The Millionaire Ghost
The Millionaire Ghost
Author: MJ Opera


Moving to another city is stressful for the average person who doesn't like to move. It is even more so for Maisie who had never left her city since she was born. Okay so maybe she moved around when she was little but could not remember anymore. What she does know is that she has been in one city since forever and now she is no longer there.

 And that thought is scary, scary but real for her, she had time to get used to the idea of her moving to a new city while she was in school. After all, she got accepted by the firm where she relocated to while she was still in school. She was brilliant and her employer acknowledged this.

Now if she was half as comfortable as she was brilliant, she knew that she would make a big hit but sadly she was not. Her lifeline was not in the present, her lifeline was about a sweet crazy friend whose name was Bethany (shortened Betty) and who still holds the first position on Maisie scale of crazy people she had ever met. Betty was her closest friend, the person who had stuck with her through thick and thin. Betty even followed her to law school just so she won't be alone and that is saying something since Betty hasn't discovered her passion in life then. Imagine after graduating from law school as one of the top twenty in her class, the psycho chose to open a flower shop!

 Of course, that annoyed the hell out of Betty's parents, but they loved her to the moon and back and she had a way of skirting around them and doing whatever the hell she wants without the fear of any repercussions.

 Maisie wished that her friend could have followed her but that was just selfish of her after all, Betty family have finally reached the end of their patience with Betty and the girl knew that if she opened her mouth to say that she is moving to another state just to open a flower shop, she knew that she would be disowned and her favorite aunt who always had her back could do nothing to change her parents minds.

 Maisie wishes she had a family like that, but the truth is that Betty is her family, her only family. The girl had stuck with her and shared everything with her. When her passion was to go to the law school, but she could not due to insufficient funds, Betty searched the city and the environs until she got someone to sponsor Maisie in school. Betty parents were well to do, not so much but they lived alright. Not Maisie, she was as poor as a church rat and left the foster system at eighteen with not much with her except her clothes and shoes which she had then. And now seven years later, she is finally making a way for herself. She would soon start making money doing what she loves and the only thing wrong with the deal is that she is without her safety net, her best friend, the one person who had always had her back and will always do, Betty! She was also aware that as soon as things have calmed down with Betty family, she will move to meet her. Staying away from Maisie is never in Betty's best interest, Betty had told Maisie a good number of times that if she is away from Maisie that she is always nervous and worried. In short, she feels like a mama bear letting go of her young.

Maisie phone rang and without looking at the caller she picked the call. She knew that there would only be one person who was calling her, it was the same person who has been calling every forty-five minutes since her phone had been off flight mode. The same person who made Maisie feel like she had some semblance of family, the same person whom Maisie is feeling like she could strangle soon enough because of the overprotective and concerned act she got going.

  Rolling her eyes, she answered her call. "Hi, mom. "

 " Hello dear. " Betty replied ignoring Maisie sarcasm. " got in okay. "

 " Still in a cab but I am close to reaching my apartment. " Maisie said as Betty was silent for a little while.

  " How close is close. " Betty asked.

 Maisie's mouth dropped open. " you got to be kidding me. "

 "I am not, I am just worried. " Betty said as Maisie heard the concern for her in her best friend voice.

  " Yes, like a mother sometimes. " Maisie said as she smiled, she knew that she would have seen Betty shudder if she was in the same place with her.

  " All I want is to stay on the line with you as you check out the apartment. Your first reaction is what I am looking for so that I will have peace of mind that you are okay. "

  " I am okay. " Maisie argues.

   " Your definition of okay is warped and that is why I need to know if you are truly okay or not because I cannot believe you when it comes to your comfort. Also, this way is better than calling you every day and don't think that I wouldn't do it, I will do it. I close my shop today just so that I can do this. " Betty tells Maisie as she groans.

   " You are a pain in my ass you know that, right? " Maisie tells her.

  " I know. I also know that you won't take care of yourself unless I am there and I am worried about you, are you.. " Betty stuttered.

  " Drop the issue. You know that you cannot move out of there now right.  Your family will disown you. " Maisie spluttered.

   " Those were just idle threats. They love me too much to drive me away. " Betty laughed.

  " But still... " Maisie interrupted.

  " You worry too much. " Betty breathed out.

  " Says the mama Bear. " Massie drawled as the two of them started laughing.

 When the cab slowed to a halt, Maisie and Betty had descended to all-round female gossiping, all they needed was to a bottle of wine with them as it will turn into a full-blown Friday night girl meeting.

   " I missed you. " Maisie tells Betty softly.

  " Missed you too, now get your ass out of the cab and go check out the apartment. " Betty orders.

  " Bossy. " Maisie complains but she got out anyway and moved to her apartment all the while with Betty chatting off her ears. .

 There was no way she could hide her initial reaction to the apartment, it was beautiful and at such a low price. It was also dreadful because of how the last occupant left everything in a state of disarray.

 Her reaction was three-letter words that almost made Betty get on the next flight. Those words were " what the heck. "

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