Loyal to Wrath 15

Heading back to my position, I lube up my fingers and step out of my black sweat pants and kick it to the side. Rubbing my hands over my erect member, I hear Cyro complain, >I thought our first time was supposed to be wonderful but I guess she ruined this too.<

I narrow my eyes as I line myself up and answer, ‘We have our whole lives together. I don’t plan to do it again until he is of age.’

Cyro sighs, >I’ll leave you to it but make sure you don’t hurt him okay,< he warns me. I nod and push against Kaeden, who tenses. I look at him and remind him, “Don’t forget your safe words, Kitten.”

I push in slightly, trying my best not to hurt him. “Ah, Corbin!” He protests, and tries to get away from me. I clasp his hips and push myself in a full inch. “No, no no Corbin, it hurts!” I close my eyes, snake my hand under him and up his chest, firmly gripping his thr

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