The Prophecy

The Prophecy

By:  Angelique Thompson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Stella Rain, is your typical average girl cute, sassy, and loyal but that's all just a mask. The real Stella Rain is far from what people know. She's on the run with her best friend; Scott McDonald and her father and Scott's mother from a group of people called The Cult. And because of this she's thrown in the supernatural world filled with werewolves, witches, hunters, beast etc.

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6 Chapters
Coming Back
 Stella Rain I look outside the window to see the woods moving, funny. I smile to myself it feels good to be back in Beacon Hills. I had moved away because I visited my family on my father's side. I was sitting on the left side of the bus staring out of the window looking at the trees smiling. It feels good to be back home! I can't wait to see my Dad, Scott and Mama McDonald. I miss them all. I smile as I stare out the window again, I pull my left foot to my right leg and started playing with my ankle bracelet. It's been on my ankle for as long as I can remember and I never took it off and I wouldn't dare to. I flinched when I felt like something was wrong. I look out the window to still see the forest but I quickly grab my bag and walk down the bus aisle. "Can I get a stop here please?" I look at the bus driver putting on my innocent face. "Are you
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A Short Dinner
Third Person POV "We might as well be signing our death certificate," Stella says sarcastically as she kicks at a stone with her light brown flips flops. "Stop complaining you said you'd come with me," Scott says as he playful rolled his eyes. "Yea but I wasn't expecting to come back here, I mean, what the hell were you doing here last night?" Stella stop her walking and stared at Scott. "I lost my inhaler do you know how much that cost, eighty bucks" Scott obvious dodged her question but Stella wasn't going to let go that easy. "What were you doing out here last night?" Stella repeated. "What were you doing out here last night?" Scott had also stopped walking as well and look down at his best friend. "I asked first" Stella wasn't going to answer that question. "Well, I heard there was a body out here so I came to investigate" Scott answered honestly. "Good cause I don't remember why
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Another One
Earlier That Day Derek Harrison "Wake up" I heard a loud voice shouted. I groaned and turned on my back, pulling my comforter over my chest and face. "Aunt Talia said to get wake up!" The voice shouted again. "Uncle Danny, Derek's not getting up!" In a flash, I felt strong hands pulled off the comforter from around my face. I look up to see my father glaring at me. "Get up you have to bring your sister and cousin to school" I quickly sit up and glared at my father and my cousin Mila. "Umm, No I didn't agree to that" My father turned around and his glare hardens. "Yes, you are because I said so" I rolled my eyes and slip my foot off the bed. "I have plans you know," I told my Dad. "We all have plans know come downstairs we'll be having a short pack meeting" He smiled at my cousin and walk out of my room, Mila smirked at me and follow behind him.
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Derek Harrison "Guys, could you please slow down?" I heard my little sister. I tag on Eva's hand to stop, she rolled her eyes but obeyed anyway. "Thank you" Chloe walk in front of us and we both started walking along with her. "Do you think they'll show up?" Chloe asked. "Of course, they have to," Eva said. Chloe turns her head and glared at her. "They don't have to you know, it's just a dumb inhaler," She told the blonde girl. "If that's the case then I'll drag them here myself" Eva snarled at my sister. I squeeze her hand and look at her. "They'll come, I heard their heartbeats," I told the two girls. "Will I gotta admit the girl is cute" My sister looks at me and smirk. "The boy too, they're both cute!" She beamed and walk faster leaving me and Eva to walk by ourselves. "So a rough day, huh?" I look down at Eva and smile. "Not really but then again we have a n
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Another Talk
Third Person POV "It took ten minutes for me to convince my mother," Scott said, he was dressed in a black shirt, a pair of black jeans and black sneakers. "Lucky bastard it took me twenty minutes," Stella said glaring at her best friend. "And what are you going to? A funeral? You're dressed in all back" Stella said. She was dressed in a light green dress with small yellow flowers, green heels and her hair was pushed in a high curly ponytail. "I'm surprised your wearing makeup" Stella glared at him. "Scott, you damn well know I don't like putting on makeup," She said as they walk out of her house and to her grey Jeep. "Why did they invited us to this dinner anyway?" Scott asked he climbed in the passenger seat. "Weren't you listening? You wanted your inhaler back and this is the price we are paying" Stella told him, she buckled herself when she was in the driver's seat and drive off.
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Dinner talk
Derek Harrison Derek and Eva were chatting with each other talking about random stuff when someone knocked on the doorbell. Derek's mother; Toya walked out of the kitchen. "I'll get it!" She shouted before anyone could say anything. "So they did come," Lola said smirking at Chloe and Derek. "Told you they will," Eva said and flick some of her blonde hair over her shoulder. "You don't have to be a bitch about it," Chloe said glaring at Eva. "Can you guys like not argue?" Mila said as she popped up out of nowhere."No, we can't" Chloe and Eva both said. "Well at least for tonight?" Lola asked. "Fine but only for one night" Eva stood beside and grab Derek's hand. "Guys look who made it" Derek turn around to see my mother walking with two figures behind her. Derek's eyes immediately landed on the brunette girl to see her smiling, funny because what he is smelling from her doesn't match her facial expression.
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