19 The Realization

Alex and Carlos didn’t meet that day. She didn’t receive any call nor text from him. She tried to reach him many times by calling and sending messages but there was not any single reply from him. Alex went home that late afternoon feeling confused. A part of her is mad at Carlos for making her wait but there is also a part of her that says maybe he is busy with something, or maybe like last time, there was an emergency that he has to attend to. Or maybe Carlos, like how she was to her ex-girlfriends is not serious in having a relationship with her.

When she arrived her place, she walked to her room immediately. She doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Her parents were surprised to see her home. They tried to ask her a question, but she ignored them and just headed for the stairs as fast as she could.

“Do you think they fought?” asked Mr. Lopez who is now in the living room with his wife.

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Clariza Margaret Ignacio
Ugghhh Carlos what are you hiding???!!!

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