Victim of His Obsession

Victim of His Obsession

By:  Bleed4more  Ongoing
Language: English
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I never dreamed of being harassed with such an admirer. It turns out that his love for me turned him into a dangerous person. Love can truly turn someone into a good or bad situation. In this case, love became cruel to me. I lose my first love and put into the dawn. Where no one can help me. No one can see me, no one knows where I am. Can someone help me out of this? I, Xencia Enclovia Murcos became a victim of his obsession. Ps. This author may do her updates every day at 9 o'clock onwards (Philippine standard time).

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Ashton Leicestre
I've read the first 3 chapters and I liked it, I hoped that before I get into the next chapters I could have a new chapter to read. hoping for updates, all in all it's good
2022-05-17 01:07:32
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I really want how the story goes it's exiting! I love this story (...ω...*)
2022-01-08 13:12:58
user avatar
Imma rate this again akk, you really make me wait for your updates. The previous one really makes me ... aff, more update please. This is a good one I hope it goes well
2022-01-08 09:45:55
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Xychie Willows
I'd like to rate this story against. The plot have its good twist. I see improvement from the current chapters. Continue updating, this is a hot story..
2022-01-08 08:51:29
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Laurence Danovan
Nice story, I enjoyed your plot from the first 4 chapters. You could put some cliff hangers to make it more exciting. But, it also got my head around each chapter. That's a good style too, good story at all. Looking for more updates ......️
2022-01-08 00:27:27
11 Chapters
Victim of His Obsession By: bleed4more Prologue I really don’t think that I will be in this situation. I wasn’t prepared for this, I knew to myself that I’m not that good to admire this much. I never wanted to be like this, to become a fool by myself. My name is Xencia Enclovia Morcos, I am being rejected by anyone. Trying to fit in, but it doesn’t suit me. Insecure, judge by the others, low level woman and a no one. That’s how I see myself. From my very childhood, I try to be good. I’ll admit that I have a lot of friends before. But I still think that I’m not belong. I am being ghost by my past, the rejection that I had. Not until I met Mark, he became my best friend and my childhood first love. Mark Justin Wayne is his name, I met him and he cheered me up. I tried to find myself at a young age. My lonely nights were gone, I have him by my side. But it happens again, the graduation is near. For a 12 years old girl, she will never think of losing her friend. Mj will study abroa
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Chapter 1 My love is back.
CIA’S POINT OF VIEW Who the hell will bang my doorbell this early?! I looked at the time and it’s 4 in the morning. I call Thea but she hang up, just the other girls did. I was about to open the door when I realised that they’d hang up my phone call. So, neither of them is in front of my condo. I opened the side cam to see who’s outside, I saw a man rushing off. A box is out of my door. It looks like a present, who’s that man? I didn’t open my door, I made a voice message to our group chat. “Guys, it’s so scary. There’s a guy outside of my unit, he seemed to carry something. There’s a medium size box outside, it looks like a present. He run away once I’m about to open the door.” I said and go back to my bed. I’ll deal with it later, it’s way too early for me to get stressed. To the person behind this, show off already. It’s annoying and it's not funny. I woke up with the sun slapping my pretty face. “Ugh! What a sleepy head, Cia.” I yawned and get off my bed. I rushed to the bat
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Chapter 2.1 My successful career.
Someone’s Point of View Is this for real? I can’t believe it would happen to us. After all these years, I met her again. What a playful fate of us? She grew up beyond my expectations. Congratulations my dear friend, I’m glad to be back and saw you once again.. “Um, I’m still in the cloud nine.. I really can’t believe that I.. I’m here standing in front of my co-students. I can’t imagine that— an average person like me would be in this position. Congratulations to us, um.. Don’t just dream, make it happen. One day, you’ll be better than today. You’ll definitely a successful woman/man someday. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure to speak with you tonight. Congratulations Felindreins!” – Xencia. The crowd was filled with tears and joy. They give her a huge applause and a group of girls were shouting and cheering for her. I guess she build a better friendship with them.. The ceremony is done, but my parents are still talking with the President and some professors. I walked to the pa
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Chapter 2.2 The CEO.
Admirer M’s Point of View “He was her first love, but his parents don’t like my wife to be with that Mj. They have a developing business in Canada and Ireland. Good to hear that I have my branches there, I’ll make a small collaboration with them. And tell them that their child is seeing my wife.” I said to my assets. “Okay sir, we will inform the other branches about this. I will update you soon about the contract master V.” He said. “Adjourned.” I dismissed the conversation. ‘Good afternoon Mj, did you ate your lunch? I’m going to the club tonight, wanna hang out? Let’s have a little fun.” – My wife. I really hate that man, she really loves him. I will watch you, no one could dance, talk or touch my wife. “Yeah I do, send me the location and I’ll be there.” – sent. ‘Great! I can’t wait to see you.’ – My wife. I’ll guard you later my wife. I’m coming for you... Xencia’s Point of View “Jeez, girls he accepts my invite. We’ll be clubbing tonight!” I giggled and jump on the couc
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Chapter 3.1 Officially Dating.
Xencia’s Point of View Someone ring my bell, I yawned and blinks. “Oh, do I have a delivery today?” I immediately grabbed my wallet and opened the door. “How much—” I was cut but the man standing in front of me. “Can I come in?” he said and smiled. “S-sure. I mean no.” I closed the door and rushed to the bathroom. “What the—” I brushed my teeth, fix my hair and went back to him. “Now you can.” I said when I saw him sitting down on the floor. He smiled and entered my unit. He sat at the couch and stared at me. “I’m sorry about last night. I just got a call, and when I went back for you I can’t find you. They said maybe you went to pee. But when I waited for you to come out from the comfort room there’s no trace of you.” He explained even I didn’t asked anything. I went to the kitchen and he followed. “It’s fine, it’s my mistake too. I drunk too much and just relied on you.” I said while I prepare tea for us. He smiled and hugged me. “Do you want me to file a case for that man? We
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Chapter 3.2 Layra's Pool Party
Mj's Point of View I haven't recognised that I've already spent a lot of money for Xencia last night. Now, I have to work hard to have a salary for the next month. I can't afford to see her disappointed in something. I don't know why but some part of me wants to pleasure her. That bracelet is a huge amount of money. And also a treasure for her. I came back to reality when I realised that Layra invites me for her pool party tonight. I haven't prepared any swimwear, and my tuxedo are still at the laundry shop. I also have nothing to bring but myself. It's so awkward to bring nothing in a birthday. I checked my black card amount and I was freezing out. “Really uh?” I said to myself, I only have 15k to spent for the last 15 days of this month. My bills were hanging and I only have to spend 1k everyday for 15 days. I sat down with a broken wallet. “How could I date Xencia if I don't have enough money?” I punched the floor in frustration. I grabbed my phone and dialled Dustin's number
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Authorʼs note.
Hello there, I am bleed4more the author of VOHS (Victim of His Obsession).   I am sorry for not updating my chapters for the past months. This month, I'll make sure to update chapters consistently even though my final exams are waving at me.    This month is a real challenge for me, but I'll let you enjoy the story of Xencia. Expect the updates every night 9 pm onwards (Philippine standard time) and more sexy and hot revelations.    Please bare with my grammar and errors. I'm still improving my grammar skills and promised to edit it whenever I grabbed my chance.    Do support the story by unlocking the next chapters using your coins and bonuses.    Let's all know the real identity of Xenciaʼs admirer.   God bless you all, thank you for reading and voting my piece of art. 
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Chapter 4. 1 In His Arms.
Someone's P.O.V What the hell did he do to my wife? I I really need to pull that man away from her. Why doesn't she even know that I exist in this party? I'm more masculine than that cheap man she's hugging. I can't take this anymore, I have to leave before I kill someone tonight. I grabbed my towel and took a quick shower. I told Rhyde that I'm out and thank his girlfriend for the invitation. I roam the cold road of Cannon Street. While driving with turmoil of ways to kill that man in my mind I received a message from my wife. 'Mj, my car is out of gas. Can I share a ride with you tonight?' —wife. Dang! I shouldn't leave earlier. She send her location. 'I'll pick you up, wait for me.' —sent. I rushed to her location and I really hate seeing her again with that man. She entered his car and they rushed off the road. I followed them to know if he'll bring her to her house. Mark Justin always comes in my way. They go to the busy road and I follow. The rush at this road really g
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Chapter 4.2 Nothing Happened.
Mjʼs P.O.V I can feel every second tickle the sensation I have holding on. Her current position really give me the nerve to hold her tight and give her plenty of heaven tonight. I feel the bed ark indicating that she’s beside me. The thin cover that hides our bodies can shiver the temp of urge that I can’t hold on. I know it’s wrong, we’re just dating and not in a relationship to do such things. We’re good friends before and I can’t afford to touch her. I turned to her side to see her lying facing the walls. The hair on her nape, the droplet of sweat, her heavy breathing aroused my temptations. I sniffed her neck out of the blue. She arced her shoulders to cover it. I bite her earlobe and she make tiny sounds. I hover over her thin body. Her eyes staring at me that’s full of questions. I know she’s vulnerable in this kind of situation. She avoid anything like this. She gulped and blinked her eyes while breathing so hard. I leaned closer to reach her reddish face. I give her butt
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Chapter 5.1 My Buyer.
Xenciaʼs P.O.VI turned back and saw a kid about five years old holding my wrist. It was a relief to see just a kid not someone I don't know.He’s crying, “Mommy let’s go.” He said with tears in his eyes. He thinks that I’m his mother.“Shi, don’t cry baby. I’m not your mommy but I can help you find her, okay?” I said and dry his cheeks. He nods. I sat in front of him to level our eyes. “What’s your name?” I asked him.“Nicolas.” He immediately reply. “I am five years old today. I walked to the park with nanny and she entered our car and said that she just pee but she didn’t come back.” He added. He’s too young for this and besides, it’s his birthday. “Do you have ID? Or do you remember the name of your mother?” I asked him again. He gave me his ID and it stated his name, Nicolas Brent. His mother is Reign Brent, and I saw a phone number.I invited him to go inside my car and rest for a while. I dialled the number and they answered. “Hello? Who is this?” the woman next to the line a
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