hazel had learnt and it looked as though she knew what she was doing.I watched as she walked over to me and with a finger placed on my lips so I wouldn’t say anything, her boldness had surely gone over the edge in just hours.She made her way back to her bag as she picked it up and walked to the bathr
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Chapter 9
Hazel’s POVI heard the slight groan and I saw the way his grip tightened on the glass as my boobs dangled right at his face. I heard him gulp down hard and I could swear I saw the desire in his eyes and the desperation to take me.For a moment, my pussy throbbed and my nipple hardened as they longed for him to put his usual cold fingers on them. How could I still have this lustful desire for someone who’s treated me like crap and is about to be my boss?The sound of his phone ringing jolted the both of us out of our thought, I had no idea what I was doing with his trousers zipper but I allowed whatever part of me was in control to continue being in it.I’d begged for a shot of tequila from Alesha and knowing what I was about to do, she agreed.“How’d you think I did?” I asked the other sexy lady that was supposed to be my teacher, train me and let me know more about the art of stripping.“You were more than a stripper, you were a slut!” She hollered and I had no idea if that was a go
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Chapter 10
Damian’s POVThe sight of my father as he stood outside his car with his walking stick disgusted me and for a moment I’d wanted to sprint over there and just snap his neck. It was horrible but for years I’d wanted my father dead and not just that, I longed for the satisfaction of being the one to do it.“Why are you here?” I asked, “this is my territory and you have no right being here. Let him go.” I ordered, finishing my statement as I turned to leave but the sound of his roaring laughter stopped me.“Oh Damian, you never cease to amaze me,” He started as he walked over to me, I looked at his leg and the state of it gave me a sense of satisfaction. I’d done that to him.“Just a few years on your own and you think you know how to run a Mafia now?” He asked, coming to a halt in front of me.“Well thankfully, it runs in the blood. I have nothing to say to you and I have no idea why you’re disrupting my men but that package is mine and it should get to my warehouse if you don’t want a p
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