Maisie entered her apartment slowly, she was in a good mood today after she was given the case, nothing could have spoiled her mood even when she heard some bitchy women at work who were saying that she had already opened her legs for Mr. Huggins and that was why he gave her the case. 

    Maisie would have been angry, but she knew that they were just jealous and irritated because they knew that within a short period that she is going to outshine them. Now the bubble she was in while she was in work has slowly faded away, each step she took to her apartment was filled with dread, but she refuses to back down. It was her apartment, and something was wrong with it. Or so her senses tell her, but she would be damned if she is forced to leave her apartment because of a mere feeling. 

   First, if she does leave the apartment, Betty will either be as worried as possible and come to stay wit

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