Chapter Three

Thea's POV

      She was smiling the whole time as she played with the others kids in the playground. It was looking like she had stepped out in this world for the first time. Alisa stood beside me, holding a smile on her lips. She was gazing at them, " You like him. " She asked. 

     " Sienna, yeah! She's a cute kid. " I smiled. 

     " I'm not talking about Sienna. " She tilted her head at me, " I saw you when you were looking at him. I haven't seen you looking at any man like this before, indeed you don't pay attention to opposite sex after whatever happened to us. " She said. 

     I tucked my hair behind my ear and glanced down at the grass, " He's married. " I told her. Indeed, I was feeling hurt that he was married but not to me. 

     " He adopted Sienna. She is the daughter of his late brother and sister in law. That's why I always asked you to take interest in knowing the whole information. " She said and shrugged her shoulders. 

    I felt a hope rising inside me. But it immediately died when I remembered who I was? I had played a fake wife of a married person, Although I didn't know the truth at first. I don't know how to move on with this burden as I was forced to be in it by my mother. His wife was standing in front of me, carrying his child in her womb. 

      " I've no future with any guy. " I disappointedly told her. 

      " That beast is no longer part of our life. You always told me this, ain't you? Most important, you weren't his wife ever. " She said, staring at me. 

     " I really don't know Alisa, how will I handle all this? It's not right. I feel scared when a man comes near to me. " I told her. In fact, I can take out your screams from my mind. 

     " Thea! Come on, I didn't see your fear from him. " She stared at me and pursed her lips.  

     ' Because I felt something for him, but what? I don't know. ' I wanted to say to her. 

       Enna held my hand and pulled me toward the group. I am relieved at the moment. They all were chasing each other. 

     I smiled down at her and removed my heels, " Lucy! Take Alisa home. She needs rest. " I told her. Lucy is a nineteen-year-old slim girl. It's her part-time job. She is a sweet and hardworking girl. She takes care of Alisa in my absence and she does teaching too.  

     " Alright, Thea. " She nodded with a smile and walked toward Alisa. 

      I let Enna tug me. I joined them and for a while, I forgot all my worries. I felt as I was with my dad while chasing them. I saw myself in them. 

      It was the closing hour for school. After a few minutes, parents would begin to come to take their kids. It'd be crowded. I don't want her to get hurt accidentally. I know she loves Dylan and her unborn child. But we can't ask people to change their view especially when they are self-centred. Such people will always prefer their needs and happiness, they'll put themselves instead of someone who truly loves them. 

       Enna was trying to kick a football. Her smile never left her. Abruptly, she stopped and walked toward me, " What's wrong? " I asked. 

      " I can't kick it anymore. I want to sleep. " She said. She always demanded things. She tried to climb on the bench where I was sitting. I let her effort. She climbed up and sat in my lap. She wrapped her tiny arms around me in embracing me. There were her bodyguards, perhaps staring at me from behind the glasses. It was comforting that anyone would think twice before walking at our side. 

      " Are you hungry, Enna? " I asked her, wrapping my arm around her. 

      " No, I ate an apple, pastry, and bread. I also drink milk with my new friends. " She said in her soft voice. 

     " Did you like your friends? " I asked her, gazing down at her. 

     " Yes, But I like you most. " She said and placed her head on my chest. I looked down at her, her eyes were getting heavy. I stood up taking her with me. I paced toward my office. I bent down to lay her on the couch. But she clung to me. I smiled and sat on the couch taking her with me.

       I was waiting for Mr Guerrero. I glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. My phone vibrated in my pocket. Enna stirred in my lap. I instantly took it out and swiped on the message. 

       Are you okay? It's too late. - Alisa. 

      I clicked on the touch screen, ' Mr Guerrero has not come yet. I'm fine. Stop worrying. ' I jotted and sent her instantly. 

      I put my phone aside. Resting my head back, thinking about the day I ran away taking Alisa with me...... 

       I was sitting in the dining room, eating my breakfast. Indeed, I didn't touch it. My eyes were in front of me, at the girl to whom he was beating at night. She is a beautiful girl with grey eyes, long and thick lashes, diamond cut face and dark brown hair and a bit taller than me. Dylan was sitting on the head chair. 

     " Did you like your room, Thea. " He asked, breaking the ominous silence. 

     " Yes, I like it. Thanks. " I nervously said. 

      I could not forget the beast inside him. Whenever I looked at him, I saw his vicious face, raising his hand on her. She was calmly sitting on her chair and eating her breakfast. If I wouldn't have seen all that I never had trusted what Dylan did to her. 

    " You must be thinking, who is she? " Dylan asked. 

     " Um, yes, " I nodded. I was waiting for him to leave us alone, so I could ask her, why was she tolerating all this? 

     " Well! " He put his fork down, " She is Alisa, my wife. " He said with a smile. 

      My eyes threatened to jump out with shock. The spoon fell from my grip, twanging on the glass table. Alisa was staring at me. I opened my mouth to speak but could not. I was perplexed on his mentality. He was already married, how could he do this to me? I was glaring at him partly for his betrayal partly his rudeness and wild behaviour toward his wife Alisa. 

     " Well! I love my wife," he said, making my jaw drop on the ground. 

     If he loved her why did he slap her last night? I wanted to ask. But my cowardice side did not allow me.

      A man in a coat was standing a few steps back from him. He looked at him. The man came forward with a file. " Let me tell you, we are not married. I'm already married. So this is baseless. I can do anything for my business and my love. " He ogled at Alisa as he loved her the most and wouldn't hurt her. He immediately slipped the document toward me which we signed yesterday, " I've arranged your stay and paid the fee of your college. You can say I have my sources. Whenever your parents will come... um, I don't think it will be needed. I told them, I'm married, still, your mother wants this wedding. " he stated. 

       I wanted to know the reasons, why did my mother do this? " Why did you do this drama?" I asked him a bit angrily. 

     " I don't know, why did your family do this? The project we signed is important for my company. There's no use to explain to you anything about business as I know you don't understand anything. You can question your family later. But I'll advise you to do it after finishing your study. " He said.

       I was hearing him carefully, whatever he was saying. He was right. That was expected by my mother. My main focus was the file which he handed me. I was reading carefully what he slipped in my hands. It was normal written things that he would pay for my study and signed my expenditure for next three years, it was in a marriage paper's shape, "I'm not bothering if you have paid for my further study or not. I want an air ticket to London. I'm glad we are not married. I salute your sources. " I told him with an ear to ear smile. But my smile faded when I glanced at Alisa. 

        " Sure, sweetheart, you'll get the copy of this agreement paper within an hour. You'll get your ticket to London along with it. " He said and stood up. 

       He inclined down to kiss his wife. I immediately dropped my eyes. I could not explain how happy I was. That hour was the most difficult time of my life. Finally, his man handed me the papers and my air ticket. He was cruel to his wife, fortunately, he didn't hurt me. I just wanted to flee from here. I was never married to him. Of course, it's illegal. It was expected, still, I was shocked at my mother. Why was she doing this all? I could tell, she must be planning something against her new business rival and of course some way to destroy him. 

     Not my business, I told myself.

     It was the most beautiful day of my life

as I got rid of my mother's coop and got rid of this fake husband. 

      All of a sudden, I felt something brushing my skin. I snapped open my eyes, " Mr Guerrero. " I whispered. My heart was beating faster. I straightened on my back as Enna was still in my lap. He was still bent. Without any delay, I handed him Enna, carefully as I didn't want her to awake. Our fingers brushed, making my skin tingle. I instantly pulled my hands away. 

       I did not glance at him as I pushed myself from the couch. I plucked the keys from the table, my handbag and phone. He walked ahead of me taking Enna with him. I locked the office room and paced out. All rooms were already locked. I locked the main door and got him standing out of his stylish black car. He sauntered at me when he saw me. 

       " Miss Loughty, thank you so much for taking care of my daughter. " He said in his soft voice.

       " Your daughter is so cute. " I said. My stupid lips were curving in a smile beholding him in front of me. I bit my lips between my teeth and drop my gaze. I don't wanna do anything stupid, " Alisa is waiting for me. Bye. " I said. 

      " Sure, Pleasure to meet you, Miss. " I listened to him. 

      Before he could address me with my fake surname. I cut him off, " Please, I'll prefer Thea. " I said to him. I almost said in a pleading tone. I wanted to hear it from his mouth. 

      " Okay, Thea. I was stuck at an important conference. I didn't mean to make you wait. " he said. 

      " No issue, your security did not let me feel any threat of being alone. " I said. 

      He smiled and nodded at me. I smiled back and trod at my car. Getting in my seat in the car, I headed toward the house. I saw him through the rearview mirror. He was still glancing at my car. My heart hopped in hoping to feel him the same for me as I felt.

    Do I have any chance with him? I thought. 

      " Er, stop it, Thea. " I told myself. 



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