Chapter Two

Thea's POV

       The door of my room opened with a loud thud, making me jump. I screamed while looking at the door.

         " I didn't mean to scare you. " Alisa said, her hand was on her swollen stomach which was jutted out with her pregnancy of seventh months. 

        I instantly got up from the mattress and paced at her. I held her by arm and made her sit on the couch, " You didn't scare me. I was just lost somewhere in my thoughts. " I told her, sitting on the wooden table. 

       " Why do you start your day with horrible thoughts? " she said and stared at me. 

      I knew she wanted to forget all that and me also. But I can't help the nightmares. Her screams echoed in my ears, " You should not wander like this, especially stairs. You should rest, Alisa. " I told her. 

     " Perhaps, you didn't glance at the clock, Thea. " She said, pulling a pillow behind her back. 

       I glanced at the clock and jumped on my feet, " Oh My God, I'll get late for the classes again. " I said out loudly. 

      " Calm down, take your time. I'll attend the kids until you come down and ready to leave. " Alisa said, smiling at me. 

        " Alisa, are you sure? I mean. I'm worried about you. I don't want you to get yourself hurt. " I told her and bit my lip. 

        It has been the Seventh month of that horrible night. Next day, I somehow managed to run away from his coop with Alisa. But I always felt when I walked out of the house that someone was watching over me. 

        " I'm fine Thea, all thanks to you. " She smiled. 

       " Oh! Come on sister. Well, have you had your breakfast? " I asked, holding her hand and getting back on the wooden table. 

       " Yes, I did. Now go, Thea, if you don't wanna get late, " She said with a smile, pushing me while holding my both hands at the washroom. 

       I giggled and walked at the washroom. " You are not coming upstairs next time. " I told her. 

      " If you'll get up early in the morning every day, then I can hear you. " She chuckled, " I should go. "

       " Where is Lucy? " I asked her. 

       " After preparing our breakfast, I asked her to go to school to make the classrooms clean and arrange things properly. " She said.

       " Be careful on stairs, " I nodded. 

       " Okay, your breakfast...... " I cut her off. 

       " Don't stress about me, Alisa. I'll be there soon. " I intensely told her. I wanted her to take care of herself instead of worrying over me. 

       " Okay, make it hurry. Oh! I forgot to tell you one thing. Mr Luca Guerrero and his daughter Sienna Guerrero are visiting today. If we hooked it. Mr Guerrero can donate to our school and that money will help to study those kids who can't afford to study. " She said before leaving my room. 

       " Okay, I'll be there soon. " I rubbed my fingers over my forehead. 

       I fully skipped it from my mind. Mr Guerrero is a billionaire. He wants his daughter to spend her life like a normal girl among normal children. After this meeting, he will decide whether his daughter will study here or not. Alisa said it can be important for our school. I believe her as she knows such things better than me. It was her idea to run a school. My Aunt and cousin Calvin appreciated it. Only aunt and Calvin knows where we are. 

       We are not sisters but we are more than sisters. In these past seven months, we have gone through a lot. Thanks to Aunt Olivia and Calvin. He arranged our fake IDs, certificates. According to our new fake IDs. I'm twenty-one years old while I'm just eighteen. Alisa is twenty-five years old while she is twenty-one. We are sisters and our parents died in a car accident, according to our fake story. We ran a nursery school. The school was only five minutes away from our resident. Our home was a beautiful two-storey house, enough for us. 

        I draped a towel around my body and hurried at the cupboard. I wanted to look professional today. I plucked pink coat pants and white shirt. I donned it immediately. I combed my straight long hair and applied some makeup. I put on my white pointed heels. I picked my handbag and checked my phone. 

      " Crap! The battery is low." I whispered. 

       I glanced at the screen. Alisa's message popped on the screen, she has reached school. 

      I grabbed the charger and dumped it in my handbag along with the phone. I rushed out of the house. After locking it, I unlocked my car. I got in and strapped myself. Turning the keys, I drove as I started my daily routine. Well! It's not the first time I got late for work. I missed being in college. I turned on the music, enjoying the songs. 

        I skipped my heartbeat, When I saw a queue of expensive cars outside of our school. I pulled over the car in puzzlement. Different thoughts ran in my mind. I was worried about Alisa. Vigilantly, I directly walked toward our office. I could see men in black suits standing after every ten steps. My hands got cold. I was getting tense about Alisa.

         Is Dylan here? Oh, God! Please prove me wrong. 

    Quickening my pace, I reached outside of the office. My heels were reverberating in the hall. I wasn't sure whether their eyes were on me or not. I couldn't fathom behind their black glasses. I peeped in. Alisa was sitting on the head chair with a small smile. I inhaled in alleviation. There was a tall man in a shiny black suit. I could not see his face. My ear caught the sweet voice of a little girl who was walking on her tiny feet in the office. She stumbled on her feet and was going to fall. I immediately slipped my hands under her arms and scooped her up in my arms. She was light weighted. She was a cute child with big green eyes and was in a pink dress, looking like a cute doll. Her mother must adore her most. 

       " Wo princess! You were going to fall. " I said with a smile, taking her in my arms. 

       She giggled, " I'm Enna, who is the princess. " She sweetly asked. 

       There was a mirror on the wall, " Look there, a cute little girl in a pink dress is looking like a princess. " I told her smilingly. 

       She laughed, " You're also in a pink dress. " She sweetly told me and rested her tiny hands on my cheeks and smiled. 

      " Enna, It's not good to touch people like this. " I heard a male sexy voice. 

        " It's okay. She's just a kid. " I said and looked up. I found myself unable to speak as I looked in his eyes. His lips were curved into a small smile, making him more gorgeous. Warmth spread through my entire body as I found his green eyes on me. 

      Oh god! Please tell me he's not married. 

       " She's my sister, Thea. " Alisa smiled. 

        His eyes were already on me. He extended his hand, " Luca Guerrero. " He softly said, pulling his hand out. 

        I put Enna on her feet, " Thea Loughty. " I smiled back. I was used to my fake surname now. I felt the tingles in my body when his skin touched mine. My pulses began to flow faster, my heart was already beating rapidly. I was overwhelmed with surprise, my body was responding to his touch. 

       ' He's married. He has a daughter. ' I called in my brain to keep away the thoughts. 

         His eyes were still on me. I felt as he could hear my inner voice, the race of my pulses and heart. It was hard to look away from him. My head was spinning. He is so handsome, his grip on my hand describes his physical strength. His coat was tailored like, it was made to show the v shape of his body. I don't wanna make the situation any weird, so reluctantly I pulled my hand. For a second, I thought he was frozen on his spot. 

      He cleared his throat, " Ms Loughty, My daughter will join today, But security guards will always stay around her. " he said. 

      " That's not an issue Mr Guerrero. Make sure they don't show themselves to Sienna until it's necessary as you want to provide her normal environment like normal kids. " Alisa said. 

     I squatted down, " Enna, are you ready to meet more princesses and make new friends? " I asked. 

    " Friends! They'll play with me. " She asked. 

    " Of course! They will, Sienna. " Alisa replied with a smile. 

    " Come, Enna. Let me introduce you to your new friends. " I told her. 

    She hopped in excitement, " Enna, you'll fall. " He said softly 

    " She'll not fall. Don't worry. " I told him. 

    His green eyes met mine again. It every time left a new mark on me. He nodded instantly, " Enna! " He scooped her up, " I'm going to the office. But I promise I'll be back soon. Later, we'll talk about what you did the whole day. " He said to her sweetly.

     " Okay, daddy. " She told him with a smile. 

     To my astonish, she spread her arms at me to pick her up. I could not deny such a cutie. I instantly opened my arms. She's just four years old. Alisa told me last night. Mr Guerrero leaned in closer, making my heart raced. He pecked on her cheek, " Be a good girl. " he whispered and stepped back. 

       I heaved deeply as he stood two feet away. I could still smell his cologne. I quickly glanced at him and then back to Enna, " Let's go. " I whispered. 

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