The Passion House

The Passion House

By:  Aya Jamandre  Completed
Language: English
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A 24-year-old girl is fresh from break up so she goes to her homeland to spend time with her family. After a while back in her parents' house, her mother tells her that there is a famous bar in the city where people tends to have fun. Her mother invites her to visit the said place and find a man whom she can start a new with. The latter agrees. The next day, they go to the said bar and find out that it is inside a hotel called, The Passion House. Everything inside the hotel is extravagant and there, she figures that her mother has been given a voucher for two inside the best bar in the city and the only way inside a bar is through a dream. Little do they know that an adventure awaits them at the entrance.

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37 Chapters
The sun was shining brightly when a farmer was walking towards the market from his small farmland. With a vegetable-filled twine basket on his back, he trotted slowly on the mountainside with a rod on his right hand. The heat started to take its toll on his aged tanned skin as he felt the sweat on his forehead. It was already 9 in the morning. He needed to sell his harvest to the market or he won’t be able to eat for the day. His dirty clothes were freshly washed but looked worn due to constant wearing and the dirt from the street. Passing through his usual route, the dust brought by the passing vehicles made him sneeze. His old body began to tremble as he clumsily stepped on his holed worn white turned brown slippers, and broke it. He let out a sigh as he picked it up and started limping because he only had one slipper left, continued to his quest. Soon enough, he saw a river that triggered his thirst. Once he got to the riverbanks, he sat, cupped his hands, and took some water to
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Chaos.    If there is a word that best describes what is currently happening in my life, that will be chaos. It is raining heavily outside and I am riding a bus towards my parent’s house in my hometown, Viewmonte. Nothing much happened actually, my bestselling book has been accused of being plagiarized, my company hasn’t taken the time to investigate and are deciding whether to fire or file a complaint against me, and my boyfriend of 7 years has told me that he wants to stop everything between us. What a lucky life, huh?   A phone call wakes me up from my reverie. It is from my manager, Trisha. A text message from her arrives a
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The smell of coffee wakes me up from my slumber. It was lingering inside my room, and as I slowly opens my eyes, the gentle sunlight from my room window greets me with a good morning. A month has passed since I have arrived here in my hometown. Nothing much has happened since.I snuggle inside my blankets as I try to observe my room. It definitely just looks like how it was before. It is full of vibrant pastel-colored things and walled in white. My bed frame is white and it has pastel pink blankets, light purple and blue pillows, some teddies on the wall, and a small library on the opposite wall. I also have a white study table beside my bed and the lamp usually serves as my light in the evening and that gives my room a cozy and subtle glow. In front of my study table lies a wide window where the morning light goes in and a white curtain. Behind it, is a view of my mother’s garden. My room is located on the 2nd floor of our house.After appreciating my room, I sit down
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Thankfully, I have a spare key for our car so I enter it once I reach the mall’s parking lot. I can still feel my insides shaking as I try to calm myself down. I lock the car from the inside and hug my two feet. I am still trembling. I am afraid. I have thought I am ready but I am not. I just cry there, feeling disappointed in myself. I left my mom there. I ran away. I should have faced my demons, but I ran away. Clearly, I am a coward.   After a while, I feel mom open the car, I do not dare to lift my head up. I just lay there motionless as she put everything that we have bought in the compartment. She thanks some of the staff who have helped her and give them tips. They say thank you while they leave. My mom then enters and while she is closi
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IV (Part I)
Never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that I will be able to step foot inside a hotel this grand. The golden gates open their arms as our car drives towards the hotel entrance- welcoming us to a world of luxury and sophistication. The palm trees line up on the center island like royal guards who stand mightily awing its audience with its magnificent stance. Far ahead lies the Hotel in its full glamour. Although I’m at least a kilometer away from it, I can already see its brilliance. I can’t help but let my jaw drop as I try to intake its incomparable.   “Wow,” My mom and I can’t help but mutter.   My mom lowers the car’s stereo’s volume singing the Eagles’ biggest hits - her favorite- as we try to savor the moment of our entrance. Ca
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IV (Part II)
I have never been mesmerized in my life except when I have entered this place. This place is indeed sparkling in a lot of ways. Entering that open door, we have found an elevator on the left side. Jack presses the button of the elevator and I can’t help myself but observe on my spot the things that surround me. Its doors are as clear as a golden mirror. Above us hangs many bird-shaped warmly lit droplights. Somehow, they look like comets that are falling from the sky or majestic birds that are flying around us. Also, unlike the lobby, the walls of this hallway are painted in white on the top and are gold-painted halfway to the bottom. There are also gold swirling patterns that are visible on the canvass. Beside the elevator door lies waist-high white in gold details columns with potted plants on top of it. On our feet is a red carpet that extends across the hallway.  
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V (Part I)
I am unpacking my things inside my room when I hear a knock on the door. I look at my watch and notice that it is already 9:15 in the evening. The person knocking must be the staff that they have mentioned. I go to the door and looked at the peephole. Outside, I see four women. One of them wears the same outfit as the girl in the lobby while the other three behind hear are wearing white long sleeve collared polo, mid-thigh-length pencil skirts, black stockings, black leather shoes, and a shiny gold neckerchief. I open the door and they greet me while bowing, “Good Evening, Madame.”   I kinda get weirded out by the gesture.   “My name is Adel and I am here to deliver the ambrosia.” She tells me smiling.  
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V (Part II)
Madame? Ms. Meyer? Madame?   A sudden jolt makes me come back to my senses. Where am I?  I look around me and I see myself at the lobby of The Passion House again.  What’s happening? It seems like a staff is talking to me. She looks familiar. It has taken a while for me to process what’s happening. Oh right.
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VI (Part I)
Wow. It has been a while since I laugh with a stranger. I gather my composure and sit properly facing the counter. Even if he is a fan, maybe I should still guard myself up. However, I am also quite surprised with myself because, for some reason, I feel quite safe. I honestly did not feel like I have been attacked. I look at this man standing. Maybe that is because we are in a dream and nothing he does can harm me in reality. Maybe I also feel quite comforted by the fact that he says that he is my fan like he is assuring me that he believes in me. That he trusts me that all of those false claims against me are not true. It’s like I automatically put my guards down. But I should still look out for myself.
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VI (Part II)
Stacey’s eyes start to swell as tears slowly fall on her face. I get dumbstruck. Panic starts to arise within me. Why is she crying? I quickly get off my seat and go near her, “Are you okay? Why are you crying?”  Everyone at our table has also turn silent. Can anybody tell me what’s happening? I hold both of her arms so she can stand up properly. I feel her shake under my hands. She starts sobbing. With every tear from her eyes, I can feel all the weight that she has been carrying against my sudden departure. She can’t stop herself. After a while, she starts to wail like a child who has been lost but has now been finally found by her mom by a large crowd of people.
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