Greed the Rogue 5

Jade was put into a car with Xavier. The driver was one of Mateo's men.

The man was given clear instructions to take Jade back to the hideout that he did not know Mateo knew of and was completely stunned when he heard the address given because it was exactly the right place - now this all just made Jade want to know what was going on.

First, he turned into a werewolf and now? How did he know his boss and everything else? Was there some sort of history between their boss and Mateo?

Jade looked over at Xavier who was still unconscious even after being treated by Mateo's people and punched him on the arm to try and wake him up but there was still no response from him.

Their boss was so gonna be pissed but wait! Why did everyone suddenly die like that, they gave strict instr

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