Loyal to Wrath 14

As they sat in the room waiting for the x-ray, Kaeden turned to look at Corbin, who was lost in thought. After a moment, Kaeden said, “I want to speak to her alone.”

Corbin looked at him, confused, asking, “Who?” Kaeden turns his head and gazes up at the ceiling. “Charlese,” he answered.

Corbin’s grip tightened around his hand. “Why?” he asked, sounding agitated. Kaeden turned to look at him and smiled. “Don’t you trust me?”

Corbin groaned, “I do trust you. It’s her I don’t trust!”

An hour later, Suzanne returns with the x-ray and a frown, after putting it up on the light board she looks over at the Silver couple, “There are no issues in your abdominal area since everything is healed already and there is no cause for the bleeding.” Kaeden frowns and looks over at Corbin, who is wearing a frown as well.

“Maybe this is caused by the mate bonding that you two have yet to complete,” Suzanne adds,

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