15 The New Couple

She couldn't sleep that night. She couldn't understand what she feels. She is so mad at Carlos for not informing her about where he is or what he is doing. She is angry that he didn't even check on her. She knows how she can solve her problems. She just needs to call or send a message to Carlos first, but she couldn't give in to him. Sending a message or calling first would mean that she is admitting about her feelings for him. She never had this feeling before. She liked her ex-girlfriends and she maybe fell in love with some of them, but she never felt angry when they never sent her a message. She actually never cared if they pay attention to her or not.

She was staring at her phone for many hours now, not knowing what to do. She hates herself for feeling like a fool thinking about someone who is maybe now feeling so relaxed and okay.

"Hello." She finally decided to call Carlos. The man answered the phone immediately with only a short

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