The Perfect Marriage Contract

The Perfect Marriage Contract

By:  GreyShade   Ongoing
Language: English
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Six years have passed since she experienced the ordeal that changed her life forever and now, Ayla is back. She is out to take revenge on her father who abandoned her, stepsister and stepmother who turned her life upside down and took everything from her, and her boyfriend who abandoned her and chose her stepsister instead. She aims to achieve all she could not achieve and take back everything that belongs to her late mother. Unfortunately, her stepsister has a lot of schemes and will stop at nothing till she sees Ayla completely broken. Fate on the other hand has something different in store for Ayla as she meets the wealthy and popular business tycoon, Alexander Michaelson, and signs up to be his wife for the next six months. Will fate find them or will they forever be stranger, fighting their own battles?

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22 Chapters
Ayla and Alexander
Sitting up on the hospital bed, with her eyes opened and tears silently falling, Ayla heard the doctor speaking to her best friend, Celine."I'm sorry, we lost the child". Ayla could not believe that after everything she went through, she ended up losing her child. Ayla is just twenty years old and about seven months ago, she attended her boyfriend Daniel's birthday party in a very luxurious hotel, only to get drunk and get pregnant mysteriously. After what happened to her, her boyfriend Daniel said it was his child and that he was ready to take responsibility.Ayla was happy, thinking the baby was Daniel's. She ignored the insults coming from her father, stepsister, and stepmother. But, two days ago, she was about to open the door to her room when she heard her boyfriend and stepsister, Sasha speaking. "Daniel... when are you going to tell her"?Ayla opened the door a bit more to see them and her eyes opened wide. Daniel and Sasha were both cuddled on the bed and Daniel was look
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I need a wife
Six years later, Alexander was sitting with his beautiful daughter, Malia on the dining table, having breakfast when he heard the tiny cute girl sigh. "Haa!!"She sighed a bit loudly so that her dad would hear. "Is there something you want to say to me, princess"?She looked at him for a while before speaking."Daddy? When can I meet mommy"?She asked innocently as she knew he hated this conversation."Don't get me wrong Dad, I'm a big girl now, and big girls need their mothers. There are things I won't be able to tell you or grandma".She said hurriedly but her dad just chuckled."A big girl huh"?After the baby was found by his door, he had them run a DNA test on her. At first, he wanted to discard the baby and send her to an orphanage, thinking it was probably someone trying to pull a fast one on him. But, he just couldn't bring himself to do so, and his younger brother, Devon insisted they run the test to have no regrets. So, he decided to have a DNA test and it came out positi
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Getting to meet mommy
'Waw, for someone this good-looking, you are definitely very rude'.I said to myself. Although I had concluded this in my head, I still could not stop looking at him which was weird as I do not remember the last time I admired a man like this.His hair was a bit clumsy as though he ran his hands through it a couple of times, his shirt had its buttons opened to the third line and he kept his hands in his pocket making him look like a fallen god. He was about a head and a half taller than me, so I would have to raise my head a little bit when standing close to him. I walked toward him and sat on the chair opposite where he was seated. When we were both settled, he picked up a document on his side stool and passed it to me, using the table between us."Sign them". I looked at the papers and looked at him again then I took the papers and started going through them. At first, it was pretty confusing because it wasn't what I was expecting but then, it got worse. I kept looking at the
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The past never truly leaves
I looked at the tiny creature that was running towards me and I'm not going to lie, she was really cute but after what happened six years ago, I wasn't really into kids anymore. Just when she was about to approach me, I placed my hand on her head, stopping her from coming any closer. She had her arms opened wide but hanging in the air. "What do you think you are doing"?Alexander asked but I simply looked at him and looked at the tiny girl.Letting go of her head, I heard her speak."I guess mommy doesn't like to be hugged, hehe, sorry mom, I was simply excited to see you".She said with an obviously sad smile on her face. It was impressive to see that she was already trying to control her emotions at her age.After hearing her, one of my brows raised. I was not expecting a girl this little to be able to speak so well. Bending, I looked at her closely and smiled."Hey tiny".I said and the tiny girl who was trying hard to hide how hurt she was suddenly smiled as I opened my arms for
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the past and the present
The next day, Ayla made sure Malia was sent to kindergarten before she made her way to Celine's place."Wait what!? Daniel called you? Why"?She asked so many questions at the same time. "I don't know what he wants, he said he only called to know how I was doing. I didn't give him the opportunity to say more before I ended the call".Ayla said and Celine tapped her on her back."That's my girl, I'm proud of you".She then paused for a while before speaking again."But... what are you going to do now? He might want to meet up very soon".Celine said but Ayla gave her a killer look."You really think I'd agree to meet Daniel? He's engaged to Sasha. What will I be, their chief bridesmaid"?She said and Celine laughed a little because of how she put it."Of course not, but don't you feel wronged? Not only did she drug you and ruin your life, they even turned your father's back against you".Celine said but Ayla simply smiled. "Don't blame my father's foolishness on them. He did all he d
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if this is a dream, I'm never waking up
Alexander stood for a while as he tried to understand what was going on in front of him. He noticed that Ayla was trying to break freed but the other man was not letting her so he called her name. "Ayla". He had no expression on his face but Ayla looked startled as she walked towards him and Daniel, didn't know what the great Alexander Michaelson was doing there. "Mr. Alexander, what a pleasure to see you". Daniel said as he moved closer and stretched his hand out for a handshake but Alexander totally ignored his gesture and walked towards Ayla. He was taller than her so he had to look down with his hands in his pocket it perfect composure. "What was that"? He asked, referring to the hug from earlier. Daniel cleared his throat as he came and stood beside Ayla and in front of Alex. Alex raised a brow when he noticed that the man was still there. Daniel placed his hand across Ayla's shoulder and spoke. "I guess you both know each other". Daniel said but Ayla immediately pu
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You look like a goddess
When Ayla got back home, it was pretty late so she tried her best not to make a sound. The next day, Mr Fredrick called Ayla so early in the morning to inform her that there was an impromptu audition for the next brand release. Ayla was rushing for the audition on her bike when another bike came out of nowhere, making her lose her stand and fall to the ground with her bike. Soon enough, people had gathered to see if she was okay but Ayla didn't wait for their sympathy as she left the bike and took the bus. Ayla had injured her leg a bit so she was limping. Luckily, when she got there, the audition was still going on and soon enough, it was her turn. As soon as she walked in, the judges all had disapproving gazes on their faces."What do you think you are doing? You can't even walk properly, is this a joke to you"?One of the judges who was a man lashed out. Meanwhile, a woman who was also one of the judges just kept observing everything.Ayla bowed a little before speaking."I ap
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A comeback instead of a debut
"That's sudden".Her dad said as he handed his suit jacket to the househelp and also gave her his suitcase. "Why do you want to become a model all of a sudden darling"?He asked and went ahead to take a seat."Come on Daddy, you know I've never really been into the family business and I'm perfect for the entertainment industry".She said as she also went ahead to sit next to him. "Are you sure this is what you want"?He asked and she nodded."It shouldn't be too difficult, as you know, I already shot several commercials when I was younger. We'll just make this a comeback instead of a debut".She said and her dad finally nodded."If that's what my princess wants, I'll get to it".He said and began walking upstairs."Thank you, Daddy!!"She said with a smile as he went upstairs. When he had left, the smile vanished from her face as all she was left with was a face filled with schemes. "You are going into the entertainment industry"?Her mom asked while they were having dinner."Darl
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A new actress
Ayla said nothing as she picked up her bag and began walking away but just when she was about to walk out of the gate, Sasha came over and said."Ayla, would you like to come home for dinner"? She asked, making Ayla look at her with suspicion."What are you talking about? What home"? She asked and Sasha smiled."What's wrong? I only want to have dinner with my favorite sister". She said and this time around, it was Ayla who smiled."You are being delusional"She said and walked away.Sasha kept looking at her with an evil smile on her face. She knew that Ayala was already affected and bothered by her presence at the shoot and that is exactly what she wanted. She was going to give this movie her all to make sure Ayla knew who was boss. Frederick ran over to Ayla and asked."Do you know her? I noticed she has been trying to speak to you". He said but Ayla refuted his claim."I do not know her". She said and walked away. The next day, Ayla and Sasha had a scene together. It was a
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Mom is here
"Huh"?Malia asked as she looked at both her dad and mom with a sad face. "Why can't they know you are my mom"?She asked and Ayla made her face her as she tried to explain things to her. "Sweetheart, Mommy is now an actress. If people find out, it might affect my career".Ayla said but Malia wasn't ready to give up."But... I'm not going to cause any problems. I promise".Malia said but Alex butted in."Malia".He called, making her look at him."That's enough".He said and now, Malia said nothing and just put her head down. "Fine".Malia immediately raised her head when she heard her mom speak. "I'll go to your school".Malia's eyes immediately lit up."Really"?She asked and Ayla nodded. Malia hugged her mother so tightly. "Thank you Mom. My friends won't mock me this time around".When Ayla heard what she said, she pulled her gently and looked her in the eyes. "What do you mean by that"?She asked and now, Malia simply smiled."It doesn't matter anymore. Now, they'll know I
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