The Man Who Made Me Become A Woman

The Man Who Made Me Become A Woman

By:  Arjay Canonigo  Ongoing
Language: English
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YOLO! You only live once.That is my motto in life. I don't care about what other people would say and think about me. I am me. And others' opinions don't matter.I am Alexa Lopez, Alex for short. Everyone calls me by that name, including my parents. I am a proud lesbian and I am lucky that my parents accept me for who I am but sometimes my mom still wishes that I will wake up to my senses one day and meet a man.Me? Meeting a man? Yuck!I heard many times from my friends and some relatives that I look pretty. They said I have a good body and they are sure that if I am a straight girl, many boys will chase after me.But that will never happen. I am not pretty, I am handsome.I am 17 years old, still a teenager and young as they say but I am already mature. I already had 3 girlfriends in the past and all of them were head over heals at me. I can't blame them, I treated them nicely and I did my best to be a good partner for them, giving them gifts, accompanying them when they go shopping and help them with their studies. I sometimes even do their homework and their projects.I am the only child in my family and I must say we are financially stable. My dad is a lawyer and my mom is a dermatologist.I am currently a senior high school student in Mary Poppins International School and I am also one of the varsity players of the women's basketball team. I am quite famous I must say.It may seem that I have everything, but inside this tough person is still a fragile lady.

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Marilyn Avila
2020-11-06 16:06:25
24 Chapters
1 Alex Lopez
The gym was so loud that day. It was crowded with people cheering for their schools. Today is the final match in interschool division for women's basketball. It is a game between Mary Poppins International School and St. Matthews College. You can barely hear your own voice due to the loud cheers from the crowd. The score is now 72 – 71 in favor of St. Matthews College and only 14 seconds is left in the game clock. Cheering squad from both schools are doing their best to make the crowd be involved in the game. Loud noises from drums can be heard in all four corners of the gym and shouts from both girls and boys can be heard everywhere.The coach of MPIS Tigers called for a time-out to strategize their game. They will play the offense and they have to do their best to make a goal and win the game. After the time-out, all players went back to the playing court. Paula Barry, one of the main players of MPIS is the one inbounding the bal
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2 The Dinner
Alex reached the restaurant earlier than the appointed time. The restaurant is located on the first floor of a hotel downtown. This is her grandma's favorite restaurant. Her granny, as she calls her, loves fine dining restaurants. After she retired, she started fancying travelling, buying branded items and going to expensive diners. Every time her granny is around, they visit this particular restaurant, making them one of their VIP customers. Alex decided to wait for her mom and granny in the hotel lobby while playing with her phone. She scrolls Instagram posts from friends and also stalking some gorgeous and sexy women from her friends' friends. As a teenager, her goal is to make as many pretty female friends as possible, opening for possibilities for a deeper relationship with anyone of them. She is not the type of person who would be serious in a relationship, she's still so young anyway and her life motto is to enjoy her youth.Her m
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3 The Guilt
Two hours after the dinner, Alex is still in a cafe. Though it is already late, she doesn't want to go home. She thinks all of the possible reasons how she can convince her granny to call off the agreement she has with Carlos’ grandfather but until now, she couldn't think of a good plan. If she is a straight woman, maybe she would consider it since Carlos looks nice and he is like the type of man that you can boss around. If a woman marries her, it would be easy for her to make him do whatever she wants. But she is not that type of person, she doesn't even consider herself as a woman. Marrying a man is way beyond her dreams. For her, it is a nightmare. She never checked her phone since she left the hotel. She heard it ringing many times and she was sure it is from her mother, so she didn't pick it up. She is also mad at her. How could she not say anything when her daughter's future is at stake. Alex doesn't expect her to go against her gr
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4 The Playful Carlos Mendez
Alex spent the whole day in her room. She asked the maids not to disturb her. She wants to take a rest and think about what she has to do next. She needs to think about what Carlos suggested to her. Carlos went to the guest room immediately to take a rest as well. After taking a shower, he settled himself on the bed to sleep for a few hours. It is not difficult for him to sleep in a new place since he is used to travelling to different cities with his father and grandfather for business reasons. He could sleep easily anywhere he is. He even experienced sleeping in benches in the airport overseas when their flight was delayed.The mansion of the Lopez's is very famous in the area. Their family is known as one of the richest in their city and all the members from their family are respected by many. Despite this fame, Alex was raised to be humble and respectful towards others. Her parents always reminded her that she is the same as other pe
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5 Her Weak Side
Her Weak SideAlex stood up immediately which made Carlos' head bump on her shoulder. He let out a loud 'ouch!'."What's wrong this time? What did I do again?" Carlos complained.Alex can't believe what she is hearing from this man. He is not only good in making fun of other people but also in acting. She acted to punch Carlos but the guy he wanted to hurt is smiling back at her."Please grow up. You're so childish. Don't pretend to be nice in front of others." Alex is now almost shouting."What are you talking about? Are you angry because I asked you to buy me sandwich? I will pay you tomorrow. I don't have enough cash now and I forgot my cards. How can you be so stingy to your future husband?" Carlos still in his character.The voices of the two woke granny Isabela up. She sat down on her bed and looked directly at the two."What's happening? Are the two o
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6 The Deal
"I promise to always protect you. Stop crying." Hearing this from Carlos made Alex cry more, not because she was moved with these words but because she can't believe how this man still tries to pretend that he is concerned about her even without his parents and granny. She realized that he really can't be serious, and she shouldn't trust him. Alex let go from him. He went back to his seat opposite to Alex's and stared at her, again smiling."Do you feel better now?" He asked.Alex didn't answer. She sipped her coffee and grabbed at bite of the cake in front of her. She wanted to run away from him, but she doesn't have the energy to do so. She is now very confused, and she doesn't have any idea what to do with her problems. How can she tell her granny that she really can't marry this man? Aside from she is a lesbian, she also cannot accept to be spending more time with a human as selfish and insensitive as him."Let's get ma
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7 The Announcement
Carlos and Alex spent the night sleeping in the sofa on both ends. Alex made sure to keep an acceptable distance between the two of them. She doesn't want to give Carlos even a slight chance of being near her. She’s afraid she would give him the wrong idea that she likes being near him or they might become so close to each other and forget about their agreement. The two of them are already awake when Mr. and Mrs, Lopez arrived. They brought breakfast for them which they shared immediately. They are both hungry even though they ate cake last night."Will your parents not look for you, Carlos? You've been staying here for two nights now. Did you inform them that you would be staying here with us?" Mr. Lopez asked Carlos. As a parent, he doesn't want his parents to get worried at him like what he would feel if Alex doesn't go home for two nights."Granny asked grandpa for me to stay here until tomorrow sir so I'm sure they are
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8 The Unexpected Person
The next day, Alex was very excited to meet his gf. She asked her parents' permission for her to sleep over in her teammate’s place. Since her parents trust her, they always allow her to sleep over in her friend's house as long as she asks for their permission in advance. She packed extra clothes and uniform. She has to attend her class the next day. She is strict when it comes to attending her classes. She never missed any class in the past even though she was sick. It is rare for her to be absent.After preparing her stuff, she left her place and headed for school. She was busy the whole day. She never allowed her excitement to destruct her concentration in her classes.At 4 pm, she got a message from someone. It was from the same phone number who sent her a message last night."I checked-in in Hush Motel downtown. I already told the receptionist that I'm expecting someone. You can come directly in room 305."
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9 The Dog-Cat Relationship
Alex can't help but stare at the man sleeping in front of her. He looks very gentle when he is asleep. She must admit that this guy is not that bad when it comes to his looks. In fact, many girls would fall for him because of his height and his body, not to mention his small face and pink lips. Alex tried to brush off what she was thinking by focusing on the movie shown in TV. She couldn’t help but think how she would look like if she is a straight woman. How would she behave as a girlfriend? She starts asking herself about her feelings for this man. She was sure before that she would never fall for a man but nowadays, she can't explain what she feels whenever Carlos takes care of her or when he teases her. These are the feelings she never thought she would feel for the opposite gender. She was surprised when her phone rang. She forgot to set it to silent mode and the sound was quite loud that it woke Carlos up."Hello." Alex answe
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10 The Night They are Together
Carlos and Alex went back to the motel still very quiet. They can't help but to be awkward with each other and they also had to pretend like nothing happened. Actually, it is only Alex who feels awkward. Carlos has a fixed smile on his face and anyone who would see the two would think that he is a gentleman pursuing a girl he likes a lot. For Alex, she regretted kissing Carlos. Her main purpose for doing it was to stop him from talking but she never thought she would feel something different. There was like an electricity that attracts her to do it again.For Carlos, it was nothing but of course he doesn't want to fall for her or the other way around, that would make things complicated. He was happy at first to know that Alex is a lesbian so he thought it would be easy for them to pretend to be happily married after their wedding in front of their families.After arriving in their room, they both put their plastic bags of food on
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