Alien Dragon's Baby

Alien Dragon's Baby

By:  J.S. Wilder  Completed
Language: English
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One night can change a life forever... As a respected elementary school teacher, Isabella Givens is not the kind of woman to visit bars, drink all night or take a stranger home… until she meets him. Tall, handsome and full of trouble, Kohl is a bad decision waiting to happen. Suddenly, Isabelle is two shots and one dance away from changing her life. Prince Kohl has returned to Earth injured and in need. He knows that somewhere on this planet there are crystals that can turn the tide of a war that has raged on his world for years... one that has stripped his once proud people of their place, their status and their home. When he learns that one of the precious crystals is hidden in a safe at a local bar, he intends to retrieve it. Meeting a beautiful distraction is NOT part of his plans, yet for some reason, Kohl can’t help himself… Neither of them knows where their night of passion will lead, nor how soon their actions will threaten everything both of them hold dear. Fate and love intertwine across the galaxy, bringing two lost souls together in this stand-alone novella and first book in ‘The Aliens of Renjer Series’.

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29 Chapters
Chapter 1
KohlBefore the slayers came, Kohlxchijr was prince along with his brothers. They had the freedom of their wings and the skies, hunting the fat beasts to fill their bellies.Now they were half-starved and refugees in their own land. His nights were filled with all the battles they’d lost and his fallen family. He stretched his wings and groaned as one of the dragon spikes adorning his head hit the roof of the cave.A rumble echoed from the other side of the dirt-packed catacombs. His brother Taurian must have felt the vibration. That was the hassle with sleeping chambers in a labyrinth of caves instead of his father’s castle.Once, his family lacked for nothing. Now they were forced to hide during daylight and scavenge at night. As princes, Kohlxchijr and his remaining seven brothers shouldn’t be cowering deep in Renjer’s caverns, but be free. For now, staying alive took precedence.“Keep it down, Kohl,”
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Chapter 2
Isabelle Isabelle put the second pot of coffee on the stove and pushed her glasses up; they had a bad habit of crawling down. One of these days, she was getting Lasik surgery. She pulled the stack of second-grade papers closer to review them. Her student, Evan, once again transposed his letters. It was the second week of the private school, but she'd already sent a note to his parents about getting him tested for any reading or learning disabilities. Was it too expensive for his parents to get help for him? She tapped the purple pen on her table. If that was the case, she could offer extra tutoring sessions after school twice a week. Once he improved, she could recommend a specialist in dyslexia and offer to pay half. She sighed. There was never enough time and money to do what she wanted to help kids. Otherwise, she'd have Evan in extra reading and writing classes, and Julie in spelling help. She woul
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Chapter 3
Kohl Kohlxchijr choked and spat out swamp water. His side cramped as blood gushed from the wound along his left oblique. Gators swam closer to him, and he let out a dragon roar that made his throat raw. Forget transforming for now. If he did, it would probably put him in a coma and he'd wake up fodder for these lower lifeforms. Yet, he couldn’t remain in his dragon form indefinitely on Earth. They’d kill him if he was lucky or cut him up for dissection if his luck was shitty. Or at least that what his friend Dena had often told him. Overhead, a plane flew past. He cringed, filled with longing. He wanted to race the jet as he had another time here on Earth. But Dena said that was dangerous and he was lucky whoever had seen him on the plane hadn’t believed their eyes. He shook his massive head, blinking his second eyelids to keep the water and dirt out of them until he could to safety. Once he reac
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Chapter 4
Isabelle Isabelle climbed out of the taxi in front of Billy's bar. The music pounded outside. It thumped against her chest and sent a thrill through her. Another sign — the song was her current favorite. Would she see a shooting star if she looked? Overhead, the moon was a magical silver with twinkling stars around it. “Stop staring at the sky and let's go dance.” Her sister pulled her arm. “Kate is already here and snagged us chairs at the bar.” Figures her older sister would arrive before them. She’d been first at everything since they were kids. Isabelle nodded and followed Beth inside. Christmas lights were strung across the ceiling and down various walls. The only other lights were dim and barely illuminated the bar and dance floor. A live band was squished in a corner near the dancers. Girls and guys gyrated to the latest tunes. Her sister waved them over. “I got us shots to start us off.” Bef
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Chapter 5
                                                                                  Kohl   “Warped turds,” Kohl cursed. He should've left when he had the chance instead of flirting with the human female. She'd intrigued him with her mock bravery and wide brown eyes. And her kiss had been… Frack his luck. The humans would catch him with the quasicrystal and lock him up. He had planned to return to leave compensation for the crystal after he took it to his homeworld first. Now he'd taken too much time with the human female, intoxicated by her presence. Her scent alone, a sweet and spicy mix, made him want to inhale her and never stop. He couldn't lose the crystal—not now—but he couldn't be found with it either. Two muscle m
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Chapter 6
                                                                              Isabelle   Isabelle plopped down at the bar next to, Beth and set her purse down on the counter. “I need another drink.” “Already?” Her sister placed a hand on Isabelle’s forehead. “You've had more alcohol than I've ever seen.” She pushed her sister's hand away. “I'm fine.” I’m just hung up on a guy who’s a criminal and I don’t even know him.” “I would have thought you'd be puking in the bathroom by now.” Her sister passed the shot glass in front of Isabelle. “Bottom’s up.” She chugged the drink. “How about we split some nachos?” her older sister said. “They'll help with the hangover you're gonna have tomorrow.” “Both of
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Chapter 7
                                                                                 Kohl   Kohl had never tasted such sweet nectar. And the sounds she made when he kissed her down there made him forget everything but pleasuring her more. His cock was painfully aware that he'd never mated before and even more so that this human female turned him on in ways no one ever had before. The mechanics of mating were the same for his kind as humans from what he gathered. Yet, at least in his human form, he didn’t need to worry about being too big for her. The scent of her arousal was a mix of melon and an aphrodisiac that intoxicated him. He kissed her belly, trailing a path up to her nipples. So taut and pink, they made his groin tighten h
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Chapter 8
                                                                                Isabelle   Isabelle stretched and groaned in a sore, satisfied way. Last night with Kohl had been amazing. His emerald eyes hypnotizing like a spell. She'd never had sex with a stranger before. And she wanted more of him. Rolling over, she felt his side of the bed and her hand brushed cold sheets. She sat up with a start. “Kohl?” But even before the emptiness of the house echoed back in answer, her instinct told her that he was gone. That she'd had a one-night stand and would never see him again. A pain hit her chest. God, she had amazing sex with a guy and was hooked. Yowls echoed from the front door. Right, it
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Chapter 9
                                                                                Kohl   Kohl swung low, spreading his wings wide as he sailed through the air over his homeland. Darkness covered the lands in her blanket and the thousands of stars flickered above him. He squeezed the crystal, ensuring that he still had it. Once his father saw the rock, he'd organize an expedition immediately. With their weapons and comms working again, they'd turn the tide of this war and overthrow the invaders. The Tryn would leave and hopefully never return. Eagerness and joy swept through him. Kohl would finally get the recognition for his actions and not merely because he was the king’s half-blood son. Wind flowed over him and brought the
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Chapter 10
                                                                               Isabelle   Isabelle turned on the radio, then wiped off her kitchen counter. Both stray cats laid on the floor and purred with their bellies full. Eight days had passed since her amazing night with Kohl and there had been no text or phone calls. Did he not feel what she had that night? Even if she could call him, she had no way of getting ahold of him. Besides, obviously he wasn't interested. He knew where she lived and could reach out to her if he wanted. Time to move on with her life and not pine after some guy she met in a bar. Her cell rang and she jumped. “Hello?” she answered the unregistered call. Was it him? “Hey, Isabelle, I’m up
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